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3/22: Big Picture


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  • 3/22: Big Picture

    Kevin catches up with Walt Disney World... Discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Big Picture -
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    Re: 3/22: Big Picture

    Hello, Kevin,

    Nice article. Appreciated your forest versus tree perspective. Those of us who love Disney sometimes do get caught up in the details (not that there is anything wrong with that)!

    My question has to do with the Universal/NBC/Blackstone portion of your article. Do you think that there is any chance that Disney would (or could) buy Universal Parks? Clearly, there is no better way to eliminate competition than to buy them out. My guess is that there may be some legal and practical hurdles, but if this were a way for Disney to get its hands on the rest of Marvel and (god forbid) Harry Potter, it would be quite a coup, don't you think? What have you heard/what do you think?


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      Re: 3/22: Big Picture

      The older I grow, the less I retain songs in my head or, in general, remember things. That's why I think Small World isn't such a big deal now for me. I can go on rides and easily forget them until the next time.


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        Re: 3/22: Big Picture

        I have not heard if Disney is interested in buying Universal Orlando.

        That would be... weird. Much of the parks are "not Disney", with a deliberate edge. They make fun of Disney ride posters at Shrek, for instance, so there would have to be some cleaning up of image.

        And the clientele isn't really a match. Horror nights and Mardi Gras drunkenness don't really match up with Disney, I would think.

        Would Disney want Potter? Sure. Would they want to get rid of a competitor? Sure. But not at the cost of eroding the brand (what they stand for), so I'm not thinking this is likely.

        I wonder if a big player elsewhere could even think it. Six Flags? Cedar Fair?
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          Re: 3/22: Big Picture

          Kevin - the way you wrote this article sounds exactly like me for Disneyland - back many years ago. I still feel this way - but I bring it up because my comment is this. By moving to Orlando you have definitely shifted your overall position and view from focusing strictly on the non-AP guest being the most important thing in the parks - to one of where being able to come back each week and experience the parks uniquely each time is a pleasure and important to your overall enjoyment. It's just an interesting transition - one in which I bet having children also changed your view a little on how you enjoy the parks. I have 4 - youngest is 11 and oldest is 21 - but we have grown up at Disneyland with annual trips and my pass addiction in tact for 11 years and would not change a thing. You write great stuff - keep it up - but go back and read some of your pieces and I wonder what you would think today... your "discovery" model for non-AP guests is something that has stuck in my mind for many years.


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            Re: 3/22: Big Picture

            Nice article. When I had an annual pass for Disney years ago, I would visit the parks every couple weeks and I would usually start with Epcot as for some reason it feels relaxing, I think it is the water and flowers and such.


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              Re: 3/22: Big Picture

              Meh. Blackstone sells its and Comcast's shares of UniOrlando to some third party, who then agrees to sell it back to Blackstone.
              Cedar Fair or Six Flags could be unwitting dupes in this charade (they know how to buy amusement parks and not know how to run them). Or, it can use some third party who's in on the deal.

              No need to explain yourself every three months or so. We know where your heart and mind are at.


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                Re: 3/22: Big Picture

                Kevin, I really appreciate the forest and trees analogy. We've all read posts that go something like this - "The 2nd chain lift on Big Thunder Mountain is making a squealing noise again. Boy, the Magic Kingdom is really a hole lately!" I think too many people get lost in the trees and just don't drop back and see the forest. I guess I'm a forest kind of guy on my Florida visits. I can see the problems, but they just don't bother my overall enjoyment of the place!


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