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4/14: Lights, Motors, Action-Packed!


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  • 4/14: Lights, Motors, Action-Packed!

    A Review from Kevin (with lots of photos & spoilers) on the new "Lights, Motors, Action!" show, Updates on Disney-MGM & Magic Kingdom, Plus Lots More... Talk About it Here!
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    Kevin, thank you for the great update. Just planning my May trip to WDW. Your Extra Magic Hours info will really help me spend more time in the parks. Thanks!

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      Awesome update, Kevin! I can't wait to be down there in May!
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        I know this is a touchy subject for Kevin, but that billion dollars wasted on Fox Family really upsets me too. When you think about how much that is in terms of E-tickets or fireworks or theming, it's just terrible to imagine. Any person with half a brain would've spent the Fox Family money to upgrade DCA and make it a $2.4 billion park. DCA actually had so much potential, yet because of TWO people, the park is ruined for decades to come. It's amazing, isn't it? Just Eisner and Pressler were able to taint the Disneyland name all by themselves. I like the Grizzly Rapids area, the theming and trees and waterfalls are great. But as a whole, DCA just feels "cheap" and I guarantee you that if the $1 billion was sunk into DCA and Matt Ouimett was fully in charge of its development from day-one, we'd have a VERY worthy competitor to Disneyland next door. This is my personal opinion, but I feel Disneyland was better when it stood alone.


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          This is one dynamic, action-packed update, Kevin! Disney-MGM Studio's new stunt show isn't just spinning it's wheels. It's full of thrills! Should the show prove to be as exciting as the awesome photos depict, it's sure to bring plenty of "Lights, Motors, Satisf-Action to the millions upon millions.

          I'm gripping myself for a power-charged blowout after reviewing the spoilers about the speedy, syncronized lock-step motion, the Evel Knievel-like jumping, a thrilling wipe=out thru burning oil - and the fireball climax is really the bomb! - literally. Even Herbie the Love Bug spins into the action, when he splits down the middle and becomes two - two - two superstar cars in one!

          Dean Jones, where are you? Poor Herbie's making a new movie with people he doesn't even know, and he misses you. Couldn't you make just a teenie weanie cameo - and bring him some gas money. Disney has been pretty tight with the expense accounts these days.

          Kevin, thanks for not wasting your pixels, and our time, over the "oh so sucky" Power Rangers being added to the Studios' parade. Just like virtually everything else at Fox Family, they grate at you - kind of like fingernails sc against glass. I agree with the others that Fox Family is a billion dollar waste! I hope the Company divests itself of this lemon aquisition in the future.

          One more moan about the Power Rangers: They must be popular with somebody. All of the kids I know hate them, if they know about them at all (in spite of being on Fox Family). They really should be renamed the Power Strangers. At least the Muppets have personalities - and Kermit's such a lovely green.

          Much of the 50th merchandise looks interesting. It is quite magical being able to explore the park at night-time, after traditional closing hours, as the Extra Magic Hours benefit allows one to do. A stay inside a Disney hotel is always well worth it, provided you can afford it.

          The Monorail expansion set to take place down the road should go a long way toward aleviating the congested parking situation, and offsetting frustration over park access. Hong Kong Disneyland "cultural representative" trainees in the Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland sound like an awesome crew. Here's to wishing them much success. Their enthusiasm is heart-warming.

          Can't wait to read about the Hong Kong Disneyland Preview Center, along with Animal Kingdom's butterfly house in your next article, Keven. Just not able to get interested in the Soarin' clone, though. It is certainly among my favorite attractions at DCA, and the Disneyland Resort overall. As many times as I've enjoyed the experienced, I simply never tire of it - and I strongly suspect most Florida guests will love the WDW ride just as much.

          Until the rumored new film replaces the California theme at EPCOT's The Land pavilion, I simply am unable to get very excited over a direct clone. My interest is peaked as to what the new film might be about, and when it will be installed.
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            We were at the Magic Kingdom for an evening Extra Magic Hour(s) in March and it turned out to be one of the best we've ever experienced because it had rained all day and a light rain was still falling that night. That meant that there were not many people in the park at all. We had to wear our ponchos but that was a minor inconvenience in return for riding what we wanted, when we wanted, as many time as we wanted.

            In the past we would pay for an E-Ticket night only to find so few attractions open that the waits weren't really much shorter.

            Whatever it's called, Extra Magic Hours, E-Ticket night, etc.,that's when we do most of our "riding". During a busy day at the Magic Kingdom, or any other park, we now find ourselves just taking our time and enjoying being at WDW - not pushing and shoving to get on as many attractions as we can before tiring out and getting mad at each other.


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              Nice update as usual.

              But why all the bold underlining?


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                Hey Kevin, can you elaborate on the butterfly garden at Epcot? Where is it, and do you know when it's expected to open? Thanks!


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                  it was a good update

                  I'm actualy going to dissagree on the power rangers thing though

                  while fox family was a horrible waste of cash I think that Power Rangers is still a viable property

                  I mean it costs next to nothing to produce and it sells tons of merchendise (seriously the fighting footage comes from another japanese show and when they americanize it they dumb down the plot or alter it entirely for little kids and then they add in american footage so it doesn't have that "godzilla" type dubbing to it) (for reference this site compares PR to it's japanese show season by season

                  Disney has also made several interesting moves with Power Rangers as well one of which was moving filming of it from California to New Zealand to cut back the cost of production (though that kind of defeats the half the americanization process to use non american actors but it's still better then dubing live action) but apparantly they arn't keeping the saved money but are reinvesting it into the show by creating fully american special effects motercycle fight scenes which of course works because it drasticaly increases motorcycle toys

                  all in all though if you look at when Disney bought Power Rangers it was running it's least popular season (Power Rangers Wild Force) and you'll find that following the purchase the popularity has been rising again with young boys (Disney created the seasons Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Dino Thunder and now Power Rangers SPD)

                  and then there's other aspects to how it adds to the brand. You may want to take a look at Disney sindicated programming but alot of it is total junk and anything that IS good gets canceld after running 65 episodes thanks to that great rule that Disney has for it's programming that it must be canceld after 65 episodes no mater what the circumstances or popularity. This makes many of Disney's kids shows very repetitive very quickly and you'd be suprised on how kids can pick up on things like this (Duck Tales being the most popular Disney sydicated show and it's the only show that I've seen go beyond 65 episodes and that's mostly because it predates the clause)

                  Power Rangers is now the only show on Disney's kids lineup that will stay around for a long time to come since the show reinvents itself every season (seasons last 30-38 episodes and ussualy feature one crossover episode with the previous season to keep fans watching)

                  you'd be suprised how many little kids these days like it (my girlfriends little brother collects the action figures)

                  now as for how it adds to the theme parks. At first I was against it I mean the show changes so constantly how could they do a good addition since it outdates in a year? but then I remebered how much I enjoyed meeting the Ninja Turtles at MGM back in the day

                  if Disney can have princesses for all the little girls what's wrong with giving little boys their saturday morning action figures?

                  Disney seems to be handling the parade with a good mix (hard to do with all the different themes) so maybe Disney hasn't totaly lost it with this

                  in my opinion Fox Family was still a bad decision but at least Disney is taking whatever positives they can out of the arrangement

                  I also think Power Rangers is a more viable and valuable resource then the Muppets at this point (Muppets are more of a group of has beens in my opinion especialy after a run of bad movies and kids today just don't know them)
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                    Kevin, Great Update, THANKS!


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                      AIyeeeee! I must somehow get that Pimped-Out Monorail toy!


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                        Evening Magic Hours

                        My first, best, guess is that the whole point of the Evening Hours is to directly manipulate guest flow & attendance of the resort guests. E-ride, as you may recall, was only offered the MK and for a charge. EMH, however, is open to any resort guest. It has been well-known that typically a park will have higher attendance on the day that it opens early to resort guests. (They go in, but they don't come out.) I'm willing to bet that its all about getting some of the attendance down. I'm also willing to bet that the new ticketing strategy (where you have to BUY the park hopper option) may have something to do with it. If the MK is opening early with Epcot closing late, the Resort Guests will have to have a park hopper to experience it. Having worked for WDW for 10 years, I can tell you know that the company IS making money off of it in someway simply because of the COST needed to keep a park open late (OT for the hourlies, additional buses, etc.)

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