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8/2: Minimal Mouse


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  • 8/2: Minimal Mouse

    Kevin visits a Disney Vacation Club offering without a nearby theme park. Discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Minimal Mouse -
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    Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

    Where was the negativity in this article? Seems like he went in apprehensive and was pleasantly surprised. The review seemed fairly glowing, in my opinion. Not a negative review in any way. (Pro tip: Kevin Yee isn't a journalist, he's a blogger. There's a bit of a difference.)
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      Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

      Originally posted by BassBone View Post
      Where was the negativity in this article? Seems like he went in apprehensive and was pleasantly surprised. The review seemed fairly glowing, in my opinion. Not a negative review in any way. (Pro tip: Kevin Yee isn't a journalist, he's a blogger. There's a bit of a difference.)
      Bingo. There wasn't negativity in Kevin's article. The post you quoted was another generic Yee-bash, which the poster gave away with the statement:
      Originally posted by davidgra View Post
      Your negative attitude shows through in almost everything you write.
      To many of Disney's defenders, Kevin is one of those curmudgeons who regularly violates the First Commandment of Disney Fandom, "Thou Shalt Not Criticize Thine Brand."
      "With the acquisition of Marvel and now of Lucasfilm,
      Disney may have finally found the grail. You don't need
      imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

      - Neil Gabler


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        Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

        So glad you got to experience the Cottage. Someday when I become a DVC member I'll stay here, not because there's much to do, but just because it's something different but still owned by Disney.
        As far as peeking into more rooms at WDW, don't be the least bit afraid of DVC sales pitch. They're historically soft sell and the fact that your friend had a hard sell really surprises me.

        I also think you should stay in at least 1 value and 1 moderate hotel on property. It offers a much, much different perspective on the average WDW vacationer's patterns than would driving home after a day at the Parks.
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          Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

          davidgra.... put the ax away! What part of that review was negative?


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            Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

            Nice review! We spent a couple of days there last January, for a specific Non-park vacation, did 3 nights at Animal Kingdom Villas first and then another 3 nights at Vero.

            Had a nice dinner at Sonya's which has a nice elegant feeling, but still not too stiff.

            BTW, Tables in Wonderland discount is given at both restaurants as well as the Green Cabin Room bar.

            The beach is not private, the keycard access is to keep Non-Resort guests from entering the resort via the beach gate. Also the pool area has doors with keycard readers.

            They sell refillable mugs, but I think the only place to get refills is the snack bar at the pool which has quite limited hours. In the morning, they have coffe dispensers in front of the restaurants for refillable mug use only, no tea though.

            Not sure if you saw it, but on the othere side of the road on the back of the resort (if the sea side is the front) there are several sport courts as well as a lake with a sandy beach and several picnic cottages with palm leaf roofs.

            As for the DVC information tour, I can really recommend them, I did several during the years and never felt any pressure to buy at all. They show you mock-ups of rooms from various resorts. And if they try to do a hard-sell, just tell them you are not interested and walk away.


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              Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

              Great article Kevin!

              We visited the Vero Beach resort in 2004 (how does time fly so fast?!) and had a wonderful time.
              The Green Cabin Room was a great, relaxing place to hang out in the evenings. I agree that overall the resort has a MUCH more relaxed feel than WDW-- fantasitc that you got a chance to stay in the cottages. We've always wondered what they were like inside.

              Your story about the no-see-um bites reminds me of the time I got several horsefly bites while staying at Ft. Wilderness. I'd packed a bottle of Caladryl as an afterthought before the trip, and boy was I glad I did! That stuff is a lifesaver!


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                Re: 8/2: Minimal Mouse

                My family are big fans of Vero Beach, and we make a point of going every few years, if not more often. In fact we just spent a week there in June. It has a Disney feel that would be impossible to create at WDW - it's distanced itself enough from the bustle and scheduling of WDW that it lets you really, authentically, truly let you relax. Not "relax by the pool before you have to go and drive to your ADR in four hours," or "relax on a bench in World Showcase for a few minutes before you leave for your Test Track fastpass"... relaxing as you stroll down the beach after it's emptied out by late afternoon, or as you said, noticing how many stars you can see here thanks to all the light regulations for the sake of the turtles. Going to Vero Beach really feels like you've escaped from the face of the earth.

                Speaking of turtles, I always picked up on a subtle, gas-lantern era, Old World Florida theme at the resort (sort of an alternate take on the Grand Floridian), with the turtles sort of acting as the secondary theme, or maybe just a motif. But that's just me.

                ---------- Post added 08-03-2011 at 02:20 PM ----------

                To add to my previous post - I personally hope the future of DVC is in resorts more like Vero Beach and Aulani. The DVC resorts at WDW feel like that they are there to serve as gateways to WDW property, which is nice, but the DVCs in Hilton Head and Vero Beach feel like they are there to serve as little worlds in themselves (I imagine Aulani will feel this way as well). Thanks to DVC, we now vacation in the Carolinas, the Atlantic coast of Florida, and soon in Hawaii, and I can't wait to see where DVC takes us next. With DVC Disney can take its guests around the world while allowing them to have the uniquely Disney sense of comfort, hospitality, and design.

                That, and I'm afraid of more Bay Lake Towers and Grand Floridian Villas popping up... :unsure:
                Last edited by MarkTwain; 08-03-2011, 12:21 PM.


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