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10/5: Nautilus Rising, Pt. I


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  • 10/5: Nautilus Rising, Pt. I

    Guest Columnist Alain Littaye with a tribute to Tom Scherman, Part One. Discuss it here!
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    Re: 10/5: Nautilus Rising, Pt. I

    Wow, those were great detailed drawings. I can't wait to see it all for myself in person again. I remember the last time, I was sort of rushed when I went through it and this time would like more time to "take it all in." This is truly one of the unique attractions of any Disney park around the world.


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      Re: 10/5: Nautilus Rising, Pt. I

      I wish we had this in Anaheim. It could even make a nice queue for Submarine Voyage.
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        Re: 10/5: Nautilus Rising, Pt. I

        Great article, Alain!

        I, too, have been fascinated with the Nautilus, although not to Tom's extent. It's an incredibly complex design, and it's amazing to see the level of detail Tom was able to recreate in his drawings.

        I'm very much looking forward to the next installment--I, too, wish we had a "full size" Nautilus in Anaheim!

        P.S. If anyone wants to know more about the sub, any questions you have will be answered on this incredible site:

        200 original studio Nautilus Plans and Blueprints in high resolution


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