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9/12: Lasseterland


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  • 9/12: Lasseterland

    DCA's Makeover: More on Toy Story's Midway Mania and Cars on Lombard St. Losing the Carnival Rides, Plus Rasulo & Weiss in Anaheim, WDW Upgrades, More... Discuss it all here!
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    Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

    Good article.
    But I do have a question (you dont have to answer it someone else can)
    Why did they just repaint Golden Dreams if they plan to remove it in the next couple years??? Sounds like a waste of money to me.
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

      Wow, an entire area dedicated to Pixar...imagine that.

      Thanks for the update, Al! At least Disneyland is finally getting a small portion of Pixar torn out of it. I honestly don't know why they don't rename DCA something like Pixarland because it's slowly transforming into it. How much mileage can they possibly get out of a handful of movies anyway. Great update today and many thanks go out to Al.

      "inspired by gardens of the classical Baroque Period, where episodic events or spaces are joined through a linear progression of the pedestrian through the spaces." LOL! This is just the laugh I needed to start up the day. And as for the ripping out of this inspired architect's know what they say, if it's not Baroque, don't fix it. Although in this case, it's MAJOR Baroque.
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        Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

        The focus for all of this is squarely on the family market, with the intense Maliboomer space shot type of ride even being turned into a much tamer parachute drop similar to the one Knott's Berry Farm had for many years, except this one would be themed to the Green Army Men from Toy Story.
        As much as I love Maliboomer I would love this idea. And I know it could be done since it's pretty much the "Maintenance" mode of the S&S towers.

        And I think everyone I have spoken with is in general agreement with the "DisneyParks" merchandise. Hopefully everyone will speak with their wallets and this crap will end up in the Outlet stores by the end of the year.


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          Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

          this is the worst 'chest pumping' biased article I've read yet from you.

          Rather then pointing to specifics or keeping your comments in tune with the truth.. you prefer umbrella statements that just encompass everything going off the deep end in emphasis.

          "Occasionally a new attraction would open in the Magic Kingdom..."

          MK has gotten several new attractions over the years.. yet unlike DL who focuses all efforts on 1.5 gates.. WDW has 4 parks plus 2 water parks to spread the 'new attractions' around. Care to compare WDWs new attractions to DL+DCA? I think the problem is you are attuned to focusing on just DL.. and the nearest comparison you have is MK, and refuse to consider WDW as a whole.. and instead focus on DL vs MK.

          "The group of touring Florida suits had a specific itinerary, visiting Disneyland's Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear and Pirates of the Caribbean, which just happen to all be attractions that are noticeably better in California. And in the case of the older E-Tickets, they are all rides that have received constant upgrades and heavy reinvestment in the last five years at Disneyland while the Florida versions creak along with 30 year old technology and effects that no longer impress today's audience."

          Of course they are going to look at the attractions that are done better at DL.. but you write it as if WDW has none of its own and it's gawking at DL to learn how the 'masters' do it. How about all those attractions done at WDW better? Splash, ToT, etc etc. Instead you write it as if its a piligramage to the holy land and as if they are ignorant in their own ways.

          "And when it comes to overall showmanship and reinvestment in older attractions, Disneyland has clearly been doing a better job compared to its Magic Kingdom cousin out in Florida."

          Well when DL is the focus of the global campaign for the 50th.. one might just assume.. that yes.. DL is going to get some serious budget to update itself leading up to the event. What about all the complaints (even from you) prior to the 50th? Is this a case of short term memory overrunning long term?

          I don't disagree at all with the underlying pretense that the MK has not been updating its older attractions.. but in fact WDW keeps expanding and adding much more (and of course eating funding) where DL has to re-invent from within. But the way you present it is so bigoted and one sided its sickening.

          This article reads like 'DL is the center of the universe.. let all come and bask in our glory'.

          Most your article could be summed up with DL's POTC got a rebuild.. WDW's POTC got an update and lets expand on the obvious on what that difference means
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            Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

            Great update, Al!

            I have to disagree with you about the Disney parks merch though. As bland and boring as the label "Disney Parks" is, I have to admit to actually liking the logo itself (though I wish it said Disneyland), and am very seriously considering getting one of the t-shirts. So, raspberries to the MBA who came up with the concept, but three cheers to the graphic designer who made an attractive logo out of it.

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              Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

              ^ I'll agree with the logo ... but the "DisneyParks" thing ... no thanks.

              I believe I did actually see the logo with "Disneyland" on it somewhere. Not sure though.


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                Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                Great update as usual!

                I was mortified when I saw the new merchandise this weekend! It looked like something a 10 year-old had made and seemed so blah. I also agree that when you go to Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Paris, etc. you want something that says the place you were at.


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                  Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                  Great Update!

                  I have to say I hope that MK gets the needed attention. It deserves better than it has been getting in the last few years. It really needs an E-Ticket to bring up the overall guest experience. I know that it is the number one park in the world, but that should not mean that it be ignored when new rides are allocated.

                  As to DCA, I am very much encouraged now about Midway Mania. The fact that it is also part of a larger remodeling of the park also helps. There needs to be a specific place and time given to the themes. I think that the San Francisco theme sounds great. Although, I would like to see both Pixar and older Disney characters in DCA. I think both can be enjoyable together.

                  As to Rasulo, it is VERY sad to have such an incompetent person in such an important role. So many of us here on Micechat could do SO much better at that job. The stupid Disney Parks campaign, the focus on the Parking structure remodel rather on the Park attractions, the inability to communicate in plain English, and the absence of any desire to hold to the principles of Walt Disney and traditions of Disneyland all make Rasulo, and for that matter Weiss, real liabilities to Disney. They both are just "pretending" to be the managers they should be. But unlike bad actors in a play, they have real power to waste Disney's money.


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                    Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                    But now that Rasulo seems willing to chip away at well-established rules that Disneyland has played by for decades, the whole concept seems even less sound to many people in Anaheim. And it all kicks off, looking more and more doomed, on October 2nd.


                    I visited DCA last saturday for an hour and saw the new "Disney Parks" merchandise as was un-impressed. How long do you think it will take before those gets shipped off to the 50% off racks at Company D?

                    I know I am preaching to the Choir here but what is Rusolo smoking when he thinks this sh*t up? The classic "D" font on Disneyland and the tag line of "The Happiest Place on Earth" slogan are two of the most recognizable "brands" people relate to.


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                      Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                      Excellent article.
                      I sincerely hope everything predicted in it will come true.
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                        Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                        well I'm glad they're going to be approaching this land thing more carefully then they did with DCA and who knows maybe they'll try to buy up more local proporty's now and expand that way a bit (3rd gate could use it)

                        I like the idea of a San Fran area which is a commen request of many fans

                        not a fan of doing a complete toy story redo on the Pier just sounds to "bleh" to me :P I would've enjoyed a more classicaly themed pier to show some sort of elegant age with Disney references with a classical styled Mickey or more Little Mermaid stuff

                        but a blatant Toy Story theme just sounds almost as bad as what's already there (to some people at least :P)
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                          Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                          While I truly believe that the WDW experience as a whole is superior to the Disneyland experience, I do agree that the WDW Magic Kingdom pales in comparison to the Disneyland one, but it always will. Disneyland has to put more attractions in that one park because they don't have 4 parks to parley them out to. Sometimes I do believe that all the parks in Florida are actually a disservice to quality, but I'll leave that post to another time.

                          I do hope that the Magic Kingdom in Florida will quit getting the raw end of the deal. We do need a better updated Pirates, we desperately need an update on Haunted Mansion and Space, and I wouldn't mind a bit of added tech to the jungle cruise.


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                            Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                            It was finally good to hear more detail about the plans for the DCA. The Midway Madness attractions sounds good and I look forward to seeing more details. I also like the idea of a make over the PP area, but I'm not so sure of the cars ride.
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                              Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                              Here is a photo of the new logo with Disneyland Resort on it, found it at Greetings From California in DCA.

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                                Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                                The Disney Parks merchandise needs to be burned. It is just so bland and boring. If I go to Disneyland I want a Disneyland shirt. Also, the CM name tags - while interesting to know where the CM is from I think the home town should be on the tag.

                                I am nervious about the plans for DCA. I think Midway Mania is great, but I don't know about the Pier being taken over by Toy Story. I would rather see a mix of character and non-character theming and attractions. Is Screamin' going to get a makeover to match? I sure hope not. It could use some plussing, nit not with characters. I wont miss Orange Stinger or Mullholland Madness, but I liked the other rides that will be taken out. It would be nice if Jumpin Jellyfish could be moved somewhere near King Triton's Carousel and have a Little Mermaid area. If Toy Story is takign over the pier then is the carousel going to rethemed to Toy Story? I sure hope not.


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                                  Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                                  Wow, so much to look forward too! Love it Al. The only thing that is sad to hear might happen, is the change to the Disneyland Hotel. It needs it admittedly. The rides along Paradise Pier, and the new theming sound exciting. And bah to the new merchandise without recoginition of Disneyland. It needs its own. Thank you for the update.
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                                    Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                                    I'm guessing that Jumpin Jellyfish would be moved, it's a family attration. It could be placed in the area of the Carousel, there is room over there.

                                    Thanks for the pics Darkbeer ... but isn't that MK's castle with the Disneyland name on it??? FOUL!!!!


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                                      Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                                      For instance, famously quirky WDI executive Joe Rohde offered a 90-minute course called Coordinating Between Inspirational Structure and Delivery Structure. The official explanation of that class found in the class material was as follows; "Leveraging Story Structure with Delivery Structure necessary in an organizational structure for a story-driven organization to take hold and be functional."
                                      Seems like Joe was speaking to his audience in a language that they can understand. It doesn't mean that Joe doesn't get it, or that he's lost in a corporate mindset. I think the success of DAK and more recently Expedition Everest speak volumes about the man's talent.

                                      Other than that, great update!


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                                        Re: 9/12: Lasseterland

                                        I always love the updates offered by Al. But again i am disconcerted with the "Pixarization" of Disneyland and DCA. Don't get me wrong I am as big a fan of Pixar's work as most but this seems a little over the edge for even me. Yes Walt had rides based on his animated features, they are in Fantasyland, but when fantasy is spread around the park all the lands kind of merge together. Just my thought. Thanks again for the update Al.


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