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6/23: Seekin' Adventures

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  • 6/23: Seekin' Adventures

    Attendance Numbers Up, Pirates Major Overhaul, Ho-Hum 17th? Hong Kong Problems? More... Discuss it all here!
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    Great update as usual Al!


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      Always great to hear the updates, Al. Thanks!

      It is incredible to me that Disneylanders would even think about calling in sick for work (or simply not show up). I understand that the hours and pressure are considerable at times. But it's your JOB, people! I find it reassuring that Ouimet's team is putting the brakes on the cushy HR policies.

      I'm also happy to hear that Disneyland is getting back in shape after lingering for so long under the GAP boy. It's killing me not being able to go there this year of all years!

      Keep up the great work, MiceAge people!


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        Thanks for another great update Al. It looks like the subs update is much more extensive than I had previously thought!
        ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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          So just to confirm, POTC will be closed this winter through spring of 06? Puts a damper on my X-mas trip...I hope it will be worth it though.


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            As always, very informative and well written!

            I won't even get into the GEMS discussion again...yet...

            I am bummed that TDA decided to hold off of the "rockin" Mountain until next Spring-- as I will be in Anaheim in Sept. I suppose I should be happy that SM is open at all, right?

            As for Hong Kong...Maybe it makes sense to start small. Think of the Paris property...It was supposed to be SO wonderful and happily accepted, but it wasn't. Correct me if I'm wrong, but over time, things have improved. Maybe this lesson learned has shown Disney that a small opening is less costly and that the future additions are more appreciated.


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              Free cupcakes on the 17th? That's it? Yeah, I'm going to wait from 3am to get in for that... Bleh.


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                Thanks, Al... (wuz getting that "no-Al update" buzz...)


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                  I could see this decline in the number of employees coming. Soon, we should see a decline in attendance as well, if things keep going the way they are. I have noticed more CM's hugging and chit-chatting amongst themselves, rather than doing their jobs, than ever before. Where I work, if you get caught doing stuff like that, you get a warning and then you're out. I think Human Resources needs to go back to the old policies because guests are going to get sick of it. No offense to you hard-working CM's. I love you guys!


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                    Originally posted by Al Lutz
                    But the tiny list of rides and limited entertainment options now have everyone involved simply scared to think about the consequences if more than a relatively measly 30,000 people a day show up once it opens.
                    Consequences? I don't think anyone at Disney has to worry about that. Michael Eisner has made several well-documented mistakes that have cost billions of dollars each. The folks responsible for DCA got away unscathed and Paul Pressler left only because he was offered a better job. There are so many scapegoats to pin Hong Kong's failure on (assuming it fails), they've got Paul Pressler, the Imagineers, cultural differences, attendance drops after 9/11 is still being used I think, and so much more. I'd assume that if this park does as badly as everyone says it will, no one will get so much as a slap on the wrist. Accountability simply does not exist at the Walt Disney Company.

                    Very nice update as usual Al. The upcoming Pirates rennovation is exciting, especially given the updated treatment of Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain. I don't like the movie references being shoved into the attraction, but hopefully if they do them they will be extremely subtle and few. As classic an attraction it is, it definitely needs to be updated. The Imagineers have certainly proven that they can take old classic attractions and improve them drastically while still retaining the old sense of purpose and feel of the original. For instance, Space Mountain feels more like a launch sequence now, Jungle Cruise feels more like a, well, jungle cruise, and Haunted Mansion seems much creepier.

                    It is a daunting task, trying not only to improve on a near-perfect ride, but trying to improve on a ride that holds immense sentimental value for many people. It's like trying to design an "all-new" Mustang or Corvette. How do you create something that's fresh and all new, while at the same time staying true to the original and without pissing off purists and enthusiasts. It's a seemingly impossible task, but the Imagineers have pulled it off with ease and they are to be highly commended because that is NOT an easy thing to do by any means. I have the utmost confidence that Imagineering will work their wonder with Pirates and give us an incredibly fresh show while still adhering to the focus of the original.


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                      well well well, am I the only one who got perfectly giddy at the thought of Capt. Jack taking up residence in POTC. I know that's just speculation, but even the thought gives me the chills.
                      Bring of the refurb.
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                        Originally posted by Gothemi
                        So just to confirm, POTC will be closed this winter through spring of 06? Puts a damper on my X-mas trip...I hope it will be worth it though.
                        It wouldn't be closed for would close in early January and reopen in early May--4 months, as Al discussed. That's the whole reason it was pushed back--they need four months, which they cannot get in the fall, and they won't have this ride closed for Christmas crowds.
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                          >>Maybe this lesson learned has shown Disney that a small opening is less costly and that the future additions are more appreciated.<<

                          The lessons of skimpy Disney's California Adventure and Disney Studios Paris - - and lush Tokyo Disney Sea prove quite the opposite!


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                            And those huge attendance surges seem to be coming from all segments of the big-spending non-AP population tracked by Disney; local day-tripping visitors, domestic tourists mostly from west of the Rockies, and a healthy increase in international tourists as well.

                            I know it doesn't mean this, but it looks like those tourists from EAST of the Rockies are part of the international tourist group.... as I've always thought.

                            Looks like next May will be the time to visit the park.
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                              Well, I'm just glad that Pirates will be open when I'm there in October. I've got a trip planned for a big group, and one of my friends is a Disneyland virgin. His only exposure to PotC has been the movie, and I would have been disappointed if he hadn't been able to go on the ride. Plus, I've never been to DL when Pirates was closed and I'm not about to start now!