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10/27: Book Revue


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  • 10/27: Book Revue

    Kevin catches up on Disney titles, discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: - A different look at Disney...
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    Re: 10/27: Book Revue

    Who's Dave O'Neal? Oh, he's the guy behind, so you know this is a guy with one foot in the past. From Zaby's to the Heidi Motel, Japanese Village to Lion Country Safari, and Sambo's to the Kona Kai, it's all year. A majority of the images are promotional in nature, perhaps even scans of brochures, but let's not mince hairs.
    That should read, of course, "all here" and "split hairs." I must have been cooking when I wrote that (which was several weeks ago). Mea culpa.

    (I take no credit for the article title, though, as those are almost always written by others)
    Kevin Yee
    MiceAge Columnist

    I am the author of several Disney books:
    Jason's Disneyland Almanac - a daily history of Disneyland
    Walt Disney World Hidden History - tributes, homages, and ride remnants at WDW
    Your Day at the Magic Kingdom
    Mouse Trap
    Tokyo Disney Made Easy
    101 Things You Never Knew About Disneyland
    Magic Quizdom (The Disneyland Trivia Book)


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      Re: 10/27: Book Revue

      Thanks, Kevin! I always appreciate your reviews to help me decide which ones need to be a part of my own collection.

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        Re: 10/27: Book Revue

        I really like disney books too. I can just read the guides for differences and so on. I have no idea why I enjoy it.

        Anyways, thanks for the article and in particular thank you very much for the iphone apps review. There are so many out there it's nice to see some reviewed. I'm shocked there's not a pay for app for in the parks yet made by disney. I presume their must be a map linked to gps made by someone, would be very useful for new visitors, I'd have no use so I haven't looked.


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          Re: 10/27: Book Revue

          Kevin, you referenced an upcoming book on Knott's, similar in vein to what Gordon/Mumford did for DL in Nickel Tour.

          Well, here is the book's web site, maintained by the author and former Imagineer, Chris Merritt:


          I'm really looking forward to this one!

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