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1/18: Come Home... to Rehabs


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  • 1/18: Come Home... to Rehabs

    Ok folks, it's all yours to discuss...
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    Thank you Al, we waited too long for an update, but it was worth the wait.
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    • #3
      Thanks Al. Your 'insider' info gathering is beyond impressive.

      I feel so lucky that I went in a week ago on an AP...I actually felt sorry for the Day crowd that were wandering, looking for things to ride. I would have been angry and demanded 'satisfaction'...I'm sure many did from those I talked to. There were a lot more smiles at DCA for a change.

      Subs in 07? SM in July? Tokyo BLY in April? Bizarre closures during fireworks...Honda Robots and Free cars...Disneyland certainly has gone from a grey Pressler weed patch to a dynamic force on the move...

      Thanks Matt.

      Doug :monkey:
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        Anyone else freaked out by the new Splash Mountain rider configuration?

        My first thought when I saw the picture was, "Ouch! There goes another childhood memory. And who wants to go down a flume sideways? How boring?"

        My second thought was, "Whose idea was this? They've cut their ride capacity almost in half, and it's one of the most popular rides in the park!"

        I am not pleased with this turn of events.


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          That photo of Splash's log is deceiving. They've oriented those dummies that way just to distribute the weight evenly. They're not seriously going to have guests sitting sideways. Right?

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            Great article Al like always.

            And the news about Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion both sound great.Especially if Matt can pull off a miracle and get Space Mountain open by July.Should help soak up them Summer crowds.

            No way would WDI build the new logs so they would take guest down side ways.Plus it would elimanate half of the show scenes for each guest sat in the back.I hope so anyway.Also isn't this now going to help add capacity with 6 riders per log, instead of five per log now?
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            • #7
              What's the inside joke about the Superstar Limo? I never got the chance to experience that, Judging by the comments on this site and others, It sounds like I didn't miss anything.

              Al, Thanks for all the info, always a Joy to hear all the new buzz.

              Another Question, did any of the "fish" below the tree that fell get damaged? :confused:
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              • #8
                It looks like a loveseat in the back each of the Splash Mountain logs. Interesting. I'm thinking, though, that if they can manage two seats in the back, why not the whole log two by two? (They're not asking anyone to sit sideways...That would be wrong...)

                It sounds like the Monsters Inc refurb of SSL in DCA will be similar to the Gummy Glen refurb of the Motorboat Cruise during the Disney Afternoon promo at Disneyland in '90. Cardboard cutouts. Yikes.

                I'm excited to see the change in HM that Al talked about. I hope they pull it off.

                Thanks, Al.


                • #9
                  I think fitting 2 seats in every row would mean opening up the sides of the log all along. This would probably weaken the log and allow in too much water.

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                    Originally posted by Ian P
                    I think fitting 2 seats in every row would mean opening up the sides of the log all along. This would probably weaken the log and allow in too much water.

                    Good point. Then they'd become water logged. Ha ha... never mind...


                    • #11
                      I hate the idea of changing the Haunted Mansion. It was fine the way it was before.

                      If they had kept the park fresh with new attractions they wouldn't have to go around tweaking the originals just to make some AP'ers come a few more times. I'm sure the new effects will be great, but they're completely unnecessary. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

                      And despite Al's optimism I doubt the Submarine Voyage will ever reopen.


                      • #12
                        Rehabs now. Beautiful and working park later!

                        Thanks for the info Al!


                        • #13
                          Extreme Makeover

                          These extended refurbs are very unfortunate, I think someone at Disney needs to create an ExtremeMakeover- Amusement Park Version for ABC to reduce these refurb times from 1 year to 1 month....

                          In terms of changing shows such as the Haunted House- I say "Go for It!!", people get so hung up with their childhood memories that they forget that Disneyland is an amusement park not a museum to the 50s and 60s.

                          Disney needs to focus on creating an exciting environment for today's younger audience or risk becoming a relic to the past. If this means updating and in some cases eliminating rides, then that is the sign of progress. But in that progress, they may also hopefully create newer and more exciting flights of imagination as they head into their next 50 years of business.


                          • #14
                            They probably listened to guest exit survays... hearing they wanted to see something from the "bad" movie in the ride... (like how WDW's POTC is getting a Capt Jack Sparror Animatronic for near the end of the ride... (hopefully in the jail cell....)


                            • #15
                              Thanks Al for your report, its the main reason Mice Age has been my #1 place to get the real picture ever since it started, I wasn't aware of having to decide where my recent donation went to but either way everyone at Mice Age deserves it so I hope you guys have a plan on priorities of finances.

                              I'll give up a few thoughts about the latest news of DL, I also do not think the Subs are going to launch soon or at all...what actually needs to be done is to consider how its done at TDS, have a sub in water for show, have the real subs in an area on a ride simulator like Star Tours and use the special water effects at the portholes to simulate the show, just like in Tokyo, granted it would be a major undertaking in the limited space available but seriously I can just imagine the hullabaloo from the handicapped guests that cannot get into a crowded smelly damp underwater compartment for a short ride to stare at upside down algae coated plastic fish..

                              I also cannot imagine the folks trying to improve Disney not having the same thoughts about this unique ride. To have the subs back its the only way to make it a high capacity fun filled all guests available to board ride...make it a simulator!

                              If the show building needs to be away from the boarding area its no big deal, its been done at Indy.

                              Anyhow its good to hear there hasn't been any major damage from all the rains, the weather this last year is definately on the weird side, I get 60 degree days up here in Alaska and its -54 down there!
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