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1/28: Space Race


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  • 1/28: Space Race

    Here's where to discuss the latest update...
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    Thanks for the update, Al. I have only one quibble for you. In your text about the big nightly fireworks extraveganza in DL, you call it Fantasmic. As far as I know, the "!" is part of the name. You wouldn't call it Antasmic, would you? C'mon, show some respect and give Fantasmic! its proper due. Thanks!!!


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      Hey Al, as you said how sad it is they cant disguise the peoplemover/rocket rod tracks, do you know anything about a new ride being put in there? I think the first step to a better tomorrowland is those subs back in the water, but I really think they should put something on those tracks. I say a updated Rocket Rods WITH the banked turns. Well, great update as always. I hope they can get space mountain open by the 50th, because having the Centerpiece for the 50th anniversery of DISNEYLAND being an updated exisiting ride is bad enough, let alone the fact that it wont be open untill all of the 50th celebrations are done! They also gotta bring back the skyway. Man, I should be the next president of the DLR. I'd bring everything back even if it cost me my job!


      • #4
        Great as usual! Thanks for the fix Al!


        • #5
          Good one, Al. Gotta love those "hidden" messages in the pictures.

          Oh, and Amber, I hope you can wait a bit for the next one. I have a feeling that Al here is holding back.
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          • #6
            We feel your pain, Amber. waiting for an update from Al can feel like the night before Christmas Eve -- just wanna hurry and open those presents!

            Thanks for the update Al.

            I am so excited about the new Tinkerbell flight. i loved the two pics in the update. can't wait to hear more details about it. each and every detail of her flight makes me happy.

            the pic of the deteriorating People Mover track is depressing...any hope, at all, for the PM to come back?

            and it is such good news to hear that CM Matt has pulled out all the stops for the relaunch of Space Mountain. Guests ask about the opening date every day.

            i hope that the CM that fell on the Mark Twain is ok.

            oh, and i'm ready and waiting for the next update :devil:


            • #7
              At least they can hide the damage before it gets replaced.....

              Hopefully they have a ride for the old PM/RR track.... to be installed in the next 5 years??

              (At least Space MT. is getting fast tracked... with a huge budget to get it open... (I never heard that before... well since Test Track..))

              Great photos from universal too.... but why is LAX still listed since i thought NBC canned it???


              • #8
                Al... Try your best to forget about those unsettling emails as annoyance and think of them as compliments. Amber only wants her Al-MiceAge fix... desperately it seems. You do a great job as does all of your team. I appreciate it much as my PayPal account will show today... Thanks!
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                • #9
                  Um, the Frontierland lemonade wagon is in rehab. It's getting a paint touch up, a new countertop, and some other improvements that were discovered were needed and will eventually be made to all six lemonade wagons.

                  The smell at the lemonade wagon on Main Street, is actually a drain underneath the wagon that backs up when third shift custodial hoses the area down at night. You can smell the exact same smell at other drains around the resort when they back up.

                  Sorry Al, the wagons aren't going anywhere.
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                  • #10
                    I'm always wondering when Al is going to run out of breakfast foods for the top of his updates
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                    • #11
                      Nice to see lots of pics devoted to Universal Studios today Al.And great news about Space Mountain being open by July 17.As it means that everyone will be in line for that while I get to do all the other rides and attractions that day.
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                      • #12
                        Something that I didn't see addressed: does anyone know what happened to the Fantasy Waters show at the Disneyland Hotel? It looks like it's dried up and the signs have been painted over. Great update as always Al. Thanks.
                        "Do it for me then. Your gaming buddies are going to be there too. It will be good for you kids to go out and blow the stink off yourselves for one night."

                        "Fine. For you. And for the eradication of stink."


                        • #13
                          I almost had heart attack when I saw a new article LOL

                          Great as always - very happy about Sapce Mountain being pushed up a bit!


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by Chernabog
                            I'm always wondering when Al is going to run out of breakfast foods for the top of his updates

                            Yeah, lets bust out some leftover pizza and flat soda Al. lol.

                            Originally posted by danyoung
                            In your text about the big nightly fireworks extraveganza in DL, you call it Fantasmic. As far as I know, the "!" is part of the name. You wouldn't call it Antasmic, would you? C'mon, show some respect and give Fantasmic! its proper due. Thanks!!!


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Polar33
                              Um, the Frontierland lemonade wagon is in rehab.
                              Someone spiked it, and then it fell off of itself?


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