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8/1: Why? & Who?


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  • 8/1: Why? & Who?

    Why Ouimet Left/Who Grier Is? Lindsay's Fully Loaded Aftermath, Universal: Not So Fast and Furious, More... Discuss it all here!
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    Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

    Cool update. I think Al's psychic. I was eating a Powerbar while reading his update.

    Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay... Oy.

    Cool pics.


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      Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

      I was under the impression that the Remember fireworks show would be going away, but this article makes it seem like it'll be here for at least another year, slightly altered to play into the "year of a million dreams" thing. Is that correct?


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        Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

        Boy I'm glad I just visited the parks. In time to see the 50th stuff before it becomes "dream-fied". I have great hopes about this new guy, I'm willing to give him a fair shot. However, he's worthless unless he stands up to Disney Corporate with their silly new Parks VP team.
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          Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

          This Million Dreams thing sounds worse than I thought. I thought it would be some harmless promotion that people would ignore but the Christmas Fantasy parade and Fantasyland Theater are 2 of my favorite things at Disneyland. On the plus side though, at least Club Buzz is FINALLY being remodeled back into Tomorrowland Terrace. Beyond the simple fact that it would never be "Club Buzz" to anyone but Disney marketing, it just created a Buzz Lightyear overload in that area of the park. And I was kind of surprised that the sub lagoon would be filling in just 2 months. It doesn't really look like they've got a lot in there yet, not to mention painted, but I guess a lot can happen in 2 months. It's going to be nice to have a filled lagoon again!

          It's sounds like this Jay Rasulo is kind of clueless. He mindlessly brushed off one of the greatest Disneyland presidents in recent memory and allowed him to become frustrated. If I had someone like Ouimet working under me, I'd do every single thing in my power to make sure he's happy and content. Those types of people are very rare and need to be catered to because they are always in high demand. This Ed Grier sounds quite interesting though , he sounds like a proactive person which Disneyland *desperately* needs. The last thing we need is a president that sits back and cashes his paychecks as the park rots. Also, I had no idea he was black. Corporate America is run by old men who are slow to change and adapt so black people, even in this day and age, simply do not get the recognition they deserve in large corporations. It's really sad because there are some super-talented and highly intelligent black people out there, but sadly corporations are still dominated by old men who refuse to come out of the 1940's.

          This whole "one size fits all" mentality of Rasulo, and apparently Iger, is really starting to chafe. What works well in Orlando doesn't necessarily work well in the MUCH smaller and different Anahiem, and vice versa. The parks are all completely different, built in different times, places, sizes, weather, and cultures. Disney tried this "one size fits all" thing with EuroDisney in 1992 and it blew up in their face...the French did not want a carbon copy of an American Disneyland.

          Thank you for chiming in about Grier, Al. It's always great to hear your insight and what you think of these people. I do believe Rasulo made the right choice for the open position as it sounds like Grier is a friendly and proactive person who recognizes weaknesses in parks. I am really looking forward to what he has in store for us and the radical changes that will take place. That is, if Rasulo doesn't interfere.
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            Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

            We went to WDW in April and the highlight of the week-long trip for my 4 year old daughter was going to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. (We were there the week it opened.)

            Little girls were going crazy there! I think it will be a good addition to DL!

            Here is my daughter with her "Fairy Godmother".

            And here she is during her "photo shoot"!!

            My 6 year old son loved the Jedi Training Academy and it was very well attended when we saw it. He will love this new addition.
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              Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

              There seems to be a desire to cast Rasulo as a villain, and Ouimet as a hero. Is it really that black and white? ...are you sure?...

              I too was rolling my eyes when reading about this global control structure for the parks, but how do we know that won't ultimately be a good thing? It sounds all stifling and corporate and lame, but it really might not be. For one thing, the time is right to do this: there are now five park locations around the world, it makes sense to have to get some kind of overview, or it will be impossible to keep track of what is going on and figure out which parks need the most attention soonest. They all need attention, and each park's president is going to argue that his/her park needs it quickest, so the presidents are not any help in deciding who needs money the soonest; they need a more objective team. And OLC is a separate company; how do you negotiate balancing their parks' needs with the other parks? I think there must be a lot the execs have to consider which we don't even know about.

              Also don't forget about John Lasseter, he is still there and could bring a lot of very positive change to attraction development. If Imagineering scores some blockbuster attractions, it will be a good thing to have all the parks on the same page when it comes to receiving them.


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                Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                Eh, I'm sorry to see things like "The Biddi Bobbidi Boutique" open in Disneyland. I know the recent trend in children's toys/entertainment has been to divide them more by gender than ever before. But I thought the point of Disneyland was for families to have fun together? Brothers and sisters should be able to waste mom and dad's cash together, not apart!

                Not to mention the whole little girl make-over thing reeks of Jon Benet to me. I know some mothers disagree, and some little girls like it. Honestly though, I'm offended by it and I'm curious to know if the company experienced any bad press/massive guest complaints at WDW.


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                  Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?


                  I really wish this "Year of a Million Dreams" thing had more to offer. The princess and jedi additions will be great for the youngsters (and parents that have the money to spend on it), but what about everyone else? I'm 19, I certainly can't walk into the Fantasyland Theatre and demand a princess makeover! (Not that I wouldn't want to, but I and anyone else my age or older would get funny looks...).

                  There's so much potential with this idea and hardly any of it is being utilized, IMO.

                  I think Grier will be able to fill Matt's shoes. Many people forget that Matt has a degree in business and was originally more of a numbers person...he took things to a new level by visiting the parks as much as he did and talking with people.

                  At least we're getting Tomorrowland Terrace back.


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                    Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                    So much to read. So much good news. So bad bad news. Where to start?

                    Grier? Sounds good after reading what he worked with Tokyo to do.

                    Golden Screams? Sounds cool.

                    Million Dreams? Still lame.


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                      Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                      I actually like the pun they made with "Golden Screams", and I suggest it be used more often.

                      How about "Year of a Million Screams"?


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                        Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                        Great update, Al!
                        I'm looking for a bit more info. on the fireworks however. I thought that the current show was going away after the 50th died down. Al made it sound like the show was going to new a new vocal track at the beggining, but that's it. Does anyone know if the show is going to continue on into next year?
                        Anxiously waiting any info.
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                          Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                          Thanks, Al! (as always!)

                          That was the level of detail (on the Ouimet) situation that we were missing.

                          Personally, I think the the Princess and the Jedi Academy will be popular, but
                          saddened that they have to take away the theatre for it. The one of the things
                          that make DL (and the MKs) different is the variety of attractions (shows,
                          displays AND rides) and this takes a big chunk away from the shows (at
                          least for a while).

                          Too bad about the Million Dreams, It actually had a lot of promise (see the
                          MC thread on Dreams people wanted to see), but the actual execution
                          actually seems silly and trivial in comparison. And a lot of our suggestions
                          would have cost Disney almost nothing! (ex. Guest Ride CM for a hour, free
                          tours, shoot hoops in the matterhorn)

                          Additional thanks for writing about Mr. Grier. When his name was put out
                          I did a quick search and found out pretty much what you wrote and I was
                          actually pretty impressed. Either way, he definitely deserves the chance to
                          prove himself.


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                            Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                            Another great update Al, sorry there wasn't more verification of the "little details" on Lohan (that story fascinates me for some reason).

                            Just picturing that universal Fast and the Furious thing, with cars being shaken on sticks at you, almost made me shoot the soup I was eating for lunch out my nose. That is SO lame!!! hahaha You definitely saved me a trip there this summer.

                            The year of a million churros is so revoltingly dumb. I also wondered about the fireworks tho, I thought there was going to be an all new show after October. How special is the 50th stuff if it goes on for years and years after the 50th is over?? (Think: 45th anniversary parade that went on for 4 freaking years).

                            I'm amazed that Al was able to make sense of the Anaheim Shuffle too.... so confusing.
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                              Re: 8/1: Why? &amp; Who?

                              i like the idea of the year of a million dreams, i actually wouldn't mind winning a t-shirt. the prices the charge for them in the parks are ridiculous!!!! i just don't understand why it is that big of a deal... Are they expected to gives out thousand dollars worth of prizes each day, wasting money which could go into helping DCA become a better park?


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