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2/3: Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part III


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  • 2/3: Hotels of Disneyland Paris - Part III

    Ian continues his look at your lodging options at the Paris resort. Feel free to discuss his article here!
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    Another informative look at the Paris hotels - it's helped me decide that Sequoia Lodge is the hotel I'll be checking out this Oct.

    Am I right in thinking the rooms in the main complex are referred to as "Montana" rooms and cost a bit extra?

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      The price can vary depending on the view as well and the type of room / Suite.

      Just make sure you ask for a standard room in the main lodge, you can decide if you want to pay extra for the lake view, but book it at the same time as you may not have a choice when you arrive.

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        "Look, but don't touch" is my opinion of this hotel. The grounds are beautiful, the interiors are mildly inviting ... but I found the service and amenities and rooms to be sorely lacking. I will never stay at the Seqoia again, but I'll always take a stroll through its grounds when I stay somewhere else on property.

        To each his own, though. I know people who've had a perfectly wonderful stay at the Sequoia.


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          I really enjoyed the Sequoia. But after staying in a tiny hotel room with no private bathroom for 3 days in Paris, it seemed like the lap of luxury to me.
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            Hotels are very subjective, and all of us have different experiences, but I found most of the DLP ones to be really bland, faux Dsiney feel, and the service nonexistent (MK Hotel exempted). Why would you stay here when you could be in Paris, one of the most beautiful walking cities in the world (and the one Walt drove the streets of and was inspired by) and take a morning train in and out to DLP? It's the one city where the room is less important and the location is key. Paris is the ultimate theme park! They even have a themed language!
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              It still looks nicer than some of the hotels I've stayed at in Europe. As Americans, we have higher standards for hotels I think.
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                It's so nice to get these photo updates of the Disney resort across the pond. I've never been to Europe so it's nice to see what I'm missing. I hope to one day make it to Disneyland Paris. I will be making my first trip to Europe this summer, but not to France... Thanks Ian for the great pics and update!!!!!!

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                  I agree that the DLP rooms are nowhere near the standard in the US, but that goes for most rooms in Europe, they are always smaller for instance.

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                    Having stayed at one of the lesser resorts, the Santa Fe, I was quite pleased with the place (for what it is). My only complaint was how badly the maid smelled (seriously, we had to leave the room for 20 minutes after she cleaned, she smelled so bad)

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                      I never did get this whole thing about the "service" and how it's apparently lacking in Paris. What service. At what points during their stays does everyone like to bother the staff? I mean, you check in, you check out, you order a meal, you ask for directions... What else is there. Besides, I've found the concierge people to be rather helpful at the Sequoia. Or do I have a warped view of reality and should he in fact have offered to carry my luggage and valet-park my car? I mean honestly, what are these "bad service" experiences everyone's always talking about? Is it one of those urban myths people pass on assuming it's true, like the one about the woman who tried to microwave her cat?

                      Anyway, the only real problem I have with SL is all the bland white office-style ceilings. I mean, okay, it never would have got a Wilderness Lodge lobby since it's a moderate hotel, not a deluxe one... But surely they could have bothered to put in some lodge-like ceilings. And what's with all the glass '80s lamps? Add these things to the fact that many DLRP rooms are screaming for rehabs, and you have my only complaints about the hotels here. The service is just fine.


                      • #12
                        I know what is meant by lack of service, it's not that the service is not provided it's just that it is sometimes unfriendly or rude even in some of my experiences.

                        I have experienced :-

                        Very long wait times and extremely poor organization for character breakfasts, we stood in line outside the restaurant after arriving on time for a full 50 mins before we were admitted, no apologies, no contact at all from the staff, to them this was just 'normal' and we had to accept it.

                        Slow service in full service restaurants, and the inability of staff to respond to simple requests without having to remind them 2 or 3 times. I have had to ask for water many times during one meal before they actually brought it. Yes the staff are busy, but lack of servers should not result in lack of service to the customer.

                        Long lines at check-in, again, seems to be due to not enough staff, this is often the case.

                        Cleanliness can be an issue in rooms, we were given an unserviced room on one visit and had to trek all the way back to reception for another, they would not come to us with a new key.

                        I have many more memorable examples, and I think that is the point, you remember them

                        Now all this may be OK for Europe, after all I'm from the UK and we are not know for the best service in the world, but once you have been to the US all this is very noticeable. If you have stayed at a Disney Hotel all this would be shocking if it happened in the US, at least if there is a delay, they say sorry.

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                          My only point was that if you could stay in Paris and train out to DLP (direct ride 1 hour) there is more to do in the evening in the city and not in your mini Paris room. You could have it all! You could visit some of the places (St. Chapelle) that inspired the design of Sleeping Beauty and then go to the park and see the WDI version. I did it that way and even in the food catagory it blows being marooned in a DLP hotel away.I used to walk the empty edge lit streets at night and that in itself was great entertainment. It's hard to beat Paris. A richer overall experience.
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                            Originally posted by Ian P
                            ...once you have been to the US all this is very noticeable. If you have stayed at a Disney Hotel all this would be shocking if it happened in the US
                            That's why I was very pleased with the Hotel New York - - the service was excellent and on par with Disney hotels in the States.

                            But I have to agree with Cousin Orville that it's best to stay in Paris. I think I'm past the point where I want to spend more than two or three days at DLP, so staying in Paris and traveling to the resort (rather than the other way around) is far more appealing to me.


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                              Originally posted by jsmith157
                              It still looks nicer than some of the hotels I've stayed at in Europe. As Americans, we have higher standards for hotels I think.
                              Perhaps that should be qualified: As Americans, we have higher standards for"Affordable" hotels. There are very nice Hotels in Europe, but they are unbelieveably expensive.


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