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10/16: Neverest


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  • 10/16: Neverest

    Kevin runs the Animal Kingdom Marathon, discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: - A different look at Disney...
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    Re: 10/16: Neverest

    congrads on finishing the marathon Kevin... wish I could run like that

    edit: oops, I guess this one isn't really a marathon? Could you explain the event a bit more.. is it a 5k and then just the scavenger hunt?
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      Re: 10/16: Neverest

      I don't do the titles/subtitles on the miceage banners; I usually submit something lame like "Expedition Everest Challenge" and the editors make it awesome like "Neverest" (I got the pun right away!)

      In this case, though, it's not a marathon. It's a 5K, so we need to take the subtitle with a grain of salt.

      I did do a marathon back in January (the Goofy 1.5, in fact), though, so I'll take your compliment in the spirit you meant it. Someday soon I'll photograph all the 2009 medals and show them online. I'm just such a geek to care about a "collection" like that
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        Re: 10/16: Neverest

        I loved the article! I live in California, near DLR, and I've never heard of anything like this. We have the half-marathon, but I think that's just running, not a scavenger hunt or anything. That's so sad about it raining, but it looks like it was still fun(just pricey!). And I'm a Disney geek, too, I collect Disneyland Lines, Backstage Passes, Flashback programs, pretty much anything Disney or something I can get at a Disneyland event. =p


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          Re: 10/16: Neverest

          Is there a place where I can see a picture of the medal? I would love to do this event in the future.
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            Re: 10/16: Neverest

            I participated in the everest challenge (with a partner) and I probably wouldn't do it again. I found the course had too many backstage areas which were not very interesting but the real kicker is there's a rumor that the race is moving to June next year, so if it was too hot in september it will be worse in June.


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              Re: 10/16: Neverest

              I heard the same rumor about them moving it to June next year. They are clearly insane.

              I think having the obstacle course be muddy might make it more fun. That is, of course, if you had throwaway clothes and not wearing things like expensive running shoes.


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