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Retro Al Lutz - EMuck Interview


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  • Retro Al Lutz - EMuck Interview

    Found this little jem on the 'net tonight:

    -Monorail Man

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      Wow, DIG. That was awhile ago.
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        Man, this takes me back. I can't believe I've been reading since '97 (I was twelve yeard old then!) but I remember some of the stuff he talks about. I love the predictions - pessimism about Small World Holiday, optimism about Tiki Room: Under New funny. And all the scandal that surrounded opening the McDonald's fry cart. I was just reminiscing to my boyfriend about that the last time we were at the park and all the doom and gloom I saw on the internet about how horrible it was and how next they'd be opening, like, a Blockbuster franchise on Main Street.

        Those were the days. I kind of miss the DIG. I checked it a lot less religiously then...just read it every few weeks instead of looking there daily.


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          DIG.. yah ;-) nothin bad about da ol' skool. wikiwikiwiki


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            Re: Retro Al Lutz - EMuck Interview

            I remember that interview! Not long after that interview, I met Al shortly after recognizing Adrianne Krock at the park. I got to sit and eat with Al and the other ADD folks. We had a great conversation about our favorite subject - Disneyland. It was great to be able to ask Al many questions, including his departure from alt.disney.disneyland. He gave me a DIG button. Throughout the day, lots of CMs approached me, and told me that they participated in ADD. It made a great day at Disneyland even better.
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              Re: Retro Al Lutz - EMuck Interview

              I never read DIG or had never even heard of ADD in thier hay-day so it was real interesting to hear what Al had to say way back when. nice thread.
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                Re: Retro Al Lutz - EMuck Interview

                LOL thanks Hastin! Sure takes me back... to the days when admission was only $36, 8 years ago, lol
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