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6/28: Reedy? Ready!


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  • 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

    Kevin takes a tour of DisneyWorld's Emergency Services. Discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Reedy? Ready! -
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    Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

    Shame on the parent letting his scummy kids climb all over the fountain.
    I don't care if they get injured, that is their problem, but the damage to the fountain is not excusable.
    The areas where the water is squirted from is soft foam and it NOT designed to be stood on, nor are the fountain jets which sit under the foam. Standing on the jets will put them out of alignment and spoil the show.

    The irresponsible parent should be ashamed for allowing this to happen.
    Typical 'entitlement' behaviour that we seem more and more nowadays.

    I bet if they did injure themselves there would be a lawsuit slapped on Disney for no preventing parental stupidity.
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      Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

      Great article. I did not know that WDW is so well equipped to handle fire or medical emergences.

      Once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan.


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        Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

        Do they think that "I am at Disney World, I will not get injured!" WRONG MENTALITY! Granted, they are on vacation, but they should always read the signs!

        Anyways, Kevin, you sound much better than in your previous video, good job! :thumb: Also, even though I live in SoCal, I do care what happens to the other parks, like Dinosaur! in AK, so I might have a guess as what maybe the problems plaguing it.

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          Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

          I really like the fact that you are on top of everything that is not doing what it is supposed to at WDW.

          Speaking of, one of the details that I really liked at Typhoon Lagoon was recently covered over. There used to be stepping stones with water flowing around them on the path up to Storm Slides. They have been covered over in the last 8 months and made to look like a flat bridge. It looks awful. The stones were a great detail. Do you know why this was done?

          Also, the Disney Blog recently showed a video in which Miss Tilly was shooting water out of the top of the boat. When did that stop and why?



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            Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

            Ooh, thanks for the lead on the path. I have pics of it with water (from 2006) and dry (from 2010)... I didn't know there was a bridge. Ugh. I'll go investigate as soon as I can.

            I saw the Tilly shooting water two weeks ago, so I assume this effect works these days (in general, if not daily).
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              Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

              I fell down some steps and injured my foot at a Disney resort a couple of weeks ago, and was taken out by ambulance. They were very nice, very speedy, and took great care of me.


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                Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

                Originally posted by KevinYee View Post
                Ooh, thanks for the lead on the path. I have pics of it with water (from 2006) and dry (from 2010)... I didn't know there was a bridge. Ugh. I'll go investigate as soon as I can.

                I saw the Tilly shooting water two weeks ago, so I assume this effect works these days (in general, if not daily).
                I have video of the stepping stones functioning from Sept 2010. I took the video of them because I found the queue to this attraction to be one of the most detailed and enjoyable of any park at WDW. There is also a shipwrecked boat with a sign that says "just married" with two champagne flutes and dinner plates. And in this queue you also get to stand right next to Miss Tilly.
                Too bad TDO took away this detail. In pics it may not look like much but in person it was a lot of fun to step on them and get your feet wet.
                Here is a pic of the new "bridge". It is what looks to be planks of wood that the person just finished crossing. I believe there is another one further into the queue. What a shame!
                If you need the video or pic for one of your video update let me know.

                Storm Slides by wdwprince, on Flickr



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                  Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!


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                    Re: 6/28: Reedy? Ready!

                    "Blizzard Beach trashcans – no logos at all?"

                    The logo-less trashcans are another example of One-Disney. Eliminating the individual logos on the various trash cans will save the company money (and they need to make money any way they can).

                    "The new DVC logo is the earth (with mouse ears). A bit generic"

                    Even if it’s a bit generic, it’s unfair that the DVC should be able to have a special logo when One-Disney is forcing all the other divisions to eliminate theirs.


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