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7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?


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  • 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

    A Birthday Party Gone Wrong? Pirates Again? The 4th of Nemo, Goofy's Burning Sensation, A Year of a Million... Churros? More... Discuss celebrity trash (and Disneyland going-ons) here!

    Read the full column HERE

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    Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

    Wow! What a juicy update, and worth me staying up most of the night.

    Let's comment, shall we?

    Lo-high: Yea, smoking pot in DL; totally uncalled for. While for her I think they did the best they could with handling it this year, I wouldn't invite her back next year. But, it is her party and she'll smoke if she want's too?

    Stuck Boats swell no Falls: Very interesting, and it's too bad that the whole bubbling under the waterfall thing didn't work out, so I hope they get to fix it. As for the cannon air-blast, I hope it continues to work, because it's an awesome effect. I don't mind another Pirates referb next spring, and love the idea of a couple of more AAs. As fr stuck boats, let's hope they get time to fix the issue, and looks like MiceChatters wont be the only ones sinking boats (however, maybe our success rating will go up? )

    De-socaling Nemo: I love the idea of using the blockout days against the SoCal passholders. Look at pirates even now, it's back down to it's pre-rush state, and hopefully keeping all of these people away from the park will keep the lines not as insanely long, and that it will do nothing but create a SoCal rush at the end of summer. Let 'em complain, after all, their getting into DL for only $150 for most of the year. Even as a SoCal passholder last year (went premium this year), I think that SoCals are still way too cheap, and that if they want to do this stuff away from them, then it makes sense.

    Goofy's Steakhouse: Just build some shade already! You did it for the Space queue, so do it here!

    Year of a Million Whoopis: Simply put, with the AP attendance of DCA, this is not a repeatable attraction. See it once, maybe enjoy it, and go on your way. Film attractions anymore need a gimmick (such as 3D), and a lameo simple film just can't bring in the people.

    I'm dreaming...of a 24oz Coke: Golden Fastpass, might as well be a golden shower on an unbusy weekday. See, there's a million things that DL could do that's special, such as free tours, free tickets back, even just a special character meet and greet. Disneyland is full of special memories, and getting on an attraction quick, or a free churro, isn't why people love Disneyland. There's no point in a promotion if it doesn't promote anything.

    Originally posted by Al Lutz
    As you can imagine, no one really dreams about a free churro.
    I beg to differ, that the essence of a free Mexican style snack now justifies many things in the park, and the fact that DL can now be a little more 'south of the border'. After all, we already had Disneyland selling sombrous, Spanish safety speils, and mexican food. After all, according to Golden Dreams, all them crazy spanish people were scared of earthquakes, and it's time to bring them back, through free Churros.

    As for the letter from some angry person in WDW, very touch&#233;. Yea, though you lack any formal theme-park running experience, I could see a Lutzland (heck, the name even rolls of the tongue). A burger would never be bad, and there would always be room for a good dessert. Special park maps could offer witty comments about popular things, and it could spawn hundreds of message boards, such as LutzChat, where a good disagreement is never more than a thread away. And let's not forget about Virtual Magic Lutz. )

    Anyway, a great read (or for some: weed) this week, and I just hope that I get to start a VML forum in the future.
    -Monorail Man


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      Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

      I dunno Al, you mention that Lindsay Lohan's friends (and possibly Lindsay) were smoking dope and having sex. Then in the next sentence your ready for her to DIE!!!! A bit over dramatic, me thinks.
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        Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

        Hmmm.......Lindsay needs to stop partying like she's a rock star. She isn't one despite her attempts at singing. She is a rich kid and a snotty one at that. When she snubs all the rules and laws and the CMs can't do a thing about it, that is just wrong. I would be mad if I were those attraction CMs.

        Have a regular person be drunk or high and you bet security and APD will be there.

        As for the other stuff, the whole Year of a Million Dreams promotion doesn't make much sense. It is soooo vague to us CMs except for the golden fastpass and grand prize, the rest seems so badly conceived. I'm sure there won't be THAT much for us in stores to be involved with.

        To have the outside company do the actual giveaways does give a little honesty and fairness, but that takes away from the actual REAL CMs from doing what we are supposed to do best, *create magical moments.*

        Now you as a guest are going to think of that fake CM the next time you get a prize instead of a real one. Creating magical moments is rare for someone like me, if you understood in stores(or stock for that matter) you'd realize it isn't as easy as some other parts of stores or lines of business. That's one of the few rare joys I get out of working at DL still. Go figure though with everything else going on in the park.

        And as for TDA and the casting situation, that is all true. Al doesn't make things up. We had situations not too long ago where CMs spoke broken or little English and they were sent to my part of stores and we had to keep these new hires regardless of their weak English skills. Casting/HR never thought to actually use their brains and think any part of stores still has major on stage contact with guests and guests need people to be able to speak English because guests ALWAYS have questions. Thank God they had a great work ethic. We've also had situations where we had CMs that had the worst kind of work ethic or they were possibly on a substance. Looked very thuggish too. The latter were booted quickly. Why did this happen? Because those people in TDA just wanted to pad their numbers.

        It's supposed to be about quality, not quantity.

        Just wanted to tell you it's true. *sigh*

        Last edited by gumby; 07-11-2006, 06:13 AM.


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          Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

          Dear Gumby,
          I just want you to know that your letter has forced me to write for my first time to this forum. Some of the happiest times my family and I have had at the park have been thanks to some very hard working cast members in the stores. Pluto has pushed my special needs niece to the ground in a hurry to go on break, the management staff has set me to pulling my hair out more than once, but the smile of a cast member in the store has made it all better. The cast member that reached back a little farther in the stock area to find the right sized tinkerbell shirt for my granddaughter, or the cast member that helped my grandson pick out his "special ears", or many years back when a cast member let a wide eyed child get a little closer to the rope to see the parade. They didn't have big titles, nor were they wearing costumes of the images we had only seen on TV, they were Cast Members working their small wage jobs but giving it the heart and caring that I think Walt would be proud of.

          I thank everyone of you hard working under respected people who have made every trip to the park a little more special. I hope that the powers that be realize soon that it takes smiles from everyone to make the park special.

          Thank You and keep up the good work and the great smiles!
          "I could never convince the financiers that Disneyland was feasible, because dreams offer too little collateral."
          --- Walt Disney

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            Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

            Great update.

            I'd love to see some shots of the backstage areas Cast Members hang out in. I'm thinking it's waaay less magical than where the Guests are. Someone should post these pictures of the depressing CM areas, maybe then the Disney Execs could get clued in about morale.

            Good update, Al.


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              Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

              Anyone else find the "secret" message in the sub update pics?

              Did you know DisneyKat...from getting...married? She so loves these lagoon photos you know.


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                Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                Originally posted by Pacha
                Anyone else find the "secret" message in the sub update pics?
                Nice catch!

                Anyone else think that a couple of the Jack Sparrows look more like Chris Kattan from SNL than Johnny Depp?


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                  Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                  I'm not even done reading the update but I am SOOOOOOOO Loving the dishy opening. Oh how I love to hate Lohan!!!
                  "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
                  Homer Jay Simpson


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                    Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                    I actually think that Lohan's a decent actress. But I also think she's going to die young. She needs to sloooow it down.


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                      Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                      Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                      I actually think that Lohan's a decent actress. But I also think she's going to die young. She needs to sloooow it down.
                      After reading about her antics at DL, I have to agree with you. She's a beautiful, talented young lady and it would be a shame if she were to destroy her life and promising career like so many young, talented people seem to do. Unfortunately, the only way some people learn is the hard way. Hopefully Lindsay will get her stuff together before it's too late!


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                        Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                        The many faces of Johnny Depp. See what I mean about the Orlando park's
                        face character casting? Top row: Anaheim 1, Paris; Middle row: New anamatronic,
                        Orlando; Bottom row: Anaheim 2, Johnny Depp. Which one is not like the others?

                        No, not really Al.

                        I'm quite tired of the underhanded attacks on the park in Orlando. The fact is the face characters for Anaheim don't look that hot either. Secondly, there's more than one face character in Orlando and the others do look better than this one. You also managed to take the probably worst picture you could find of him to use. That's some great journalistic integrity right there.

                        Maybe you should just start all your articles from now on with a disclaimer about how horrid you personally feel the Orlando parks are and that you'll be taking subtle shots at them throughout the article. That way those of us who actually care for that park can just avoid your articles from now on realizing that they're coming from a very biased source.


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                          Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                          I don't like Lindsay Lohan at all, but I'm really not too concerned about her antics. If she had done this during regular park hours, then yeah, there's a problem. I used to work PR for celebrities and her self destructive behavior reminds me of the worst ones I worked with. Give her a few years and the best she'll be able to get is offering up remembrances on VH1's "I Love the '00s" specials. Sad that Disney management bends over backwards for her, and I guarantee if they cracked down on her group's behavior then she wouldn't even consider having her 21st birthday party there.

                          The whole complaint process for the APs just has me shaking my head. So it's the last day before the blackout days for the summer and they can't get on Pirates. So? The ride is not working, what do you want Disney to do about it? If you want to ride it before the next day your pass is valid for, then buy one of the discounted tickets or upgrade your pass. Same with the Subs. Disney has an obligation to open the ride when it's ready to be opened. If that happens to be during blackout days for some passes, then either buy a discounted ticket, upgrade your annual pass, or wait until fall, when the lines will be more manageable. I used to have an AP and while I would have been disappointed if I had to wait to ride Pirates or another new ride, I never had the sense of entitlement that these people Al is writing about seem to have.

                          As far as the prizes go, I would think it would be difficult to have CM's giving them out, because of that entitlement attitude. They'd give out a prize to somebody and then people behind them or that had just passed that CM would be saying "What about me? Where's my prize?" They'd go to City Hall to complain about how they were discriminated against. I wish I were exaggerating, but I was in the front of one of the lines prior to opening at Typhoon Lagoon last August and a CM selected a family to be the "Big Kahuna Family" of the day and they got to go in early and pick out their chaise lounges and get some perks. And right behind me there were several families grumbling that they weren't picked. They could go back to the system similar to the gift giver machine, where guests got a ticket as they passed through the main gate (with the technology, they should be able to verify that a guest has already been at that park that day, so they can limit the tickets to one per guest per day). Rather than just give away sodas or burgers, they should give away passports, shirts/merchandise, free meals at Blue Bayou, French Market, Goofy's Kitchen, Napa Rose, and other nicer Disney restaurants, free hotel nights, as well as the nicer vacation and cruise prizes. None of these prizes would hit their bottom line too hard, but a dinner for 2 at the French Market would be a lot more meaningful to me than a burger.
                          Last edited by Neon Cactus; 07-11-2006, 07:42 AM.


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                            Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                            Re: Celebrity sightings @ DLR

                            SHIP MATES

                            Before taking the wheel as Captain Mickey’s first mate, Lindsay Lohan and her new guy, Harry Morton, take a cruise for two on Disneyland's Pirates of the Carribean ride in Anaheim, Calif., on Saturday July 8th.

                            CREDIT: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland/JPI
                            PUBLISHED: MONDAY JULY 10, 2006 06:00AM EST
                            UPDATED: MONDAY JULY 10, 2006 05:20PM EST
                            The big movie premiere on June 25th operationally went off without a hitch, and the same basic logistical plan Disneyland used in 2003 was rolled out again but on an even grander scale this time.
                            Saturday, June 24th, thanks
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                              Re: 7/11: Lindsay: Fully Loaded?

                              Thanks for the great dish Al. I love it when Evil Al comes out to play!

                              And don't worry about all the folks who like to complain every time you write something. If they had any real news about Disneyland, they wouldn't be here reading your columns and then complaining about them.
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