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3/22: May the Best Park Win, Part 3


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  • 3/22: May the Best Park Win, Part 3

    Guest columnist Ted Tamburo concludes his series comparing the various Disney parks. Did you agree with his final choice? Discuss it here...
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    Disneyland is the best ?

    No way!


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      I love these comparisons. The Tokyo parks are the only two I haven't been to yet, so it was great to get a good idea of how they compare. Thanks
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        TDS is like visiting the backlot of a great movie studio with lots of cool sets, but you've never seen any of the movies made there. Hey..nice Volcano but no intimacy. No emotional attachment or relevence. I've been lucky enough to have been to both. DL is all emotion and relevence and less awe. DL's awe is from the connection to the movie or topic.
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          First is best , without the original would there be the others. It once again all started with a mouse and a man with vision, without that there would be no others.


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            I think this column did a very good job of comparing these very different parks. However, my outcome would have been different. There is nothing in the world that can compare to Tokyo Disney Sea. Although it lacks the total number of attractions of Disneyland, it is the most immersive, expansive, detailed, magical, and awe inducing park you could imagine. Think of all the threads that we have started around here about how to "Fix" Disneyland. Tokyo Disney Sea doesn't need fixing. Its first phase was built perfectly and a major second phase is already well on its way. Quite simply the most amazing place that I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot of cool places all over the world).

            Fun debate. I think, in the end, it has more to do with individual taste than anything else. For a family with kids, Disneyland probably wins (although the enclosed Mermaid Lagoon and Aladdin area are great for kids at TDS). For adults, TDS wins hands down. For Teens, Disneyland wins right now, but TDS will pull ahead when Tower and the new Spirits Coaster next to Indy opens in a few months.

            Ahhhhhhh. I wonder how Lashbear's TDS trip is going right now?

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              Hey guys...

              thanks for reading my series of park comparisons and for your thoughts.

              Trust me, it was a HARD comparison to make. I have been to both parks numerous times and I really enjoy each one, but for different reasons. It was almost like sayingwhich do you like better, Steak or football, I mean they are just REALLy different.

              In the end the number of attractions, the variety of attractions and the history and charm of the original Disneyland won out. But I LOVE Tokyo Disney Sea and in many ways if I were to visit one park tomorrow I would likely choose TDS. However in the big picture DL wins out.

              I do think that when the two major new attractions open at TDS it will be an even tighter competition and as I mentioned in the article, I would not be surprised to see TDS overtake DL in the near future.

              Anyway, thanks again:


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                This was a carefully researched and thought provoking series of articles.

                I was fully expecting TDS to come out the winner but my emotional attachments and long history with DL made me hope it would be the opposite.

                I often wonder how the younger generations perceive DL compared to us oldtimers who watched it being planned and built.
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                  Great article. DL is the def the best, no matter what. The original will always reign supreme to me. I'd love to visit TDS though, espescially after hearing about all the great things that park has. Thanks Ted!!!


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                    Great job, Ted! I really enjoyed the series. I would have to agree that the two parks are neck to neck. Tough decision.

                    When it comes right down to it though, I would agree that DL does have an advantage and what did it for me was the number AND variety of attractions. Afterall, that's their purpose.


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                      What a great series of articles! I think that the views were very fair both pro and con with all the parks.
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                        Although I have never been to TDS, and have no basis for comparison, I know that in a true contest, I would still choose DL Every. Single. Time. Purely for the nostalgia, or the Intangible, as Ted Tamburo called it (and what a great word, BTW).

                        Part of the reason I love DL so much is that I grew up there, and no other theme park, no matter how impressive, could ever compare to that. I'd love to see them all someday, but I know that nothing could ever replace the original for me, even with so many odds stacked against it.


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                          Fantastic report Ted. As someone who has been to all the parks (except the Paris resort) I can vouch that you did your homework. That said, although I'd agree that Disneyland would win over DisneySea in terms of sheer number of attractions, when you have Tokyo Disneyland right next door with many of the same attractions you mentioned that end up 'besting' Disneyland over DisneySea (Tokyo Disneyland has most of the Fantasyland dark rides, including Tokyo-exclusive Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Haunted Mansion, a superior Splash Mountain (the best IMO), a much superior Big Thunder Mountain, a vastly superior Castle (with the Black Cauldron AA show), Mickey Mouse Revue AA show, Country Bears, a debatably equal "Pirates" (better AAs, but shorter then Disneyland's, without being as short as WDW's), indentical an versions of Roger Rabbit's cartoon spin and Buzz Lightyear have a really tough call as far as visiting a 'resort'. Cause let's face it, if DisneySea was across from Disneyland, there would be no question as to what resort to visit. But I think, resort wise, Tokyo wins out with it's two parks over Disneyland Resort. In comparing individual parks, your review is 100% accurate, but with Tokyo Disneyland right next door to DisneySea offering just about everything you mentioned lacked in's not hard for me to argue that Tokyo's the place to be.


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                            Thank you for your park challenge. I do feel that this comparison is very difficult since each park has a theme of its own. Disneyland holds true the very essence of youth and endearing quality that I feel no other park has. Tokyo Disney Seas brings to the table, what trial and error has been attained from a quaint little park in Anaheim. Whatever your thoughts on this subject, without Disneyland there would be no Tokyo Disney Seas.


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                              Remember, that Long Beach had its chance to host the first DisneySeas, but lost out to Tokyo. We also lost out on Westcot. Now we have DCA. Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3.


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                                Originally posted by Ted T
                                I do think that when the two major new attractions open at TDS it will be an even tighter competition and as I mentioned in the article, I would not be surprised to see TDS overtake DL in the near future.
                                Actually, this IMHO depends on what happens with Igber and CM Matt.
                                From what's already happened in DL for the 50th, I have no doubt that Matt can bring
                                DL back. Now how far he can bring it back depends on how much fund
                                he can draw on from Disney Corporate. But we've heard rumors of how
                                Matt has been very creative (such as scaling down the CM party) to find
                                funds. So my money is on DL coming back big time. (Nemo overlay subs
                                coming back, another rumored attraction)

                                And as we know, DL has/had a huge head start with the tradition. Just a little
                                bit more effort on the food (which isn't totally fair since much of the food emphasis
                                went to Downtown Disney) which TDR doesn't have (yet) can really bring DL up
                                (although I doubt if it can overtake TDS in that category).

                                Thanks for the articles though. You should do another after HKDL is up.
                                (although if the rumors are true, it won't even make it in the running).
                                Or the rumored SKDL (South Korea Disneyland). :-)
                                BTW. I'll believe that when they start construction... :-)


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                                  I have received a lot of e-mail about a topic brought up here as well... which RESORT is best.

                                  Well, that may be a topic for another series but remember, I am dealing with only individual PARKS, as if they live in total isolation. My guess is that Walt Disney World would likely easily win the best resort competition, I mean no other grouping of parks is going to come close to the four parks, 2 water parks giant Down Town Disney area and so on... it would just win on scale alone. Interestingly any individual WDW park would lose to say Tokyo Disney Sea but combined they create a pretty tough nut to crack.

                                  I also agree that much of this comes down to personal taste ( I mean this is not science here, just opinons) and a lot of your personal preferences come from what you grew up with. I bet a person from tokyop has a natural tendancy to think fondly of Tokyo Disneyland and therefore may find that to be the best. I have had lost of e-mail from European fans voicing how much they love "their" park and so on. I have been to all the parks many times and though WDW parks were what I grew up visiting the most I do not feel a particular fondness for one over the other (Though on a subconcious level I probably do have one). I tried to look at these things as objectively as possible... really compare each park catagory for catagory and try not to let personal taste be involved. I also had as many people as I could find fill out a survey of what they felt about the parks they had visited... this all went into the final outcome.

                                  Disneyland can not compete with Tokyo Disney Sea in terms of scale and scope and the master plan and all of that, it just is not in the same league. HOWEVER that is like saying that a new car with fancy traction control and airbags and all of that is automaticaly better than say a 1963 Porsche... bigger and fancier and newer are not always better (though sometimes they are!).

                                  The bottom line is that this is comparing two exceptional parks and there is no loser here, they represent the very best of the best.

                                  I agree that Disneyland is on the rebound big time and I hope it continues long after the press events for the 50th are over. Disneyland represents the heart and soul of Disney and of parks and it deserves to shine. Tokyo Disney Sea represents what the Disney of today can do if allowed and funded... both are TERRIFIC!


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                                    Damn right Disneyland is the greatest! Excellent job! I wouldn't have never written an article like that because I'd be too biased.
                                    I lurk.


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                                      Oh, BTW... it was mentioned that Disneyland has most of the dining options in Down Town Disney and that Tokyo does not have this, well that is not exactly the case.

                                      there is a large (much larger than Down Town Disney in fact) complex calle Ikspiri at the Tokyo Disney Resort. This has all sorts of dining, shopping and entertainment options. Unlike Down Town Disney is is more like a fancy mall and mostly occupied by non Disney owned or operated establishments (much more so than at Down Town Disney). Regardless is serves much the same purpose of Down Town Disney and because there is also a major rail station here it also has lots and lots of locals, far more locals in fact than tourists.

                                      Even with Ikspiri Tokyo Disney Sea still has an outstanding selection of dining options, it is the one catagory in which Tokyo Disney Sea really has a clear advantage over Disneyland and I cannot imagien Disneyland ever cathing up in this particular area.


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                                        Originally posted by Dustysage
                                        I think, in the end, it has more to do with individual taste than anything else.
                                        Exactly, there is no 'Best Park,' it is all one's personal opinion. Me, I think Epcot is the best park and could defeat each of the other parks.

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