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    Why don't you ever write articles about Disneyland in California anymore?
    Last edited by MrLiver; 01-13-2005, 07:27 PM.

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    Originally posted by MrLiver
    Why don't you ever write articles about Disneyland in California anymore?
    Since I don't live in California any more, it seemed less urgent. More to the point, now that I live in Orlando, there's always so much to write about with what's happening here.
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      omg. Ernest goes to Splash Mountain!

      Uh huh.


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        It helps balance the site... I remembewr when it was 95% DL... now it evens out...... (DL, WDW, DLP....)


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          I would actually love to see more articles that incorporate both resorts and sort of develop a grand unified theory on the evolution and direction of the parks. These are the articles I like the best. Especially the one that dealt with Alcohol sales in the parks and how it changes their vibe. I liked that one.


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            I love the fact that not only does Kevin write up some great articles on Walt Disney World,but he also from time to time will spend some time talking about Universal Studios & Sea World.And I think it really adds a great balance to the site.And I hope we get to read some more great articles about the other parks soon.
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              To me, the two pronged approach made a great site even better, especially for East Coast type cats, like me.
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