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  • Adventurers Club Article

    I would love to hear your take on the Adventurers Club at Downtown Disney at WDW.

    I recently read a description of AC and absolutely fell in love with the concept.

    Any chance you'd do a review of it?

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    Sure. Request duly noted.

    This is more than you need to know, probably, but we typically resist Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island. With a two-year-old in tow, it's hard to do the fun stuff there. So I haven't done everything in PI, and AC is one of the few things on the list to do still (though I hear good things).
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      Thanks! It sounds very interesting and might make for a good article.

      I hear what you're saying about DD and PI.


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        Oh Kevin ...

        Yes please! Do an article on Adventurer's Club. It's been a while since I've been to Florida and in general I'm not big on going to clubs, but I went to Adventurer's Club when I was down there last time and man was it fun. I loved, loved, loved it. Get a baby sitter and go enjoy, then let us all hear about your experience.


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          We always make it a must-stop when we go to WDW. In fact, we usually go there two nights while we're down.

          It's a fun place. It's one of those layered experiences where no matter where you are, something is always going on. The shows they run are pretty darn funny, and the drinks (Congaloosh!) can be semi-lethal.

          The only problem we've ever had is when we close the place out and then stagger around trying to find our car. Maybe they've put characters up in different parts of the parking lot by now.


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            Must stop for me as well. they do need to update the scripts after so many years or it may get a bad case of Don't change it, Wally "we all know the script" Boag syndrome.

            It would be great to hear stories from the actors there and hear some funny anecdotes from their experiences with the guests. Love the place. Congaloosh!
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              I would love to hear some of your stuff from the AC.


              *END OF LINE*


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                I paid a visit a year ago, it was really fun, if you visit PI don't miss the Comedy Club!
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