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11/15: Absolutely Disneyland


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  • 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

    Kevin debuts the first of three new books this year; "Disneyland Almanac" (co-authored
    by Jason Schultz). Discuss it all here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Absolutely Disneyland -
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

    Yo, Kev -- don't leave me hanging! PUH-LEEZE go into a bit more detail about your feelings on Ariel's Undersea Adventure. The majority of your East Coast brethren (and sisteren!) have yet to take the plunge!
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      Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

      Just bought the book. Sounds like an incredible resource.


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        Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

        I love the design of the cover.
        Also check out:
        Joe's Epic Overnight Disneyland Dream Suite Trip Report

        Joe's Epic Tokyo Disneyland Trip Report - 15 days
        Disneyland Candlelight Processional Photos - 2014 (Beau Bridges), 2012 (Kurt Russell), 2012 (Edward James Olmos), 2012 (Dick Van Dyke), 2012 (John Stamos), 2011 (Gary Sinise), 2010 (Tom Skerritt), 2009 (Jon Voight), 2008 (John Stamos)

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          Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

          Mine just shipped! So exciting! The office is gonna love this!


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            Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

            Originally posted by Ju-osh View Post
            Yo, Kev -- don't leave me hanging! PUH-LEEZE go into a bit more detail about your feelings on Ariel's Undersea Adventure. The majority of your East Coast brethren (and sisteren!) have yet to take the plunge!
            I'm going to guess that he feels about the same as most other folks here on the west coast: "Seen it; meh; no need to see it again."

            Nice advertisement of the book, though. I might buy it for my Kindle (at about half the current price), so I can enlarge the font.

            I'd like to know how often attendance of a day has exceeded DL capacity. Probably more frequently in recent years than in the past, due to the influx of part-time guests.
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              Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

              That is awesome Kevin! A whole almanac chronicling each day. I like books that have details and facts so I think that would be a good idea.

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                Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

                Old Biff called, he wants his book back...

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                Originally posted by Ju-osh View Post
                Yo, Kev -- don't leave me hanging! PUH-LEEZE go into a bit more detail about your feelings on Ariel's Undersea Adventure. The majority of your East Coast brethren (and sisteren!) have yet to take the plunge!
                I would like to hear some more about Kevin's opinion on this ride as well. Perhaps a review column?


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                  Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

                  Here are my longer thoughts about Ariel's Undersea Adventure, composed on the fly and without looking at other micechat opinions. So it could very well be that I'm in a minority here, but what the heck, here are my thoughts:

                  1. The ride system "feels" like Nemo at Epcot. There's a jerkiness but also an honesty to the Gurr-era omnimovers. The Nemo ride and Ariel feel smoother, but also almost too smooth. Slick. Manufactured. It almost lacks charm in its smoothness. And yet for the smoothness, the movement itself has a kind of rumble feeling to it; something you detect in your buttocks rather than your head. The combination never quite feels like an Omnimover to me. Possibly this is just nostalgia. I'm sure teenagers with no idea what the Mighty Microscope is just won't notice or care.

                  2. The aural transitions are very effective. You hear only what you're supposed to hear, and when you are supposed to. We entered creep mode at one point right after Ursula, and it didn't damage the auditory wipe.

                  3. The animatronics reminded me more of Sindbad at Tokyo DisneySea than the Haunted Mansion. In other words, much better than playwood Fantasyland, better than minimal rounded figurines (like Peter Pan), better than dolls (small world), but not as good as fully articulated human-sized figures in Pirates and Mansion. Sarcos or A100 these were not. If they had compliance, I didn't notice.

                  4. The ride was longer than I expected.

                  5. DCA needs dark rides and it needs people-eaters (this ride is both), so it's hard to hate on it too much.

                  6. The storyline is uninspired. I did like that Scuttle told the story; that was an original twist. But typing this now, ten days later, I can't even reconstruct in my memory what all the show scenes were. They must not have been that memorable. I'd have to call this a competent yet still "color by number" exercise in creating a ride that just charts the famous scenes of a movie. The Imagineers didn't "phone in" their performances, but neither did they break new ground or cause a 'wow' moment for me.

                  This was all based on a single ride through, so I apologize if the ideas captured here seem crude (or are even just plain wrong). I also didn't spend a lot of time chewing over possible answers; I just started typing, so this is pretty stream of consciousness.

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                  Nemo and Ariel are in brighter lighting than Mansion or ATIS. I just realized that darkness is a key component of a Gurr-era omnimover; it feels like YOUR ride at that time. With nemo and Ariel, you feel like part of a very visible chain.
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                    Re: 11/15: Absolutely Disneyland

                    I think I might have found something to add to my Christmas list!
                    My top favorite Disneyland attractions:

                    1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
                    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
                    3. Splash Mountain
                    4. Mad Tea Party
                    5. Peter Pan's Flight
                    6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin


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