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Bye Bye Disneyana

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  • Bye Bye Disneyana

    Sabbaticalhere >>

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    Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

    These must have been two very difficult decisions for you, Chuck. I hope everything works out for you, in your new single life.

    Thanks for taking the time and having the courage to tell your side of the story, regarding your dealings with NFFC/DFC. I know two people who went through similar situations with said organization, with outcomes similar to yours. The dysfunctionality of the leadership is one of many reasons why I stopped renewing my membership, years ago.

    It's a very screwed up organization at the top, which I don't see changing, ever. With D23, the WDFM, and other "fan clubs" like CPHS, NFFC/DFC isn't the only game in town for fans anymore. The competition is definitely taking its toll. No surprise as to why their membership rolls continue to dwindle.

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      Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

      Great column, Chuck...and very sad news. I can't say how much you will be missed. I will continue to read about the other things that interest you, but will miss your perspective on all things Disney. Acknowledged by some or not, you have contributed immensely of yourself and your time as well as your talent.

      May you find happiness in your personal life as well. It's a time for changes, and my very best wishes for you...that all of them lead to bigger and better things


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        Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

        Wishing you the best my friend. Don't let the dogs get you down, you are better without them!
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          Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

          ORDDU: So sorry to hear that you've had to undergo so much heartache and disappointment from a club that gave itself a bad reputation a long, long time ago. My sisters and I had our own bad experiences with this particular club back in the mid to late 80's and left if as we began to see how 'high school' and political it had become. You really are better off without it. You'd be surprised if you knew how many others already know this. Even within the Disney web sites there seems to be this same high school element of needing to 'control' others to the point where it makes one wonder why certain individuals are a part of such communities to begin with.

          ORWEN: Most Disney fans just wanna' have fun--like we do.

          ORDDU: But as soon as certain individuals start trying to control others and start spreading false accusasions around, it's time to move on. We hope the individuals who continue to act so badly will eventually wake up and see the errors of their ways.

          ORWEN: But--until they do, Chuck--you must know that there are still plenty of sweet ducklings out there who appreciate you for the good things you have brought to so many. Hugs from Morva!!


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            Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

            Enjoy your sabbatical, recharge your batteries and come back stronger
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              Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

              We'll thanks for all you have done, and hope your back soon, you write some really great stuff.
              Happy Halloween!!!


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                Re: Bye Bye Disneyana

                Gosh, that all sounds so familiar! I think you have the right idea. Take a break and recharge and come back to reporting and enjoying the mouse on your terms. It really stinks when you volunteer you time only to have everything you do thrown in your face with ingratitude. Good luck and we'll all be waiting for your return!


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                  Re: Bye Bye Disneyana


                  I feel your pain, my husband and I needed to take a FIVE year break from all things Disney in the mid-late 90s. And that was without all the personal upheaval you are experiencing as well.

                  It is the brave choice to makes changes in your life, and I wish you well in the next year or so as you refind the joy that has slipped away (Disney-wise and life-wise).