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'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential


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  • 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

    Saturday May 19, 2007
    The World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures'
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
    at Disneyland in Anaheim, California to Benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation

    We spoke to a number of red carpet arrivals this evening with attendees ranging from director Gore Verbinski to the Disney Channel's newest starlet.

    Here's some exclusive thoughts and shots:

    Gore Verbinski
    MC: Did it seemed like an eternity from filming on the lot and in Palmdale to attending the film's premiere tonight?
    Verbinski: "No. It seems like just last week we were here at Disneyland. Standing here tonight it seems like it just flew by and here we are again."

    Dick Cook, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios
    We spoke about the incalculable value that the POTC films have created for Disney thus far and for the future.
    Cook: "This was truly a surprise for all of us and continues to surprise us. It's just amazing that the last attraction that Walt Disney created and really had his hands on has become so much more. We're all very proud of and excited to bring this third film to our audience, we know they'll love it!"

    Rick Heinrichs, Production Designer for POTC: DMC & POTC: AWE
    MC: What's the greatest challenge in designing for epics films such as these? Is it all about 'topping yourself'?
    Heinrichs: "Not really 'topping yourself' but everything is escalated and just so big on a grander scale. There are so many challenges when making films like this but Gore Verbinski has the right vision to make them work."

    Ed Catmull, President Walt Disney Feature Animation
    MC: We're off an really running now with the 'Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage' just weeks from opening and 'Toy Story Mania' under construction in DCA, how does it feel from the Pixar point of view?
    Catmull: "It feels great! We took some folks on the ride earlier today and their reactions were just unbelievable. It's an exciting time to come."

    MC: And we can look forward to 'Ratatouille' hot on the heels of 'Pirates'.
    Catmull: 'Ratatouille' is the smartest, funniest and best-looking animated film ever made."

    Ed Grier, President of The Disneyland Resort
    MC: You've been with Disney for many years now, what does a night like tonight mean to you now as President here?
    Grier: "It's very exciting to have the premiere here for the third film. It means alot to all of us here to share this with all the guests. The introduction of Pirate's Lair of Tom Sawyer's Island will add to the ongoing life of Disneyland and we know you're going to enjoy experiencing it."

    And a quick visit by an old friend:

    Matt Ouimet: "It's great to be back for this premiere! Just keep coming back here to Disneyland!"

    Robert Iger, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company does the wave

    Chow Yun Fat - man of action

    Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush

    End of Part 1

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    Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

    Outstanding report D! Can't wait for Part 2.
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      Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

      So nice to see Matt Ouimet there.
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        Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

        great report!! THANKS!

        Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
        Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

        "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

        Charles M. Schulz
        Originally Posted by MWalton
        :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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          Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

          That was cool to actually hear what a few of them had to say! Thanks!
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            Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

            so far so good. love to see that matt quitmet was there. miss that guy!


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              Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

              Originally posted by ALIASd View Post

              Robert Iger, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company does the wave
              While Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, does the CEO human shield maneuver.

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                Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                Iger looks older and older in pics that I see of him, last being the one of the shareholders meeting in New Orleans. Great stuff so far AliasD!
                -Jack :geek:
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                  Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                  ADMIN NOTE
                  If any of our readers have pictures from the premiere last night, please feel free to add them here. If you have experiences with any of the stars, we'd like to hear about that as well.

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                    Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                    I am eagerly awaiting the second half- as well as other red carpet stories from our members! :captain:
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                      Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                      Great report and photos. It's was good to see Matt Ouimet there!

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                        Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                        A few of the film's international one-sheets served along with many decorations in the Media Center housed in the Opera House. One of the Disney Managers there last night gave this to me as I left the building. Easily one of the best door prizes I've ever received!
                        On with the report:

                        Discuss your Disney experience:

                        Christy Carlson Romano, actress 'Even Stevens' and voice of 'Kim Possible'
                        MC: You just signed a number of autographs across the way. Does the fan's reaction to you surprise you still?
                        Romano: "Yes. I can't believe those kids still know me from seven years ago on 'Even Stevens', it's incredible to me."

                        MC: And what about the fan's push for another season of 'Kim Possible'?
                        Romano: "It's something that had never happened before, sort of like the 'Family Guy' campaign. It was unprecedented at the Disney Channel and we're all so grateful."

                        MC: Your experience with the Disney Channel has certainly taken you many places, it took you all the way to Broadway!"
                        Romano: "It took me all the way to Broadway! It's truly amazing! Thank you, you made my night!"

                        Kyle Massey, actor 'Cory In The House' and 'That's So Raven'
                        MC: Congratulations on your first season of 'Cory In The House', how has the experience been for you starring in the new spinoff?
                        Massey: "It's been great! They saw we're number one in our time slot so that makes everyone at the show feel good. We've had some big guest stars on like The Rock, George Takei and Raven, that usually doesn't happen with Disney Channel shows so that's cool that they've been on ours."

                        Danielle Panabaker, actress 'Sky High', 'Stuck In The Suburbs, 'Read It and Weep'
                        MC: Your career is fairly unique at such a young age in that you've starred in Disney Channel films, the last one with your sister, and jumped to more mature roles so easily.
                        Panabaker: "It's been an exciting time. The films that I've done have taught me so much. I'm on 'Shark' with James Woods which has been just an amazing experience.
                        MC: And next up?
                        Panabaker: "'Mr. Jones'.
                        MC: With Kevin Costner and William Hurt?
                        Panabaker: "Yes, my sister won't be seeing that one!"

                        Danielle Panabaker

                        Selena Gomez

                        Selena Gomez, actress 'Wizards of Waverly Place'
                        MC: Your upcoming show is one of the newest additions to the Disney Channel, what does that mean to you?
                        Gomez: "It's like a dream! It's a dream to just be standing here at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere talking to you! Everyone says it but it's true, it's like joining a great family.
                        MC: Looking over at Brenda Song from 'Suite Life (of Zach and Cody)' and The Cheetah Girls here this must seem fairly dreamlike.
                        Gomez: "I can't describe it any better."
                        MC: I understand your show will premiere in October.
                        Gomez: "Yes that's what they've told us, but no date yet. I believe we'll be following 'Hannah Montana' on Saturdays so we're really excited."

                        Carrie Ann Inaba, Judge 'Dancing With The Stars
                        MC: Who could have guessed a show like this would become this huge?
                        Inaba: "Not me! I still can't believe it our little show is watched by so many people. It's just crazy that we can bring the beauty of Ballroom dancing to such a large audience on television."

                        MC: It seems such a unique privilege to be a part of something that makes everyone from small kids to senior citizens want to leap out of their seats to dance.
                        Inaba: "It is. I was the Director of the first tour that we did and everywhere we went I met all these senior citizens, all dressed up of course, just like our show is all about dressing up, at our shows. And they always thanked me, us for getting them off the couch and out to see the show and out dancing again."

                        Cheryl Burke, dancer 2-time champion 'Dancing With The Stars'
                        MC: Cheryl, is there any way to explain the phenomenon that is this show?
                        Burke: "I'm still trying to figure it out! People respond to the dancing, but I think they really relate to the personalities on the show just as much."

                        Ian Ziering, actor 'Domino' and 'Dancing With The Stars'
                        MC: You've co-starred Keira Knightley...
                        Ziering: "Yeah, me and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!"
                        MC: What has your experience on this show meant to and for you?
                        Ziering: "So, so much. It's changed many things for me. I accomplished alot more than I thought I could, I made alot of new friends, my family is very proud of me and there's so many people out there that helped make this happen."

                        MC: About that, Could you literally feel the fans supporting and pulling for you?
                        Ziering: "Absolutely! We got voted out of the bottom two because of the fans calling in to vote, that hadn't happened before on the show. So yes, it was an incredible feeling for us to know that people cared."

                        Maksim Chmerkovskiy, dancer 'Dancing With The Stars
                        MC: Congratulations, so far, so good!
                        Chmerkovskiy: "Not yet on congratulations! But we'll see soon thank you!

                        MC: When we met in Las Vegas for the 'Spamalot' premiere recently you told me that you were really there to support the dancers in show, some friends of yours.
                        Chmerkovskiy: "Yes, that's right. Representing dancing and the dancing community is very important to me. And there to support John (O'Hurley, 'King Arthur' and 'Dancing With The Stars' alum) too. He's perfect for that show you know, he's so funny and just that show's guy."

                        'Dancing With The Stars' Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough
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                          Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                          Originally posted by ALIASd View Post

                          Cheryl Burke, dancer 2-time champion 'Dancing With The Stars'
                          MC: Cheryl, is there any way to explain the phenomenon that is this show?
                          Burke: "I'm still trying to figure it out! People respond to the dancing, but I think they really relate to the personalities on the show just as much."

                          Is it me, or does Cheryl look pregnant? Nevermind, I just now noticed the actress in the white dress behind her. What they were both wearing blended a little bit.


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                            Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                            Thank you all these trip reprts make me feel like i was there
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                              Re: 'POTC: AWE' Red Carpet Confidential

                              thanks for the pics!

                              Orlando doing good

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