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  • DLRP Characters

    Has anyone else noticed that the characters at DLRP seem to be more Euro-biased?

    I think it's great that you've got as much chance of seeing Stromboli, Robin Hood or Frollo walking around as you are the big names because the source for these Disney films are European fairy tales. (Ian's av shows Mary Poppins - was this Paris too?)

    I know they are different versions of characters rolled out for Xmas and Halloween,
    but has anybody seen any others?
    The Disneyland Park seems to have more celebrations than any other Disney park, so are there Easter, Chinese New Year and Bonfire night versions as well?

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    Actually I met Mary Poppins in Disneyland California, but I do think we have a lot of walking characters in Paris, I think they are cheaper than building a new ride!

    We also have many 'events' because they pull in the visitors from France / Paris, having something different or a seasonal event is a good way to pull in the locals who like celebrations of any sort.

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