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'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings


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  • 'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings

    'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings

    By Borys Kit and Carolyn Giardina
    The Hollywood Reporter
    Nov 21, 2007

    "Lady and the Tramp"

    "Enchanted," which opens Wednesday, is a loving homage to many classic Disney princess movies of yore.

    The movie starts out in a traditional 2-D animated world, where a fairytale princess (voiced by Amy Adams) about to marry her prince is thrust into the real world by an evil queen. The real world is represented by New York, and once there, the princess (now a flesh-and-blood Adams) begins to change her views on life and love when she meets a cynical divorce lawyer (Patrick Dempsey).

    The movie references many Disney movies in obvious and subtle ways, but many of the references weren't in the initial script. "That was all (director) Kevin Lima's doing," producer Barry Josephson said.

    Lima, a veteran Disney animator who also co-directed the company's 1999 feature "Tarzan," came on board two years ago and from the first meeting with writer Bill Kelly began peppering the script with homages.

    "I have a lifetime of references running through my head," Lima said. "From the time I was 5 years old and I saw 'Jungle Book,' and my mom swears by this story, I turned to her and said, 'Mom I'm going to be a Disney animator when I grow up.'"

    The obvious iconic references involve slippers and poison apples, dragons and little people. But little throwaways and background activities suggest a lot of thought went into the making of the film.

    A seedy motel is named the Grand Duke, which is a character from "Cinderella." A restaurant is called Bella Note, a nod to "Lady and the Tramp." A woman Adams encounters in Central Park asks her if she wants to feed the birds, "just a dollar a bag." That's dialogue from "Mary Poppins," minus the word "tuppins."

    Going a bit deeper, you'll find that Mary Ilene Caselotti, the reporter on TV, is named after the actresses who voiced Princess Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty" (Mary Costa), Cinderella (Ilene Woods) and Snow White (Adriana Caselotti). The Banks, a couple getting divorced in the movie, is named after the family in "Mary Poppins." And Churchill, Harline and Smith, the name of Dempsey's law firm, is named after the songwriters from "Snow White": Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline and Paul Smith.
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    Re: 'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings

    Rotten Tomatoes is currently scoring the movie at 88%. I'm really glad the movie is getting good reviews, because it is indeed a good movie.

    By comparison, Bee Movie received a rating of 50%. So 88% sounds good to me.


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      Re: 'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings

      The Los Angeles Times this morning also gave it good reviews too.

      It wouldn't surprise me if this becomes one of the top grossing films of the year.


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        Re: 'Enchanted' brings back old familiar feelings

        ORWEN: Well, we sure hope the movie isn't the top grosser, ourselves, even if it did have all those roaches in it. I mean, we just conjured it up inside our crystal ball and didn't really get grossed out that much.

        ORDDU: It was a beautiful movie with only one problem--there aren't enough similar movies like this being made any longer. This is another reason we should all be thankful for the House that Walt built. It all began with him, you know.

        ORGOCH: Got rats??


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