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3/8: The New Patriotism


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  • 3/8: The New Patriotism

    Kevin writes about the turn away from "re-living" experiences to just "watching" them, plus he offers a quick WDW photo update. Discuss it all here!
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    I agree, the mirror is waaaaay too much for the size of the castle. I think from a perspective view it's about as large on the castle as the Coke neon sign is on Times Square. This was just my immediate response. I will put up a more articulated response to the primary topic soon.
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      My immediate reaction - out loud, mind you - to the photo of the magic mirror was "Ooh! that's ugly!"

      Not a great move.


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        Too much bling bling on the WDW castle.

        Interesting article, Kevin. I can't believe I missed 'American Adventure' when I went to WDW a couple of years ago. D'oh!


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          I love the notion of using the WDW Castle just to show a framed picture of another Castle! Looks like a medieval real estate ad. It just needs "classic bavarian" added. Peter Pan and Wendy look like they were harpooned by Ned Land, kind of a golden taxidermy trophy collection kind of thing. They could have stopped decorating weeks ago and it would have been enough. If this was a Disney special, Paul Lynde would be designing it with Bobby Trendy. But hey, when it comes to Disney, "Enough is never enough" that's what I say. This decor thing is pure kitch. Having said all of that (just in fun) I admit... I like it :-)
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            Ohhh that mirror is defintely too big!

            Great article Kevin!

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              3/8 The New Patriosm

              My goodness - teh Gold leaf on that castle - why did'nt Eisner just wrap the castle up like a birthday cake again.

              Looks like the Evil Emperor was at it again with the gold paint - simply garish.

              Can disneyland's castle be saved from a similar fate??



              • #8
                Kevins Update


                How can anyone be this long winded about nothingness?

                The pictures of the castle are pretty cool though. The mirror was made that large so it could be seen at night down Main Street. Go at night and take a picture from the end of MS and you'll see the reasoning behind this decision.

                "Decisions are easy, if you know what your values are" - Roy Disney


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                  The "Xerox factor" of rides just shows there is hardly any creativity left, or being stifled by the corporate goons . And yes, the hood ornament on the castle is tacky.
                  Why can't the company come up with something fresh? Golden Dreams was a nice show but, I saw it, been there done that. I feel I don't need to go see this again.
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                    Originally posted by TDSTOM

                    How can anyone be this long winded about nothingness?

                    The pictures of the castle are pretty cool though. The mirror was made that large so it could be seen at night down Main Street. Go at night and take a picture from the end of MS and you'll see the reasoning behind this decision.


                    What do you mean? I thought it was good article about the difference between being part of the magic and simply watching it. As for the reason for the large mirror...well, it is ugly in my opinion and I could care less to see the bloody thing from the train station if it is just showcasing other castles. To me that is a huge failure in immersion right there. "Hi, you traveled all the way to Disney World where we are supposed to you sorround with a total fantasy world without time or real place... now, let us show you all the other places you could have gone!" Seriously, that takes you out of the illusion that you are in a complete world of fantasy and throws you back to the real world. Not good in my opinion.

                    I do agree, great pictures of the gilded (and in my opinion ugly) castle.



                    • #11
                      I think the mirror idea in general, is a great idea. But I'm thinking that they should have positioned in somewhere else. Perhaps near the hub or something... just not right on the Castle itself.
                      I'm blown away everytime I see pictures of Cinderellas Castle because I'm reminded of just how huge it is. And not having been to DisneyWorld in over 20 years, I've gotten used to Sleeping Beauty's Castle and by comparison, DW's castle is freakin' HUGE!!! Great article Kevin! You always have some great ideas for me to mull over and you present stuff that normally, I wouldn't even think about.
                      I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

                      the world of disneyking


                      • #12
                        Sometimes I think people who have the good fortune to visit WDW regularly lose perspective on things. To me, the castle looks magnificent, the mirror looks awesome, and Peter Pan, Wendy, and the rest of the golden characters look absolutely delightful. I bet it will be spectacular at night. And I'm envious of anyone who gets to see it all since I don't have a WDW trip in my near future!


                        • #13
                          I dis-like the morror... Hopefully it will dissappear after the celebration.....

                          Great information & update... keep up the good work...


                          • #14
                            I agree with Kevin. There is something creepy about Wendy's smile. It makes me think of that photo someone linked to in the Paul Pressler thread (i.e., Linda Blair in the Exorcist).

                            As far as the change in how Disney attractions view history ... I'm not sure that it was a conscious decision to be PC ... maybe today's imagineers don't know any better ... er, different .....
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                            • #15
                              I have to agree with Kevin about the mirror being WAY too BIG! That thing just overshadows the castle and makes it Way too gawdy. It also looks painted on, All of the gold figures and thins of that nature look really fake. I thought they would give them a better gold tone than that!
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