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3/3: Bringing Disney Home


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  • 3/3: Bringing Disney Home

    Kevin writes about those times when you need a little bit more, plus he offers a quick WDW photo update and responds to reader e-mails. Talk about his latest column here!
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    Wow! That WAS A SURPRISE! Thanks Kevin! Stoked my day!

    I might add that the 'whole' book is not up yet...the entire text IS but the many pages of Exclusive Dark Ride Images and Photos are yet to be captioned for the online version.
    A slight Med problem is keeping me from the task at present but these images will make it there as soon as I can. :monkey:

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      Just a note, DisneyDeals has been around for quite a long time, almost as long as Disney Auctions has been, so it's far from a new player in town. It's part of Disney Auctions, but made as a seperate entity -- a bit of a Disney Auctions spin-off. It's mostly the outlet for the Disney Store/Catalog, but occasionally you'll find park items, too.

      You'll find a link on, which has been linked there for a couple years now.


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        ^ Whoops! Mea culpa on that one. I had no idea that Disney Auctions actually ran deals from two different eBay monikers (are there even more?)
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          I found this listed on[email protected] or 413-885-2437

          [email protected]

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            Don't believe everything that you read in this article about Extinct Attractions Club. Take everything with a grain of salt... talk to those who buy the DVDs. They are good, no, great... but you'd better not be expecting them soon if you ordered some.


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              It didn't take me too long to get my order, but I never did get all of the ones that I was supposed to get -- got duplicates of some of them instead. I procrastinated too much on returning them for exchange, so not sure if he'll do the exchange anymore. I'm quite forgetful like that sometimes.

              Eh... despite the problems, they're still highly reccomended DVDs.


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                Wow, a very different from Mr. Yee. I wonder if the Disney Corp. has any sort of arrangement with any of the auction participants.
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                  Kevin writes about vacation planning DVDs fro Disneyland. However I can't fin anything about the on the official website. Are these DVDs no longer available?
                  Ad luna in flamma gloria


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                    I never remembered vacation planning videos for Disneyland, just WDW and the DCL. Perhaps I am wrong.


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                      I want to reiterate... take every comment about EAC with a grain of salt. My warning to you.


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                        Extinct Attraction DVDs

                        Just a bit of warning on the Extinct Attractions DVDs. They are far from perfect. I've had problems with 4 or 5 where some features would not play or were not included on the disc as described on their site and/or their packaging. I've had a couple that get stuck and stop.
                        The best part of the DVD is the documentary at the start of the disc, which not all DVDs have. The doc is followed by home movies of the attraction being featured. Some include footage that is hard to see (Inner Space, Subs, etc.)
                        Their newer offerings, like Haunted Mansion Vol 1, are more professionally put together. They do upgrade some of their older titles with new interviews.


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