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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 20: Pete's Dragon

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  • Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 20: Pete's Dragon

    Hey, everyone! Another Monday and another all-new episode of my Disney movie podcast, Mousterpiece Cinema, is up on iTunes! If you're new to the show, jump right on in. You can always catch up later! The 20th episode (I can barely believe it's been 20 episodes!), about the 1977 hybrid of live-action and animation Pete's Dragon, is available now; I don't want to give away too much, but my rant from last week is nothing compared to what's in store this week.

    As always, I'd be so grateful if you could write a quick review and give the show a star rating on iTunes. Finally, if you like what you hear, make sure to tell your friends! New listeners are, obviously, always welcome.

    You can find the links to the show's iTunes page, Facebook and Twitter pages, and blog in my signature!
    Check out the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast on iTunes, on Twitter, on Facebook, or on the show's blog!