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6/21: Just Another Week in Paradise


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  • 6/21: Just Another Week in Paradise

    Common Carriers, Deadly Spinners, Annual Pass Hotel Perk Changes, More... Discuss it all here!
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    WOW great column Kevin thanks...

    I dunno kinda creepy that soemone's account can get frozen for so long on VMK. A bit harsh actually.

    As for the boy hmmm I suspected perhaps there was a pre-existing condition. However the autopsy may reveal much.

    I am goin to WDW in August I have to say whhat happened has made me think about going on Mission: Space. :botox:

    :thumbup: "This guy!"


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      My friend was there on Monday and it's very sad. My daughter rode it when she was 4, but she loved it. My friend was amazed they re-opened it so soon, comparing it to Big Thunder at Disneyland. But Big Thunder malfunctioned which caused the deaths and they have to deal with OSHA in California. Florida doesn't require state inspections and the ride was operating as it should.

      Another friend mentioned a couple of weeks ago before this incident that the number of messages while you're waiting are annoying. But the bottom line is people need to think for themselves and their children. There are quite a few people who cannot ride the Teacups, Mission:Space is not for everyone.


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        That's pretty ridiculous for banning someone permanently for something so harmless in a private chat room on VMK. Disney has gone way overboard with their censorship in that game and at the very least, they should have given ample warning before taking such a drastic measure.

        The theory about Matt Ouimett wanting to thin out crowds through higher prices is interesting. Something does need to be done about the crowding, but with 600,000 (I think) AP holders, you'd think he'd go after them first to reduce overcrowding. Disneyland has more dual personality than ever now, wanting to attract more international tourists and getting away from APs while at the same time raising the price of single day admission by $6 a year and keeping AP passes exactly the same. I sure hope Matt knows what he's doing because right now from where I stand, it looks like he's not creating too much good will through price hikes. But maybe, like Kevin stated, this is all part of a master plan to increase AP prices significantly and give the park back to tourists again.

        Does anyone else think that Expedition Everest is beginning to look a lot like the Matterhorn? I mean, if the Matterhorn had 3 peaks, I think it would look identical! While a mountain is a mountain, whethere it's Matterhorn or Everest, I still think that Disney has finally created a Matterhorn clone or at least the closest we'll ever get to one. A yetti inside the mountain...hmmm.
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          Kevin, you posted the most sober response to the M:S tragedy since it happened. You are right, and I hope some other raving media lunitics should learn and lesson or two from a Disney blog....
          ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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            In regards to the park pricing, Kevin said..

            Even among theme parks, Disneyland is relatively cheap.
            Well, right now here is SoCal, where Disneyland is located

            You can get into Six Flags Magic Mountain for $24 with a coke can.

            Knott's is $27.99 with a Pepsi can, and kids 3 thru 11 are always $14.95.

            LEGOLAND is $32.99 if you buy your ticket at a VONS supermarket.

            Universal Studios Hollywood is still $53, but they raised their price prior to Disneyland going to $53....

            SeaWorld San Diego is $50.95

            And what does Disneyland offer SoCal's as a special, $5 off a One Day ParkHopper... which drops the price to $71... heck, the SoCal Select AP is just $28 more....

            So I wouldn't say that Disneyland is relatively cheap, it is the most expensive ticket price for one day at a theme park in Southern California.

            But that is why Knott's current marketing campaign is "More Bang for your Buck!"

            But I remember kidding around on the boards a few years ago when we were talking about Disney raising the one day price to $50 by the time the 50th got here, well, we got the $50 part, guess the $6 is just for the heck of it
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              Regarding DL price increases:
              [math geek] What's up with that inflation formula? The factor to convert 1985 dollars to 2005 dollars is 1.775. The factor for 1984, a year earlier, should be higher, assuming positive inflation, yet the factor is 1.565.

              This means either there was deflation in 1985 from 1984 to the tune of 13.4%, or there is a problem with the numbers.

              Please double-check.
              [/math geek]

              Raising the prices for Summer should mean bigger discounts in the Fall, but I do not agree with providing guests any more incentive to purchase APs and then to visit the park often enough for the AP to pay for itself.


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                  Great column as usual Kevin. Banned 'till 2015? Wow...


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                    It's pretty crazy what Disney is trying to do with their Annual Passholders for hotel reservations. I've been a passholder for two years, and I have gone to the parks at least once a month, most times more. I have stayed at Disney several times, and each time I tell myself not to stay there again. The All Star resorts are like a themed motel 6. The moderates aren't that much better. I prefer to stay at Portofino Bay or the Royal Pacific at Universal because they are a heck of a lot nicer. Why pay the same price for the New Orleans French Quarter when you can stay at the Royal Pacific for the same price. Granted you will have to drive to get to the parks, but it only takes 15 minutes max. And if you have an annual pass you get to park for free anyway.

                    Some people say it is the magic of staying on Disney property. I disagree. The only reason I like staying at the Disney hotels is that they have the fast food service restaurants in each hotel. That's nice for a fast morning breakfast. Overall, Lowe's hotels beats Disney hands-down. And if you are a Universal Passholder you get even better rates. I have stayed at the Portofino for $99 a night in the off season. A 5 star resort for that price, I'll take the 15 minute drive to Disney while staying in luxuary.


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                      Originally posted by Darkbeer
                      But I remember kidding around on the boards a few years ago when we were talking about Disney raising the one day price to $50 by the time the 50th got here, well, we got the $50 part, guess the $6 is just for the heck of it
                      Call it shipping and handling

                      Personally, I think Universal is a rip off for $53. I do like Magic Mountain but I think I've seen some of the trash there left from when I worked there in 1985.


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                        That whole scandal is messed up, though I still think that 10 year ban is harsh...
                        M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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                          "Their banter stayed pretty calm by Internet standards: "sit on my face" and "ride me" were about the worst it got, when suddenly, popup windows informed both of them that their accounts were being suspended for two hours due to cybersex. Perhaps a VMK moderator was watching silently in the deserted room, like Big Brother?" -- Kevin Yee

                          I don't doubt it. Have you ever been on the upper level of Main Street on the East side? Creepy place, creepy people!


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                            "Is this price jump a precursor to raising the price, perhaps significantly, of the Annual Passes? Is Disneyland just so crowded that management desires to thin out the crowds, in essence by pricing people out of the market?" -- Kevin Yee

                            I would say that this sounds like a great strategy. I know, some of you feel it's your God given right to hold an 'affordable' AP, but I think most of you would still find a way to afford it. I say, thin out the idiots and charge me whatever the heck you want!


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                              Not to keep posting...but I read this as: "If it's a freakin' thrill ride-- It's a freakin' thrill ride. Get over it. You've got to expect some turbulance. You wouldn't let your kid stay at Michael Jackson's, now would you?" :lol:


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