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11/5: Epcot Envisioned, Pt. I

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  • 11/5: Epcot Envisioned, Pt. I

    Guest Columnist Alain Littaye begins a series on Epcot concept art, Part One: Spaceship Earth. Discuss it here!
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    Re: 11/5: Epcot Envisioned, Pt. I

    Good to see Sam Jackson's "Mr. Glass" from
    "Unbreakable" up and about in the bottom left -

    Seriously, it's always good to see early concept art - it not only gives you an idea of what might have been (both positive & negative), but there are some beautiful pictures in their own right tucked away in the archives.
    Thanks for sharing!
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      Re: 11/5: Epcot Envisioned, Pt. I

      How funny that it looks more like the "Westcot" concept drawings than what ended up being there for Epcot
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