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5/19: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part IV


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  • 5/19: The Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part IV

    Ian offers a concise and honest look at your choices - Part Four of Six: Disney's Newport Bay Club. Discuss his review here!
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    Good to have you back Ian.
    I was torn between staying at Newport Bay or Sequoia for my visit in Oct,
    but after a brief look around both (and your Sequoia article) we chose Sequoia.

    The Newport Bay just screams "business traveler" to me.
    There's no faulting the architecture and themeing, it's just that it lacks the "magic" found even in the Santa Fe.

    I look forward to your next article - the Cheyenne looks great from the outside, but I'd be interested to see if it's a hotel worth considering if you're staying without kids...

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      I don't see what's so business-like about it. In fact, I think it's the warmest hotel on property (barring of course the Disneyland Hotel which is obviously far superior to basically anything). The decor exists primarily of nice woodwork and nautical memorabilia, and its lobby is like something at the Disneyland Hotel minus the imposingly high ceilings etc. The only bad part is how it is the biggest hotel on property, rendering the public spaces rather crowded in general.

      By the way, they've fixed the lighthouse since that picture was taken, right? It was in awful shape a while ago, but I seem to recall a rehab. Or am I losing it?


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        I agree with the assessment of the Newport Bay Club. We stayed there during our trip to DLP in 2002.

        On the plus side, I found the walk to and from the park quite nice, as you had the opportunity to stroll past the lake and through Disney Village on the way to either Disneyland or the Walt Disney Studios. We also had one of those nice views of the lake that Ian mentioned.

        However, the trip from the back door of the hotel to our room was unbelievably long. You needed to go in the back door, up a flight of stairs, through the lobby, down a corridor to the elevator (lift), then back down to the first floor and then down another corridor to the room. Whew!

        Also, actually being from New England, I found the architecture a mix of New England and other regions of the United States.
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          My most prominent memory of staying there back in 97 or 98 I think it was was hiking forever to get to the room. hallways went on and on forever and ever, and for some reason felt narrow, other than that it was just a hotel. Have done them all there, think I enjoyed the Cheyenne the most and the Newport the least...


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            Silly question.. Are these hotel photos sent form Disney or are they just slow? Just curious. :botox:
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              Great Independent Reviw

              Hello again, Ian.

              DLP Resort management made a smart judgement call in placing the largest convention centre at a moderately priced hotel. Due to their tight schedules, business travelers do not require top of the line luxury. This is the nature of busy conventions.

              In line with your descriptive analysis, the immensity of Newport Bay makes the hotel categorically out of the question as a vacation quarters. Allow me to suggest a more suitable name, "Disney's Nautical Weight Watcher's Club". Avast me mateys, the endless distance to and from the rooms, restaurants and facilities would cause one steady burn with respect to calories. Have you ever seen people don their jogging attire in order to conquer the hallways? Don't forget the Right Guard.

              I love the little white lighthouse with the red stripe that stands on an island in Lake Disney. Also, it seemed like you said there are two swimming pools - one indoors and the other outside. That would be worth checking out, even though you'll never see me checking in.

              While enjoying a retreat, some of my favorite amenities include charming restaurants with a buffet option, a cozy den with a fireplace (where I can enjoy a book), massages, water slides and jacuzzis. Which of the hotels offer most if not all of these? Disney's Sequoia Lodge sounds as though it fits the bill.

              Somewhat removed from the subject, the word "jacuzzi" sounds like it is of French origin. If so, I'm wondering how it is derived, and what the root meanings are.

              Finding out that there is no Disney's Motel 6 at the resort was a major letdown. :devil: Thanks to your independent critiques, some of the hotels are more interesting than I thought they would be. Your upcoming review, dealing with the Hotel Cheyenne, promises to be a rootin' tootin' dandy! Those city slackers...I mean "slickers" at Newport Bay don't know what they're missin'. I would like to see pictures of the restaurant buffet area, water slide, the massage salon, jacuzzi and/or tennis courts, etc. C'est le vie, pardner.
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                  Thanks Ian. It sounds like the Sequoia Lodge is going to be hard to beat! I guess there's a shuttle that can get you to Disneyland and the Studios parks in 5 minutes. It wouldn't be that long of a walk either.

                  Also, the information about the Italian-born American inventor of the jacuzzi is interesting. The word does sound French.
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