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5/8: Queue You


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  • 5/8: Queue You

    Kevin on FastPass+, a new wine cellar at Epcot and neglect at Pirates. Discuss it all here...

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    Re: 5/8: Queue You

    Kevin, am I right that on the new LCD screen where you check your reservations, it just says "Disney's Fastpass?" Not Fastpass Plus?!

    Is this a telling sign? Perhaps the endgame here is to completely eliminate the existing Fastpass, changing the entire system to an advance perk for Deluxe resort guests only? Calling both offerings "Fastpass" would be beyond confusing for everyone.

    Did Disney just inadvertantly tip their hand here? If so, what does everyone think of a world without free, day-of Fastpass?

    I see standby wait times under this scenario returning to some semblance of sanity. Not running around getting Fastpasses all day might actually be a refreshing experience as well. Thoughts?


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      Re: 5/8: Queue You

      I am not understanding this system in the slightest. Do people who use it have to plan days (weeks) in advance not only which park they will visit on a particular day, but also a small window of time when they will hit a particular attraction?

      I have two small kids, and I'm sure many parents would agree with me when I say that the best thought-out plan becomes merely a suggestion when your kids are tired and whining.

      Families find their plans changing in a big way when Florida decides to pour buckets of water on a particular day, or when that blister on someone's heel finally opens up and a day of rest is needed. When this happens, how happy will those families be who spent mondo bucks on a Disney Resort just so they could use the FastPass Plus?

      While many will draw a parallel between the FPP and making dining reservations months in advance, I counter by saying that we have had a lifetime of planning our days around dining; we make advance dining plans many times every single year. But planning an amusement park attraction weeks in advance is something we never have to do, and will not be easy for people.

      To me, the success of FPP hinges on how close to the day of the park visit families will be allowed to CHANGE their plans. Will the Resort have a kiosk where they can change their destination (or attractions) THAT day? A day in advance? I think people could live with that. Anything less....not so much.


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        Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate your watchful eye on WDW! IF we cross the country to go to WDW, you might improve our WDW visits by pushing them to make repairs.
        Having been to:
        --WDW every summer it was open in the 1970s,
        --to Tokyo Disneyland,
        --and to Anaheim's Disneyland (frequently) on and after the 50th anniversary,
        I have high expectations for Disney parks.

        I hope new FP plans don't make younger kids, teens and their parents feel less like VIPs if they can't afford to access the new system. Remember, Walt Disney kept Club 33 well hidden.


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          Re: 5/8: Queue You

          The light no longer seems to be seen through the holes in the Pirates rock work as of a few weeks back. I'd suspect there used to be some sort of black tarp either around the back of the flashing light or over the rock work to prevent the light bleeding through that was removed temporarily and has now been returned. Hardly defending Pirates as in tip top shape, but at least that issue is back to normal.
          As for Soarin, I don't think it's OSHA who is going to be having anything to do with the ride as no employees were in danger and OSHA is there to guarantee employers protect their employees from harm which was not the case in this situation.
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            Re: 5/8: Queue You

            The Fastpass plus sounds interesting. Too bad they don't have the money to build it because they're busy fixing Pirates... oh, wait a minute...


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              Re: 5/8: Queue You

              Nice article Kevin.

              While a 50 pound tree branch sounds scarier than a 5 lbs tree branch, both can kill when dropped from the height of TOL, which is about 145 feet. A bag of sugar weighs about 5 pounds, you wouldn't want it hitting your head after I drop it from 14 stories would you? ;-)

              Seriously, a 5 pound tree branch could be much more dangerous than just a five pound bag of sugar as the bag of sugar would probably explode upon impact, diffusing the kinetic energy, if the 5 pounds branch fell tip down . . . it would probably puncture the skull or at least cause a major injury if not death.

              I know that the net is supposed to mitigate that, but heavier branches might well find a way through, plus with wind being a factor, loose branches might hit the walk-ways surrounding TOL.

              I don't see how Disney could not do an inspect and a major refurbishment of the structure. While the TOL might last 'indefinitely' like the Golden Gate bridge, they are constantly painting the Golden Gate just to keep it from corroding away. If TOL has never had a refurb, then this incident might have been prevented.


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                Re: 5/8: Queue You

                Those nets just want to make me cry.


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                  Re: 5/8: Queue You

                  The upside to The Tree of Life incident is that no one got hurt and that now people are aware that there are trails there! I don't think the majority of people that visit the park know about the trails. Every time I have walked them, they have been almost empty.

                  Here is a video I shot of a complete walkthrough of the trails (sans netting) Oct 2011. One of the hidden treasures of AK.

                  Stroll Discovery Island Trails Animal Kingdom - YouTube

                  I don't think this netting will make any difference safety wise. Looks like anything falling from the tree will fall straight through with the exception of maybe a leaf.



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                    Re: 5/8: Queue You


                    Did you say you get 6 fastpasses per day? Can you divide between parks (say you are doing DAK in the morning and MK in the evening) ?

                    It seems inconvenient to have to remember your return times. Are they going to have an app for this and provide wifi access to FPP users? I guess you can always write down your return times and carry them around with you. (Hunting down a special FP machine to check times would not only be a hassle but also still require you to keep the times straight in your head, or keep returning to check - blah).

                    Once you have your yellow card, your park tickets no longer work in FP machines around the park? Or can you do both? In other words, is the yellow card linked to your park tickets somehow?

                    Overall, I love fastpass. However, I hate having my vacation on such a strict schedule.


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                      Re: 5/8: Queue You

                      I just saw a picture from the Haunted Mansion. Looks like the McDonald's Playland queue is now the regular queue, and the regular queue is a Fastpass queue. What a waste.


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                        Re: 5/8: Queue You

                        Originally posted by ttintagel View Post
                        I just saw a picture from the Haunted Mansion. Looks like the McDonald's Playland queue is now the regular queue, and the regular queue is a Fastpass queue. What a waste.
                        Which is exactly why they spent considerable $$$ on all those NextGen queues. To give the unwashed masses something to do in standby while the elite guests breeze past them in the express lane.


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                          Re: 5/8: Queue You

                          LOL I've not heard it called a McPlayground before. Funny!
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