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Disney artist focus: Megan Brain

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  • Disney artist focus: Megan Brain

    New Blue Sky Cellar Display

    I recently switched out a display of paper sculptures in Disney's California Adventure park. These are some of the puppets I made for the Little Mermaid sequence in the World Of Color water spectacular opening next month. I was asked to pick 8 fish that show up in the "Under The Sea" song and dance sequence from the film and design them out of paper . I selected fish that varied in shape, size, personality, and color. I had a wonderful time making these and really appreciated the creative freedom the director gave me. They are going to be up in the Blue Sky Cellar till 2011. The show is going to be magical! I watched some clips on youtube that guests staying at the hotel filmed on a test night. Pretty darn cool.

    p.s. pictures are crappy but it was the best I could take before they put the lid back on the case.
    Megan Brain

    more at:
    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006

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    Re: Disney artist focus: Megan Brain

    O.o? on youtube? does she not get to watch testing like all the execs and stuff?!?
    Originally posted by williamtheking

    DapperJoshua: when he reaches the pearly gates, he will be greeted by Jesus, who will say “OH! Hi there bestie!”
    Originally posted by Monorailorange33
    Wake up in the morning feeling like Dapperjosh, I got Mickey ears, Im out the door! Im gonna hit this park! Before i leave, brush my teeth, with a bottle of crest!
    Im talking, Get a fast pass for pooh, *Pooh*, Space Mnt. is a long wait too, *too*, Gonna take an hour just to get through, *through*
    Yeah.. Thunder Mnt. aint that long, *long*, dapper dan's still singing that song, *song*, Hope the wait time isn't loooooooong!
    -- that's my disney re-make of it.