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6/20: High Five! The Little Engine that Could, Part One


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  • 6/20: High Five! The Little Engine that Could, Part One

    Guest columnists Steve DeGaetano and Paul Boschan tell the true story of the locomotive Ward Kimball, Part I - Discuss it here!
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    Kudos to Steve and Paul for writing a truly excellent article! Thanks, gentlemen!



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      Great article! Looking forward to the Part II!
      "Anything is possible, if you don't know what your talking about."


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        I must say the that I can't wait to see the No. 5 in action.


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          A 21 "toot toot" salute to Steve and Paul

          I think I can. I think I can. I think I can, damn it!

          Always loved the attitude of that Little Engine. Nice relaxing article for a change. Untill looking at the pictures that you rolled out into this post, i didn't realize there is such a distintive differance in the engines in terms of color and design.

          One of my favorites (presented in Part 1) is the glossy bright red and black CK Holliday. Julie Andrews should be asked to be an engineer for a day, sometime.
          That would be "a jolly Holliday with MARRRY! Julie's quite the hottie these days.

          The EP Ripley rips! OMG, it just steams all over the place. Do the engineers enjoy whiffing that vapor every day. They must be the highest cast members in the park. That Ripley "Believe It Or Not" Special is quite the locomotive.

          Looking forward to Part 2. All aboard! I'm taking the MiceChatanooga Chew Chew to another thread for now. Pease - Out, dudes!
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            Originally posted by Ride Warrior
            Do the engineers enjoy whiffing that vapor every day. They must be the highest cast members in the park.
            Thanks for the kind words, folks! And RW, I would think that if the crews are "into" trains, then they enjoy the sweet aroma of the steam, mixed with a little hot oil and diesel exhaust. I know I sure do!


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              Great article, we have 2 little guys who just love "steamies"! (big Thomas the Tank fans) naturally the WDW RR was a huge hit with them on their first visit We had to wait and watch the train leaving the station after we took the whole round trip around the park! The engineers were great , and were waving at the boys. I really enjoyed the article and the boys loved the pictures, we are planning a trip to Henry Ford Museum in Sept. they have a Disneyland exhibit opening that I can't wait to see, I think it only runs to January. If anyone on the boards will be near Dearborn Michigan during this time and has the time, I highly recommend the museum, it has trains on exhibit as well as airplanes and just about every type of car made, including the car Kennedy was shot in! I had to let you know, sorry for the plug


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                Thanks, Tinkerbell! I'm not sure you're aware, but it was a visit Walt took to the Ford Museum, with Ward Kimball, that further solidified what Disney wanted to do with Disneyland. Trains, historic and quaint buildings, all started really coming together after the trip...


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