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5/24: A View to a Thrill


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  • 5/24: A View to a Thrill

    Disney World's best room view, Star Tours 2 hidden tributes continued, More... Discuss it all here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: A View to a Thrill -
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    Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

    One of these days when it's my turn to win the powerball lottery, I'll be staying for at least a month in this suite, then on to the Contemporary Presidential Suite, then DAK, and so on . . .


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      Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

      The Dolphin is where I have stayed the most at WDW and is still my favorite home resort. It is great for adults without kids. It seems like more people are currently discovering it. Maybe because so many blogs have them as an advertiser now? I hope it doesn't become overrun with kids to the degree that the Disney owned resorts are. It really is a gem. Thanks for the view. (There is also a video on youtube that I saw last week that takes you on a tour through the suite. A Brazilian woman and her daughter have the entire suite to themselves. Dad must out earning the greenbacks.


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        Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

        It looks like a tilt-shift picture, but it’s real!
        Um, I'm pretty sure you don't know what a "tilt-shift picture" actually is. It's not just a photo taken from a high place....


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          Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

          Originally posted by davidgra View Post
          "Once again life here in Orlando is just way too overstuffed with news and events."

          I'm a little confused here -- why do you open with this statement, when you're not going to be talking about any Orlando news or events in your article? Instead, we get mostly a report about the view from a hotel room balcony, and a couple of tidbits (but no real information) about a new attraction.

          Where's the Orlando news?
          News: Legoland Florida's opening date of October 15
          Events: Star Wars Weekends, Star Tours opening

          Maybe I'm missing something you're implying?

          Originally posted by Ambugger View Post
          Um, I'm pretty sure you don't know what a "tilt-shift picture" actually is. It's not just a photo taken from a high place....
          Tilt-shift pictures are manipulated so that the subjects in the middle look like miniatures. By virtue of being taken at a high location, my photo looked like miniatures without manipulation.
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            Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

            I like the views for sure... but I'm not a fan of the Star Wars corniness... and this is coming from a corny Star Wars fan! The dancing and choreo has always been lacking to me in when it comes to Florida parks... Just look at the comparison between Fantasmic! WDW vs. DLR. Better choreography at DLR. Don't get me wrong, I love WDW, but there's a reason why shows like the Star Wars ones don't happen in Anaheim... too corny and bad dancing.


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              Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

              Kevin, please stuff more.

              Thank you.

              Isn't that the suite that Michael Jackson would get?
              Last edited by sediment; 05-25-2011, 10:51 AM.


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                Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

                ^ That's what I thought... this was Michael Jackson's room of choice when he went to WDW.

                Cool article Kevin!


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                  Re: 5/24: A View to a Thrill

                  Star Tours looks awesome!

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                  Also, this picture and my Avatar was taken with a Nintendo DSi System and Nyko Magnification Lens & Case for DSi.


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