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A Tribute to Tom Thordarson - a.k.a " THOR " - Artwork - Part One : Tikis and Pirates


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  • A Tribute to Tom Thordarson - a.k.a " THOR " - Artwork - Part One : Tikis and Pirates

    A Tribute to Tom Thordarson - a.k.a " THOR " - Artwork - Part One : Tikis and Pirates

    Today, I would like to introduce to you a great artist, Tom Thordarson. I will do a series of articles about Tom, former WDI Imagineer now living in Hawaii - lucky man! - and this first article will delight those of you who love Hawaian Tikis, Pirates, and lands of adventure !

    Tom Thordarson, or "THOR" as he is best known by both collectors of his work and the growing awareness in the art community, can truly take your imagination on a journey unlike any other. His life as an artist began when he was just old enough to hold a pencil. With his mother being an artist as well, she would hand him paper and pencils to "keep him out of mischief," as she would say. The years spent drawing and painting would soon become a powerful tool to communicate his intense imagination and endless spirit of adventure in his career to be.

    Below, a recent picture of "Thor", holding a frosty Mai Tai in his hand.....which is always good for a little inspiration!

    "My entire childhood was filled with endless curiosity, drawing and adventure. I loved building tree houses and forts from scrap wood and stuff I could find in my Grandfather's workshop. The experiences that would lead me to what I paint today were inspired by my family's incredibly fun vacations every summer to Hawaii beginning at age 6. I also have two sets of cousins on the Big Island who encouraged me to become a certified diver when I lived with them for many summers growing up as well."

    "So, Hawaii is my second home. I love the sea. I spent endless hours on Maui and Hawaii combing the beaches and climbing trees in the nearby jungles pretending I was a pirate or some ingenious castaway living off the land in a high seas adventure."

    An honors graduate in Illustration from the prestigious Pasadena Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Thor was immediately discovered by the entertainment/theme park industry which he remained in for 17 years. His imagination and talents have led him to conceive, illustrate and paint concepts for countless rides and attractions with many major entertainment companies. With strong skills in both team leadership and his art, he served as the Director of Attraction Development at MCA Universal Studios, Hollywood and then as a Disney Imagineer with his role as a Director/Senior Concept Designer.

    Among his many assignments at Disney was the task of the concept design for one of the main "E-ticket" rides for Tokyo Disney Sea called "Journey to the Center of the Earth," TDS top rated thrill ride. He was also a key team player in the early design phases of many other attractions for Disney Sea, especially Mysterious Island

    Jump to the full article on Disney and more with more great artwork from Tom Thordarson:

    Disney and more: A Tribute to Tom Thordarson - a.k.a " THOR " - Artwork - Part One : Tikis and Pirates

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