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3/14: Crush, Gush & Mush


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  • 3/14: Crush, Gush & Mush

    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    The Crush 'N' Gusher Update was certainly intriguing. I've never managed to go to typhoon lagood, so when I do, I'll be sure to stop by.
    What I was really interested in was the conjecture that the entire search process was a sham. Certainly I didn't notice a large line up of contenders, thought I'm sure thousands of people would be willing to take the job... why? Who knows.


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      I have been to Blizzard january when it was practically deserted but not to Typhoon Lagoon yet but anything in a water park that is fun is good enough for me. I think a "ride" in a water park should never be though of in the same respect as one such as HM, POTC, ST or any of the time tested Disney E tickets. A water park ride also should not be a stressful event either like trying to mimic a mega coaster (I really do not like rollercoasters! ) so in respect it appears that though this ride has limited capacity at the very least its a welcome new addition, a Disney addition.

      And thus is the whole problem....what we get in new rides or technology is going to get remarkably less in the near future as it appears Disney is adopting the "Chinese" method...appealing mass appeal instead of a unique experiance.

      Like why I disdain buying at Walmart where 75% of the shelf items are made in China, sure its cheaper... but so is the quality! Excessively so! Repeatedly have I always seen Made in China items fall apart in a short time or often are obviously made of the cheapest way possible, poor steel quality or a rubbery off color plastic.

      And that is what Disney has become...a Made in China type of business, pay the workers dirt cheap, sell the masses the trinkets made for pennies at inflated dollars and in the end care not for what the world thinks.

      And with the recent events of Robert Iger becoming CEO its all the same as how the Chinese government is being run, Roy and Stanley are the dissident protesters trying to stop the Eisner Tanks in a Disney Tiannamen Square...

      Whats next? :confused:
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        I went on Crush 'N' Gusher during the cast preview day on Saturday and I agree with everything Kevin said. Its a great ride while it lasts but its really really short. Of course I got to go on each slide like 4 times because there was no one there besides cast members and their guests. I thought the theming was really cool though.


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          Looks just like Dragon Blasters at Schlitterbahn. Fun, but not amazing, as Kevin mentioned.

          One other thing that I'm sure Kevin did not see, is the possibility of people falling off the rafts during the ride, not just at the end. When we rode Dragon Blaster people were falling off constantly.

          You can see here: some pics of the Blasters at Schlitterbahn and one photo of Elissa right before she took one said fall.


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            I have to wonder if Disney is waiting for new Rafts for this attraction. Master Blasters usually use Dingy type rafts where a thin layer of rubber rides between the guest and the slide not and high sides, not an elevated tube where falling off is an issue. My Guess is that those rafts are temps.

            Kevin(or anyone else who has ridden the attraction) are the rafts themed to the attraction specifically? or are they lazy river rafts?


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              From the pics, they look like regular rafts.

              Now, the "Master Blaster's" do use the rafts described above. And it would be quite hard to fall off. The "Dragon Blaster" does not. It uses the same rafts from Cursh n' Gusher.


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                I too am disappointed with the lack of theming for the Crush n' Gusher. The thing I have always adored about the Disney water parks is that they are themed to the hilt - centered around a strong story.

                Other water parks just have water rides for the "fun" of it - while these parks aren't bad, they are not trying to "immerse" you. Disney has always done that.

                Take for example how every ride (except for the family raft rides) at both the water parks, are all integrated into the various mountains. There are no supports. The Crush n' Gusher is exactly how I feared - a support heavy roller coaster looking attraction running through a barren-type landscape. It looks like it could be at your typical community water park run by Six Flags.

                I don't think the placing of palm trees and one or two crashed fruit factory trucks really pulls off the concept, you know?

                But I digress...


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                  IAMJACK.....they have not added a slide to TL in years and you complain when they do? The backstory of fruit chutes is good to me.


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                    I'd like to add that MasterBlaster's operated in this country (UK), do not need one "boat" to end before another is launched. From what I have seen, the "up" sections act as block zones, much like on a traditional coaster. So without the water there, and a rougher surface, the "boats" just stop.

                    What's the weight limit on the rafts over there? At Alton Towers, it is 18 stone (IIRC, which works out at 252lbs).

                    I've also seen people getting stuck (primarily for being too heavy). That MasterBlaster was using dinghey's though, so the lifeguard grabbed a dinghey and rode it surfboard style up to the stuck person and gave them a shove :lol:
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                      Great informtion.... Can't wait till i get around to visitng that "Slide" someday.....


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                        Thanks for this GREAT article Kevin! I can't wait til I go down to WDW in May!
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                          'Nother great article!

                          Can't wait to try it out for myself...

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                          Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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                            I hereby nominate Al Lutz to be a candidate for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company.

                            It'll obviously never happen, but wouldn't that be awesome? Al seems to know more about Disneyland than Disney!


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                              I second Athlonacon!

                              I second the the nomination!

                              Originally posted by Athlonacon
                              I hereby nominate Al Lutz to be a candidate for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company.

                              It'll obviously never happen, but wouldn't that be awesome? Al seems to know more about Disneyland than Disney!
                              "Your dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway." - Walt Disney


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                                If I ever go back to WDW during the summer (I usually go in December), I may check it out, unless I keep my basic annual pass. Thanks Mr. Yee for the info and pictures!
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                                  Size is important

                                  400-odd feet is pretty darn short. The Dragon Blaster (the original blaster) at Schlitterbahn is over 1300 feet long and is darn impressive. Even the Family Blaster is longer than any of the Crushers. More importantly, the Dragon Blaster does not begin off a massive tower like the Master Blaster... it is truly a water coaster, using the jet sections to lengthen the ridetime far beyond what is would be otherwise.

                                  I'll be curious to see what the lines turn into on these in the summertime. At Schlitterbahn, if you don't get on the Master Blaster at opening, it is always a minimum hour long wait for the rest of the day. Maybe having 3 short water coasters was considered far preferable to building one long one for throughput concerns. This is of course only true if Disney is dispatching riders one per slide as Kevin wonders - as noted in a post above, other blaster operators run the slides with the jet areas acting as block zones - turn off the water and rafts automatically become isolated at the next jet section.

                                  Oh, and Kevin - the cargo nets aren't theming per se - all the blaster water coasters have them over much of the course. I've always surmised that they are there to stop stuck riders from hopping out of the flume.

                                  Other thoughts on this?


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                                    3/14: Crush, Gush & Mush

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                                      3/14: Crush, Gush & Mush

                                      Kudos to Kevin's great photography and reporting on Crush 'N' Gusher! It was wonderful that he including an acknowledgment of the Schlitterbahn waterslide resort company for developing and building the first water coasters; thereby inventing Master Blaster technology. :bow:

                                      They are unsung heroes in terms of the water park market, and they may well be being ripped off in terms of licensing and royalties from other companies - Disney included. :devil:

                                      The insolated cronies on the Disney Board made an insipid move by allowing Eisner to remain on as CEO in the wake of losing his chairmanship. :lol: Bob Iger is a poor choice for Michael's replacement due to his Einer-like detached public image. :monkey:

                                      Roy and Abby Disney must have good reason not to trust him as well. With respect to the selection meetings, the Board should have allowed their voices to be heard, instead of flipping them the bird.

                                      Now, key descendents of both Walt and Roy Disney, both sides of the family, might wage war at an annual shareholders meeting one year in the near future.

                                      Still, Iger's management style may prove itself different, while evoking sweeping change across the board. As he is locked into position, we will, as Kevin has emphasized, just have to wait, hope and see. If Iger becomes an Eisner clone, Walt Disney's family will likely disassociate themselves with their own company and its values, and wage a catastrophic war that could destroy it in the long run.

                                      Once installed, one thing that Iger could do right away, in order to prove his merit, is to apprise the Board of the crippling financial loss in excess of a billion dollars in the event of a Fox Family purchase. :bow: Will he or won't he - even his hairdresser doesn't know for sure. :cool
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