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5/15: Should you Care?


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    Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

    This makes me a little sad, as we're planning a trip to WDW for early 2013. First time for my wife and kids, and I haven't been since the early 90's. That means we won't really have much to compare it to, except for our regular visits to Disneyland. I've been making a lot of promises, but I'm afraid that the Orlando parks (while bigger and with more variety) may not be as nice as our regular hangout. This may not be a "once in a lifetime" trip, but I have a sinking feeling that someday we'll be telling people that "we went in the early Teens, when upkeep was really bad..."

    What saddens me the most is Expedition Everest - from what I've read, I'll never get to see the yeti move as it was designed to do, and I doubt they'll get any motion out of it at all by the time we get there. That's one thing, but no bird on a stick? How hard can that be to fix? And steam effects have been used at all sorts of parks for decades! Get it together, TDO!
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      Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

      After Cars Land opens in DCA this summer, John Lasseter needs to move to Orlando. There is a depth at DL that no other park has. Even the wear and tear has more of a patina than other parks: the tread wear on the start of Mr. Toad, or my fave: the worn bat heads of the rail posts in the Haunted Mansion.


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        Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

        I wouldn’t blame WDI for designing things that can’t be fixed. Anything can be fixed, even the Yeti, its just a matter of having enough people to do it, and having enough funds to order parts and keep stuff stocked up.

        Let me look at one example. The broken “bird on a stick” on Expedition Everest. I liked this effect, despite what others have said, and thought it was cool the first time I saw it.

        Here is how it would be fixed by me:

        1. Maybe the whole contraption is powered by a readily available motor which rotates the eagle something like 270 degrees at the key point. It stops, perhaps by hitting a small solenoid, which kills the motor. The next cycle the solenoid pops down and the motor is fired up again, birds flies over. So theoretically, the motor might burn-out due to pushing against resistance.

        2. I would remove the motor setup and add a more precise motor which could rotate the bird the required degrees, say 270, and then rotate the bird back after the train passes. Obviously there are sensors in the tracks which trigger the effect. If properly connected this could easily be done.

        3. Cost. I guess you’d have to order parts, maybe $500 for a quality motor servo thingy, maybe a couple days to test it?? If properly installed and maintained as needed, and weather proofed adequately, this effect would last for years. Say this fix does work, then somebody should order the replacement servo so that it can be replaced in three years or whenever it breaks down again. Given that the motor wouldn’t be operating at industrial standards, but maybe 20 times an hour??? It would probably last a lot longer than stuff on an assembly line, IMHO.

        Parts: $500
        Labor: Maybe $500
        Spare Parts: $500

        Not that expensive to fix compared to the Yeti, given that this effect is fairly simple compared to some motorized displays in residential Halloween displays.

        You can see that it doesn’t cost much to keep an effect like this running. I am guessing that to fix the Jolly Rogers would cost about the same, $1,500 to $2,000.

        If you gave a couple of maintenance guys a million bucks to fix everything they could in a year, things would look a lot better, assuming operations would let stuff get fixed.

        Somebody needs to organize a letter writing campaign!

        I’m going to find out where to send the complaints (other than City Hall/Guest Relations) . . . if enough people write them and pledge to go to Potterland instead of MK, things might change.

        We're not talking about adding a big $200 million ride, but just increasing the maintenance budget by about $ 1 million, which could include hiring a couple more maintenance people and buying parts, a good investment given that Disney will probably get back this investment in the long run.
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          Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

          I don't care whether or not I SHOULD care; the fact is that I DO care!

          And I'm not imposng some arbitrary standard; it's the standard the company set for itself years ago.

          While I don't agree with it, I can at least see the reasoning behind not closing Expedition Everest for an extended period to do major work on the Yeti.

          However, I find it inexcusable to just give up on the opening scene of the Great Movie Ride. Sure, maybe it's DIFFICULT to make those effects work, but it can be done. Combining moving parts and AA's with water effects obviously can be done; it's done in other attractions all over the parks. The scene as it was designed was spectacular; the scene as it is now is just a time-killer. People aren't flocking to the park just to ride GMR the way they are for EE, so an extended rehab is entirely within the realm of possibility.

          On a related note, I seem to remember the giant snake in the Jungle Cruise having movement whan I was a kid. In all my adult trips, he's been completely motionless. Is the snake broken, or just my memory?


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            Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

            I don't think it's wrong to include long-broken effects. It's a reminder of what we're missing out on, and what the imagineers originally meant for us to see. Footlight Parade never ceases to make me laugh...can it really be THAT complex of a mechanism to make the cake spin? REALLY? It's like a rotating Christmas tree base from the 50s. Single motor, on and off as tripped by a sensor as the car passes. Of course we don't need to have the water effect restored.

            Energy's curtains is just ridiculous. That attraction needs all the wow factor it can get, but I bet it won't until a new sponsor is named. Ugh.
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              Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

              We can show that we care all we want to, but how would that affect management at all?
              My top favorite Disneyland attractions:

              1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
              2. Pirates of the Caribbean
              3. Splash Mountain
              4. Mad Tea Party
              5. Peter Pan's Flight
              6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin


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                Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

                Originally posted by kindagoofy View Post
                There is a depth at DL that no other park has. Even the wear and tear has more of a patina than other parks: the tread wear on the start of Mr. Toad, or my fave: the worn bat heads of the rail posts in the Haunted Mansion.
                COMPLETELY agree with this point! My favorite is the worn brick work around the Mansion!
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                  Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

                  That thing about Footlight Parade did kinda confuse me since I rode it several times during my CP and I was like "I don't recall it ever spinning". In fact the thing I think that scene had the least amount of effects and that was the main thing I always remembered about that.

                  But to get on topic: wasn't Disney World as a whole meant operate like a show? It seems to me that using terms such as "cast members" and "costumes" have disintegrated into just a fancy way to say "employees" and "uniforms". In an actual show if something was breaking down or a cast member was not acting properly enough, the director would have had your neck! ) So yeah, I can see where Kevin Yee is getting at here,.


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                      Re: 5/15: Should you Care?

                      Great Thread Thank you. I have only been to Florida once and it was 4 years ago ao I can't speak to the condition of that park. I am a Disneyland many year Premium Passholder and travel from Montana to visit "My Happy Place" at least 4 times a year. I get so ANNOYED when I ride Small World and see that there is trash the same from visit to visit and carpets that need vacuuming even after the Christmas teardown. I thought for sure that that would be taken care of but NO! It just shows me that things are not what they used to be. Walt would have never stood for that. Things like this can be seen in different areas of the park. This is very sad to me I would love to have Disneyland be the Park it was in the past.


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