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Ban comparisons and contrasts on Micechat?


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  • Ban comparisons and contrasts on Micechat?

    When I was younger, so much younger than today,
    I used to enjoy comparing and contrasting things on Micechat, and reading the opinions of others.

    BUT, it seems like on every thread at least one Micechatter feels the need to point out the impossibility of doing this.

    For example, say we're discussing the fresh, nutritious, reasonably priced, hard candy canes sold on Main Street at Disneyland, and a Micechatter asks,
    "Do the day-old canes also sold on Main Street for the same $12.95 taste almost as good as the ones made the day before?"
    Invariably a Micechatter will try to end the discussion with something like,
    "One cannot possibly compare the similarities of fresh canes with the ancient, day-old ones!
    Why are we even having this diccussion?!
    " :argue:

    But how about contrasting the differences? NO, this is also ridiculous and vorboten to the "NO COMPARING NOR CONTRASTING!" police. For example, "Why are we even wasting time on the differences between the Main Streets at Disneyland and Walt Disney World"?! Disneyland's buildings are shorter so either comparing or contrasting them is a complete WASTE OF TIME! I urge this thread be shut down immediately!" :rant:

    Micechat might be the only forum on the internet or in person in the WORLD where so many object so strenuously to comparing and contrasting different things, but let's keep it that way! In the spirit of the new language proposed by Orwell in 1984, I salute and support this effort to reduce unnecessary thought! :verymad:

    The next time a Micechatter bravely tries to shut down a discussion by pointing out the futility of comparing and contrasting different things, perhaps you could link this thread and then praise our heroic thought police! :thumbup:

    Always sincerely,
    Jcruise86 :evil:
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    Re: Ban comparisons and contrasts on Micechat?

    ^ Good points all!

    But it's not just a Micechat thing, it's typical of nearly all internet discussion forums that sooner or later someone will express their disagreement with a thread by labeling it ridiculous, calling for it to be shut down, or otherwise ridiculing it.

    The thing about Micechat is that those kinds of posts aren't allowed under the posting rules. They're neg-reppable via the rep button (the category is "bashing the thread"), and mod-reportable via the triangular report button at the bottom of each post.
    "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
    it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
    together with every variety of recreation and fun,
    designed to appeal to everyone."

    - Walt Disney

    "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
    - Michael Eisner


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      Re: Ban comparisons and contrasts on Micechat?

      Some people have never learned to "just walk away". Instead, they need to "have the last word", or in this case, to "throw a bucket of water on something".


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