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3/11: A Whale of a Tale - Alain Littaye


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  • 3/11: A Whale of a Tale - Alain Littaye

    Guest columnist Alain Littaye tells the story of the Disneyland Paris Nautilus attraction. Discuss it here!
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    Thank You very much Alain, that was a beutiful description of something very few people knew about unless they have been to DLP. 20K was my favorite movie of all time. I could only vaguely theorize what kind of an impact would be made if DL(Anaheim) had this very same walkthru. If for some reason it were to be built....then having a "show" of the Nautilus crew battling an animatronic giant squid would be really awesome, a big boost for what was the Subs at TL.
    More appropiate however was having this in a "Discoveryland" instead of TL as Captain Nemo was a true discoverer. I am glad that Paris was able to have this homage of a truly historic masterpiece.

    Would it be possible to have an updated picture essay of the Paris Space Mountain with the unique Jules Verne themeing?
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      Thanks Alain...

      It just occured to me... I remember the story of a Parisian complaining about MGM-Disney Studios Paris, that they thought it was a museim... I wonder if the high budget theming of EuroDisney perpetuates this belief....
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        a whale of a tale


        Thanks very much for the article - it is wonderful to see how different discoveryland looks at DLP compared to DL's and WDW's tomorrowlands.

        If they had done the same type of extensive theming changes to Disneyland Tomorrowland in 1998 instead of the crud Bronze, Brown and gold "Paint over" then I doubt there would ahve been so many complaints about the changes made.

        Absolutely otherworldly looking. Can't wait to visit in person.

        Thanks again,



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          Thank you very much for the excelent article. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.


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            Great article. Wish I could get there to see everything.

            Just by chance, does anyone know how much the book is?


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              Great column Alain.

              I've been lucky enough to experience this attraction at DLP and it's as good as Alain describes it.
              I've never had a strong connection to 20K (book or movie), but I knew enough about Nemo's adventures to appreciate the love and attention to detail that went into this walk-through.

              It is probably one of the strongest examples of building something purely for the atmosphere and sense of immersion it adds to the overall park rather than a headline grabbing e-ticket.

              Never got chance to see the tentacle attack (which sounds awesome)
              but the squid is still pretty impressive.
              Thanks for all the info.

              ( :bow: And I can highly recommend Alain's book... :bow: )
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                Great Article!!!
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                  I was looking over the article again today, and I noticed that there are some photographs that weren't there yesterday.


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                    Hello, I am Alain Littaye, and i want to thank you to have love the nautilus article.
                    Well, as a matter of fact, the article is even better now! new rare photos of this great man who was Tom Scherman have been added, as well as other photos and even some nice merchandise photos around the squid-nautilus theme!

                    Have a look and a great week end for all of you!

                    Alain Littaye


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                      Alain mentioned that there was an interesting design for Autopia, but then he never said what was so interesting about it. He peaked my curiosity, then left me hanging. Could somebody fill the void in my life left by Alain and tell me what is so damn interesting about the design of DLP's Autopia?


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                        pretty! Paris is the one Disney park (besides HK of course) that I haven't been to. One thing though, is the author actually saying that Paris' walkthrough is better then Tokyo's 20K Under The Sea ride? good as a walkthrough could be, it ain't a ride, and Tokyo's 20K Under the Sea ride is one of the best Disney rides ever built. I look forward to seeing the walkthrough, but I'd much rather have the Natalus as a decoration with the backdrop of a mountain with a EEE ticket ride (as in Tokyo) in the lagoon, rather then just a walkthrough with a 90 second animatronic 'show' in Paris.


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                          20K in TDs sucks. pointless a go go, no ending. nice stagecraft, awesome queue but that's it. IMHO a good walkthru is better than an overproduced bad ride.
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                            Um....the cue for this ride easily matches the detail in the walkthrough. And the ride is awesome...though I admit that in how they designed it, unless you're in the front of the craft (with the angle looking straight ahead) you miss most of the detail. But it's a GREAT attraction...filled with AAs...and much better then a walkthrough.


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                              Hello, Alain Littaye here again

                              okay, it seems that some of you didn't understood some moints in my article:
                              1) about the "autopia" design , there is nothing special about the track design, except that, because it was designed like this it has left the opportunity to built the nautilus. As a matter of fact, i can even say that DLP version of autopia is probably the less interesting one
                              2) i have never say that the nautilus walk through at dlp was better than the tokyo disney sea ride. a walk through is a walkthrough and a ride is a ride, no comparison can be made. I like the ride at tds, the only thing i don't like in it is that i think the big window in the little submarine are too low, and you have to bend too much yourself to see what's happening.....
                              3 a good news for you readers, with this link to what i think is the best web site about the nautilus and 20000..., you are going to love it!


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                                I too an an avid modelmaker, I would love to build a 4 foot model R/C version!

                                And thanks for the link!!!
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