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7/22: Welcomed Home


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  • 7/22: Welcomed Home

    Disneyland's 50th from an East coast perspective, Plus: Ultimate Orlando Challenge, July 31st! Discuss it all here!
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    Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

    Thanks to both you and Al for providing great coverage of the July 17th events.
    Looking forward to the rest of your trip articles.

    PS...Would like to see that picture you got with Ouimet! :ap:


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      Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

      Just a quick correction: The cast member window dedication was done way before the park opened, and was then replayed on all the jumbotrons several times throughout the day. In fact, I watched the whole thing at noon from the Tomorrowland screen, so I know that they were playing the video. Perhaps you just experienced a technical glitch.


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        Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

        thanks for such agreat write-up of the 50th birhtday events. between you and Al i felt like i was there.

        i agree with you that thet festivities needed less political damage control and more heartfelt celebration.

        i very much like the casting window. it seems to be the most orante of all the windows. really though, shouldn't the cast members get the greatest window since they give us tourists a magical experience day in and day out? Besides the imagineers who built and improve the park, regular cast members are the ambassadors from the "Happiest Place on Earth". :imtheone:
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          Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

          :ap: Having been there I have been enjoying the stories about the day. I can't wait for more of them.
          Had a most wonderful time do to the CM and meeting mice chat folks. The CM cheering has we came in was well worth the 7hrs. in line.
          I agree :thumbup: 100% about Matt Ouimet. He is a great improvement to the resort. While walking down main street he talk with CM and guest, isn't that what Walt use to do? He poised for pictures with guest and he inpressed me the most when he agreed to a picture with my Barbie. (the disneyland one who was on her own adventure of the 50th events) What a real guy!!!! That's what the park needs people who think of the CM and guest and not the all might $$$$ :greedy:
          I hope that this is an example of things to come.
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            Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

            Thanks for that report. I truly wished I could have been there. But my sister, who's a CM in Frontierland, and this report really made me feel like I was there. I can't wait for my next trip there so I can give my respects to the "Grand Dame" of Theme Parks. Happy Birthday, Disneyland! Let the celebration continue!


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              Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

              I am certainly happy that the park was in pristone shape for your homecoming, Kevin. Matt Ouimet seens to have his priorities strait in terms of keeping the park glistening clean, plussing classic attractions, buolding new ones, and putting cast members first. Kudos!

              Minus the lackluster formal events, the big event to your day was in meeting the new chief in person, and having his brief undivided attention. How many people can say they have done that? I look forward to seeing the picture you took of him maintaining good relations with maintenance. It takes a big man with a big heart to lead by example as Walt did.

              What a joy it is that Art Linkletter is still of sharp mind, and with us still. Walt's daughter, Diane is awe inspiring as well. Arterall, there would be no Disneyland had it not been for she and her sister having motivated Walt to invent, finance and build an opulent theme park for families to enjoy together the world over. Disneyland is the crown jewel in an entertainment empire built on a Mouse.
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                Re: 7/22: Welcomed Home

                It was an interesting day, to say the least. I opted to skip the ceremony and hit Space Mountain where I waited in stand-by for 30 minutes. I also hit Mansion and Pirates, waiting only 10 minutes for those as well... I'm not a fan of speeches and since I only had a few hours in the park that day on my way out of town, I was on a mission that didn't include the ceremony But I love my ears... and the cupcakes were a nice touch... although to correct (an error that was also posted on MousePlanet), you did not have to go into a restaurant to get a cupcake. There were cast members walking around handing them out not only in DL but also in DCA. I have pics of 3 different cast members with bakery boxes full of cupcakes in their hands walking the various paths handing out cupcakes as people walked by. I thought this was a nice touch. You could also get a cupcake from inside a restaurant (I got mine from the Bakery on Main Street and was offered one from the Boudin Bakery with my sandwich).

                Anyway... minor correction, but I thought it was nice to have all the cast members walking around handing out the cupcakes.

                Also... kudos to DL for the way they handled the lines. I got there at 7:30am, so I didn't make it into the esplanade... I was stuck in the line that snaked through Downtown Disney... it did stretch all the way down to the monorail station and back up to the tram station... I was in line at the house of blues. When the line started moving at around 8:15 (a mere 15 minutes after the official opening time) it was moving so quickly, I was certain that they must have been just weaving us somewhere else... but instead, we pretty well fast walked through Downtown Disney (where World of Disney cast members gave us high 5's as we passed), sped through the bag check and into the line at the gate where I didn't wait any longer than I would have on any other summer day. So major kudos for the way DL handled the line situation.

                Another note... DCA was dead. I walked onto Tower of Terror and took a picture while waiting for the elevator of the absolutely vacant line... there was no one down there but the people loading our elevator.



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