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6/22: Fill 'Er Up (with Ice Cream)


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  • 6/22: Fill 'Er Up (with Ice Cream)

    "Herbie Fully Loaded" debuts at the El Capitan Theater along with a new Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store. Discuss it all here!
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    I want to go there... Ice cream...... :bow: :monkey:


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      Life's sweet! Keep Tooting Along, Herbie

      Herbie, your new flick looks to be "fully loaded" with thrills and laughter. No matter what the calamty, you're always up to speed in coming to the rescue! Not only that, but, over the years, you have entertained and sparked a "love bug" in several generations of movie goers.

      Your new owner seems to be quite charming - quite pithy. Sue Kruse is a marvelous friend to have as well. She's a real piston when it comes to writing and promoting. I miss Dean Jones, though, and I'm wondering what that dude is up to these days. May the Love Bug live on forever as our favorite four wheeled superstar - at the cinema, as a stunt show hero, and inside each of our hearts.

      Can't wait to try the ice cream at the El Capitan Theater's new Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store. Life's sweet! You make it cool to be out on the road. Keep tooting along! :bow: :lol:
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        Great article Sue! Although admittedly I'm going to miss the Disney Store.


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          Nice article Sue, I 'm just glad to see that El Capitan is back, as well as seeing Herbie back in action.

          I loved all of the Herbie Movies growing up watching them at the Drive Thru here inside my parents VW beetle. It was great.
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            That soda shop is pretty cool.


            • #7
              Nice piece, Sue and it's wonderful to see an ice cream parlor return to Hollywood Boulevard. I still miss Brown's that used to be almost across the street. It dated back to the 1920s and I was so sorry when it closed its doors. Can hardly wait to try one of those sundaes at the new place.
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                Great, now I have to stop by on my next trip down...
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                  Just got back...

                  We just got home from seeing today's (6/22) 1pm show. Took our kids and enjoyed the movie, my teen girls llked the pre-show more than I did, and we loved the soda fountain.

                  Sue mentioned there were no props etc..., but they have the NASCAR version of Herbie parked out front, maybe just for today.

                  One problem with the movie from a dad who loved the original...there is no mention of Jim Douglas! When Linsay finds Herbie, he pops open his glove compartment with a yellowed note inside for her to read. It says basically, "To whomever finds this... Herbie will help you with your problems." That's it.
                  I find it hard to believe Herbie would have just been left by Jim for some other owner to just "magically" find but, my kids say I'm picky. And because I am's one more thing, a positive Jim Douglas thing. Buried deep in the end of the credits you'll find that for purposes of UK film rights the film was created by "Team Douglas" Productions. Nice nod to the old movies.


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