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  • Cameo Status?

    I have enjoyed reading Al's columns for sometime now. While he was on another site, his updates were plentiful to say the least. With all that's been going on now with the 50th, One would think he would have volumes to speak of.

    For some time now, his updates here have been reduced to an almost "cameo" type appearance. Is it that he's not too happy with the way Mice Age has evolved? While I won't even pretend to guess, it would seem his postings lately come about as more of "I have to" instead of "I want to".

    While the other contributor's do a fantastic job in their own right, I really enjoy logging in and seeing an "Al Update"! I would just like to see them more often than than when I saw the cast from Diff'rent Strokes visiting the girls of "The Facts Of Life"!

    Keep up the great work Mice Age!

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    ORDDU: Well, not everything in life is always about keeping up with theme park updates. Sometimes OTHER things come up--things that are MUCH more important. For instance, I intend--some day--to have Al's baby. And, when it happens, I don't want the magic moment spoiled by anything else. I mean, how would you feel if YOUR romantic interest suddenly interrupted a passionate kiss or a warm embrace by saying, "Oh! I almost forgot! I need to get busy with an updated column for my web footed site!! Excuse me, honey! Gotta go!" Why, such a thing would be too devastating for WORDS!!! So, I say ease up on the poor guy's schedule. No man can perform anything properly--when under that kind of pressure!! It simply reduces one's chances for proper conception and I, for one, won't stand for such a thing!!


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      What you also need to know is that although Al may not have a story up on MiceAge this week, he does create and publish all the stories you see on here.

      For instance I provide Al my text and images and he does the rest.

      I suspect he has been quite busy this week for instance tracking down all the Bob Iger news stories and linking those to the MiceAge page.

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        Thanks...I guess I can file that procreating reply in the "too much personal information" area. I'm not asking for him to devote his life to a website. I was just wondering if something was going on. It would be akin to you viewing a news program on television everyday and then as time progressed, it would only come on once every three to four weeks. You would want to know what happened to it as well. Since I haven't read if Al himself has said "Hey, you'll get these updates when I'm good and ready" I just wondered. Obviously when you deliver a product that people want and like, they want more. When the pipline dries up and the delivery process becomes sporatic, people tend to wonder what happened. I, for one would be humbled if people were always asking when I was going to publish next.


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          Believe me, Al is not the type of person to do something he doesn't take pleasure in doing. If he was sick of Disneyland or reporting on Disneyland, you'd probably see this site close shop. Those things take a LOT of time to put together and confirm -- and it is definitely a labor of love.

          That aside, Al does an update when he feels there's enough news to do an update. At the beginning of this year, there simply was not enough news to do weekly updates. He isn't going to make stuff up when there isn't anything interesting to report.
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