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4/21: Rabbits, Turtles & Cars


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  • 4/21: Rabbits, Turtles & Cars

    Guest columnist Alain Littaye catches you up on Disneyland Paris news and rumors. Discuss it all here!
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    All the additions are good choices, but too much Pixar


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      It sounds like they have upgraded their plans for the toon studio from the last time we got news about it. the new artwork looks much more promising.
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        Just a few things to add...

        The Little Mermaid Dark ride was originally to go between IASW and Star Tours - this space wasn`t reserved for Toontown. Pizzeria della Notte was originally to neighbour The Beauty and the Beast stage show (the original version, not the MGM version)

        20k in TDS is a dark ride where the water isn`t created by lighting effects, it uses dry for wet technology. The lighting just enhances it.

        WDSP`s ToT won`t be Twilight Zoned themed - this has been confirmed.

        The space in Discoveryland opposite Le Visionarium and the Constellations shop was created for a Verne themed resteraunt, sharing a common kitchen with The Plaza Gardens Resteraunt.

        Splash Mountain in a hybrid (even watercoaster) form has been popping up for years. Winter running isn`t considered a problem - just reduce the splash, as they do in Tokyo`s harsh winters.

        The space between Indy & The Temple and PotC was the original plot for the original EMV ride, going back to 1989 - way before DLC plans got going for Indy - a Jeep trek through the jungle to make up for Paris` lack of Jungle Cruise. The cost was too much, so the EMV was mothballed until it got upgraded for Indy DLC.

        Here`s looking forward to DLP`s 20th birthday!


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          hmm....I would vote for a original EMV.....

          that watercoaster idea......

          (alien encounter... hehe)

          and hmm.... something for Fantasy land.... (My 10 year plan would rock the park..)


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            Thank you Alain. It will be most interesting to see what they do with Toon Studios.

            Since the first picture of it shows the Tuck and Roll Bumper Cars and clovers from DCA and that last picture shows the American SW desert, I would guess that they have simply changed the theme from Bugs to Cars.

            They should enclose the Toon Studios like they did with the Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo.
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              As much as I hate Pixar taking over every Disney park in the world, I do like the Cars-themed attraction and I honestly wish they would replace Disneyland Anaheim's Autopia with it. It would be so cool to have the cars talk to you and have personality and character. The Chevron mascot cars haven't been seen in commercials for years and it really makes the attraction feel old. But this is one of those rare cases where Pixar's films actually fit *seamlessly* within Disneyland. Of course, they couldn't really fit in a Cars overlay on the current Autopia because Tomorrowland is already evolving into Pixarland as it is. But if TDA were smart, they'd drop the Nemo theme on the subs (Nemo has nothing to do with Tomorrowland anyway, I'm thinking they'll switch the Subs over to Fantasyland?), and then use Cars to retheme the Autopia.


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                Ok the thing is, Pixar is most likely popular in DLP I say do anything to gt more people over to DLP Get more publicity :monkey:


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                  It's sad to see so much Pixar in the parks, but that's where the majority of Disney's good (and profitable) ideas have come from in the last decade. Commercial flops and underperformers have pretty much sealed the deal for adding Pixar properties to the parks. The only exception to this rule that I can think of is Stich, which, while being a good movie, it didn't pull in nearly the ammount the Pixar movies have. What's a shame is, periods when Disney's own offerings were dull in year's past, Imagineering offered it's own unique properties (Country Bears, Figment, America Sings, Captian EO, etc). Right now, they're not really doing that.


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                    I think a few of his observations are a little hopeful. The cars attraction are clearly bumber cars and the nemo ride is a spinning Mad mouse coaster. These plans were announced a while back except they had Tuck and roll buggies instead of the cars bumber cars.


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                      Ad luna in flamma gloria


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                        Last edited by loaloa; 04-22-2005, 03:51 AM.


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                          Originally posted by Dustysage
                          They should enclose the Toon Studios like they did with the Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo.
                          So much of the park is already indoors. I know that the weather can get bad, but souldn't some of the park be outside?
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                            How interesting. The Nemo ride sounds really cool...I'm jealous.
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                              Originally posted by loaloa
                              Hello, Alain Littaye, here

                              O-Kay, Let's answer to Imagineer 1985, now, and to all of you who think that the "cars" attraction will be "bumper cars".
                              Now, let's just think one minute, being in the head of the DLP CEO. What's his goal, here ? To bring back more people in the parks, okay? So, what will YOU do for this, if you had to choose? Spend your money in "bumper cars" and an old ride system like the mad mouse coasters?
                              Now, i can tell you, as my infos are from the "horse's mouth" that Nemo will NOT be a mad mouse coaster or a roller coaster. you 'll probably have a drop or two, but you really can expect an "e-ticket" or at least, a very good "d-ticket". As for cars, i may be wrong with my GPS speculations,but no bumper cars for the studios, that's sure......except if they want to suicide themselves. Can you imagine just one minute the press articles all over europe if they do a bumper cars attraction? it would destroy all their marketing efforts.
                              I dunno we've heard from numerous sources that they would be putting in bumper cars (technicaly they are a bit different from regular bumper cars because they arn't powered from the ceiling)

                              I don't think Aquatopia/Pooh's Hunny Hunt runs off of GPS that would be way to impracticaly (GPS stands for global positioning satalite or something like that) they might run of of another form of tracking but I doubt it involves satilites or global anything, most likly just several different tracking senosors and devices local to the area it's used and the cars are controled remotly (much more practical then space, your following the cars in a small area they won't be driving em away from the park)

                              from what I understand toon studios is just supposed to up the ride count, so it might have a bunch of filler and one decent darkride (ToT will top it off, so this stratagy will be similar to DCA adding a bugs land and then putting in ToT)
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