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"The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review


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  • "The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

    Editor's Note: The following was written by member serenityandroses. She attended the opening night of the new musical 'The Little Mermaid' which started previews in Denver this week. She was kind enough to record her thoughts for our dear readers. Enjoy!

    Beauty and the Beast and Lion King being such successes, I was hopeful that the same would happen with my favorite Disney classic.

    And when I heard it was premiering in Denver before it went to Broadway, I was so ecstatic that I was moved to tears. Could this be a dream come true? A miracle for a miracle? I thought so, at least. It was fate that I was to see the Disney show before half of the country, and more so a blessing that I got tickets for the official first viewing of the show for an audience.

    In the heart of downtown Denver, the Ellie Caulkins Opera House has been recently refurbished, with The Little Mermaid

    For the next 20 minutes.

    Part of Your World, Human Stuff, Kiss the Girl, If Only, Under the Sea, then ended with Part of Your World once more, was a hit with the audience.

    The coolest effect of the whole show was the boat that came from above the stage, making the above the ocean/below the ocean effect more believable. The way the ship swayed was only slightly disturbing, with two halves of the bottom of the ship rotating back and forth, making it a little hard to picture that it was a ship. Fortunately, Fathoms Belowmade a great distraction. Eric, played by the incredibly hot and talented Sean Palmer, was a little bit of the whiney boy who wants to do nothing but sail all day, even though his father was dying on land. The incredible
    Daughter of Triton
    The World Above,Human Stuff was beyond funny, and the lyrics were changed slightly, and the crazy outfit the seagulls put Ariel in guaranteed that she would fit right in.
    Next we see Ursula, played by the remarkable Sherie Rene Scott, and her two sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam. And, wow, what an entrance. Even though she was rolled in, it was still powerful. The Good Times Back was a fantastic number that was almost as good as Wasting Away,
    Part of Your World. And I was speechless. Her voice was so perfect and young, really portraying Ariel the way she was meant to be played. It was nice to hear how many little kids were singing along with the songs from the movie. The dancing from all on Heelies was similar to that of the Disney on Ice stars.

    Alright, now you get to one of the best songs in the show,
    We once again return to the surface where Eric sings Her Voice.
    Then Triton comes in and wonders who Ariel likes, and Sebastian blows the secret and Triton goes off to her grotto. Well, The World AboveUnder the Sea.
    Ariel then ran away, running into the eels who sing Sweet Child, another good villain song that led into Poor Unfortunate Souls
    After intermission, you saw Positivis
    Then Carlotta and the girls bathe Ariel, in which she sings Beyond My Wildest DreamsBelle
    Les Poisson was such a funny number, a little reminiscent of Be Our Guest
    The cute scene in the bedroom with Ariel and Sebastian that happened in the movie happened on stage as well. It was cute, cutting then to Triton asking Flounder if he knows where his daughter is. Then it goes to Ursula and the eels plotting a little more. After that, you get Kiss the Girl. And wow, what a great scene. Everything was so well done with this scene. My only criticism would have been to do something more with the background. Once again, simple colors can only do you so much good. Even just to add some stars here would have been better then the blank back. What Instead of being knocked over, the boat was shocked by the eels, and this effect was a little late. But other than that, the scene really was cool.
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    Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

    Hmm, very interesting. Thanks for the review!

    It sounds like they should have stuck closer to the movie. Some artistic liberties can be good, but going in a completely different direction? Not so much.

    I hope they fix it up, and that I'll get to see it at some point in my life...


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      Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

      Thank you so much for such a detailed review!!

      Yuck, that's the ending? That's the quick fix ending they stick on all the cheapo 'fairy tale stories' sort of books you buy at Wal-Mart and in discount bookstores! And they cut out Vanessa? That's awful! Worst case scenario, have her played by a different actress - she's only in a few scenes and her voice isn't meant to sound like Ursula's anyway. And I am sad if Ariel's pink dress didn't get the attention it deserves - it's my favourite scene in the movie and she never gets to wear it at Disneyland or anywhere.

      Anyway, that's what the pre-Broadway run is for, I guess, but I hope they change some of these things. Thanks for the info and pictures!
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        Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

        Thanks so much for the review!! I've been waiting anxiously for it!! Hmm well since I cant get out to Denver or NY anytime soon, maybe they'll have some improvements made by the time (when & if) they send it on a US Tour (crosses fingers)...


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          Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

          Yeah if you look at Aida before it went to Broadway, some of the costumes were just really last minute throw togethers. The ending really did bug me though. I'll be upset if they don't change it. Vanessa was such a great role, and even with the contest plotline, they'd be able to fit her in. It really wouldn't be too hard.

          There was a fight at the end, when Ariel throws the giant shell on the ground. But even then, it was still cheesy. All is forgiven and Eric proposes, then you get to the wedding scene. I just saw that I left that out. You can see why this took DAYS to write.
          Last edited by serenityandroses; 07-30-2007, 07:43 AM.


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            Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

            So, what exactly happens to Ursula? It certainly doesn't sound as if the ending has much in common with the movie ending, so I'm really curious.
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              Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

              Alright, so Ursula gets the trident from Triton and it all 'YAYME!' for a few moments. Then Flounder steals the shell and gives it to Ariel. Ariel throws it on the ground after a few moments of taunting, then Ursula slides of the stage, supposedly dead, I'm guessing. Hairy ending, if you ask me.


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                Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                Wow! Thanks so much for the detailed review. I've been dying to know how they were going to do the underwater effects. I can't wait to see it in New York.


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                  Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                  Yeah, it seems like most of the budget went to the water effect. The rotating sun was nifty, and so was the plastic made by 3M, but I didn't think costumes should suffer because of it.


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                    Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                    The photos of the stage are gorgeous... Thanks so much for this lovely review and of the necessary merchandise!
                    Please do let us know how the show improves- if I was anywhere near Denver, I'm sure I'd be back for multiple viewings!!!
                    As it is, I have to wait until 5th of Jan 2008- NYC


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                      Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                      thanks for the review. maybe they'll fix some of the stuuf before going to ny. but it still sounds pretty good.
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                        Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                        I'm seeing the show this weekend on the 3rd. I'm curious to see if anything changes from when you saw it.
                        I am soo, excited. Did they mention when the OBC recording would be coming out if they were allowing you to pre-order it?
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                          Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                          I preordered it for 25 bucks, and they said the fall.


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                            Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                            Thank you for this detailed review!
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                              Re: &quot;The Little Mermaid' in Denver- Trip Report and Review

                              That's really fantastic, thanks for your review. I cannot wait until November when I get to see it in NYC! :thumbup:
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