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3/1: First Flight


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  • 3/1: First Flight

    Buzz sneaks, a Tiki room and attendance update, more rehab and paint photos, Universal Hollywood's War of the Worlds sets, and even (God forbid) Scientology and Skydiving. You can discuss all five pages of the update here!
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      Well done Al, as usual an insightful update.

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        Great update!! Anyone have any insight (or numbers) to the break down for the 615,000 Annual Passes between Premium, Deluxe, So Cal, and So Cal Select? It seems over the last few weeks they are advertising passes heavily around the resort.


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          Awesome update! Can't wait to see Buzz.


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   do you get in on the magic morning? just show your hotel card and walk in at 9?


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              That new blue paint scheme on Tomorrowland looks so much better than that rust brown that has been an eyesore for so long. It looks so much more futuristic and much more in tune with what the Land should be like. I think the new Buzz is a testament to Matt's delicate touch to the park and it's given a new hope for the future of Disneyland. We now know that he pays close attention to paint, condition of rides, number of rides and the quality of new rides. You really couldn't ask for anything more from the president of the highest quality park in the world.

              Between the new paintjob, Buzz ride, the new submarines, the new Space Mountain and (hopefully) a new PeopleMover replacement, it looks like Tomorrowland will be making a steady comeback. We've still lost 3 rides since 1988 (America Sings, Mission to Mars and Skyway) which have no ride replacement, but overall I'd say that Tomorrowland is definitely showing shining improvement. If they could give us back the PeopleMover and Skyway (the stations are still there, just gotta knock another hole into the Matterhorn) and put something interesting in Innoventions, then Tomorrowland will finally be back.

              Matt Ouimett has certainly shown that he is dedicated to bring Disneyland to its previous excellence one important step at a time. I really can't wait to see what else this amazing president has in store for Disneyland.


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                the reason? I stayed over at the DL hotel last night, but I don't have a park hopper.....just an AP. but I have a hotel key....


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                  Great update Al!! I love the new color scheme in Tomorrowland, I don't think I can wait until May/June to come back down now Smart move on opening Buzz to hotel guests.

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                    They don't give early entry to annual pass holders. You have to buy a package with one of the multi - day park hopper tickets. The ticket then says you have access to early entry.


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                      The evidence of lots of hard work is beginning to show down at the park. I'm sure lots of coaxing had to be done and once accomplished, a tremendous amount of effort has been made just to produce and manage the enormous amount of design required to rehab all of this. Since so many involved likely read your posts from time to time, let's try posting some positive props to whomever is responsible for the fantastic efforts made in all divisions. Maybe your post will be a part of their ammo for future enhancements. These folks deserve much, but often get little recognition.

                      Cousin Orville says thanks to all who are knocking themselves out for making the park look better than it did back in July of 1955. It has been a long time coming, but you hung in there and have turned the corner. Big props to all of you, keep up the great work!

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                        Fantastic update Al. I hope the PeopleMover does make a come back. Very exciting news.


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                          OH Thank You,Thank You,
                          I Just loved all 5 pages.........I could spend all day looking at new pictures.
                          I looked at them with a big smile on my face.
                          Thank you so MUCH!!!
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                            Al, thanks, and thanks for all the shots. The post rehab pictures are truly amazing.

                            And they seem to point out the sheer idiocy of some at TDA. Look how much could be, and has been done with just a little paint. (OK, probably a lot of paint, and a lot of work). So many of the DL problems could have been solved with just a little attention to detail.

                            The park looks beautiful now. 78 days until we go!


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                              I'm actually glad they didn't open the ride last night. I dropped by a couple times while waiting for Cast Blast to start and saw the crowd of people waiting outside and just had an icky feeling about it. Every time a CM came out of the building it seemed certain he would be accosted by someone asking if the ride would be opening. People just need to chill and realize the ride will open when it will open.

                              Originally posted by Wotan
                              So many of the DL problems could have been solved with just a little attention to detail.
                              And higher AP prices of course!


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                                Thank you Al. Although I'm half a world away, you made me feel like I had just gotten home from a visit to Disneyland.
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                                  cool.... one question buggs me... if NBC cancled LAX... Why is it still shown on the boat at Universa'l???

                                  (great update... worth the wait somewhat..)


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                                    Went to Universal Sunday Feb 27, and they didn't take the tram through the War of the Worlds set, but sped past it so fast on the road near it that I couldn't even snap a quick picture!! What a disappointment! Great update, I look forward to them!


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                                      Great Update, AL! I really like the new TL colors. It really beats the rustic stuff that it used to have!
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