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Disney Theme Park Music


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  • #16
    Originally posted by angryrubberduck
    You run the Disneyloops site??????

    :bowing down before you:

    YOU are the reason I own all the cds that make up the pre-illum music!!! You are the reason I have tons of great cds by great artists!!!

    LOL! Thanks for the compliment, but I just pass along the info, I'm not the one who actually found it out.
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      Originally posted by xfkirsten
      I run that site! Almost all of the information on there comes from helpful readers' e-mails - I just put it together onto the site. If there's anything that's not there, it's only because I don't have the information.
      Thanks for all the info on this site!! I have also used this site many times.

      Thanks for all your hard work!


      • #18
        Originally posted by jsmith157
        In an interview with Matt Ouimet I saw on, in what seems like eons ago, they said that the music would be something entirely new. They didn't say anything else about it though, which is disappointing.

        They should use Priest

        Born to lead!! at breakneck speed!! with high octane!! we're spitting flame!!!
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        For the world to see.
        We should learn to live
        And simply let it be.
        Bloodstone, bloodstone.


        • #19
          Finally! A place where I can get that awesome Paradise Pier music... now if only I could get it all in that synthesized carnival style that makes me writhe in pain... I mean... ummm... joy.

          Sarcasm aside, good site... thanks!
          I didn't say a word.


          • #20
            I want to know what is playing in Condor Flats


            • #21
              Originally posted by hornplayer
              I want to know what is playing in Condor Flats
              Hi Hornplayer, I have also noticed the great film/orchestral music selections that are looped as Area Music in the Condor Flats. Here is a short list of what the loop contains:
              • Pops on the March (John Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra, original composition the interpolates Star & Stripes Forever and channels other Marches)
              • Liberty Fanfare & Theme (John Williams & BPO)
              • SpaceCamp End Title (John Williams, as played by Erich Kunzel and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra)
              • Jupiter from "The Planets" (Gustav Holst; slightly edited to tighten pace)
              • Midway March (John Williams & BPO)

              There are also some helpings from the Star Trek canon as well, I believe. Haven't stayed around long enough to note all the selections, but I hope the above excerpts (in actual order) help.

              Additionally, the music loop in the Soarin' hangar is excerpted from Marc Shaiman's score for "The American President."

              Hope this helps, cheers!


              • #22
                Oh here's a complete list on that website that was mentioned earlier! It even includes convenient links to the CDs.


                No Star Trek, sorry about that. I must have mistaken Jerry Goldsmith's Air Force One for one of his Star Trek scores.


                • #23
                  For the Paradise Pier loop the Disney sound people sampled a large fairground organ in the collection of a friend of mine and did the arrangements using those sounds. It's real close to what that organ sounds like. They went through and sampled every pipe in every rank in that organ, it took them a while to finish the job.


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