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7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II


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  • 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

    Guest columnist Alain Littaye updates you on the park, discuss it here!
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    Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

    Looks good!

    I was Just at DLP 2 weeks ago. T'was a fun day, and I am thinking of writing a trip report! But I wouldn't want to be redundant!

    Nice update.

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      Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

      Thank you for the fantastic update Alain. I'm so impressed with the look of the parade. Does it seem to you like the park is starting to get back some of the little details that had started to go missing and fall into disrepair?

      Of all the Magic Kingdoms, Disneyland Paris is the one in my heart.

      Please talk Al into posting some desktop photos of your beautiful DLP pictures!

      I'll email you today for more information on your book. I want one!!!

      Best Regards,

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        Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

        Thanks for the update Alain!
        I only get to visit DLRP in the autumn/winter months so it's nice to see some summer pics.
        (That's the first time I've seen the Mary Poppins float anywhere!)

        And to anyone considering purchasing Alain's book - I can recommend it very highly.

        "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
        Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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          Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

          Thanks for keeping us informed about DLRP- Your great updates have placed a trip to the resort on my wish list. You really do a great job!
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            Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

            Oh What fun! I am trying to figure out my next Disney 6 Weeks, I'm in Anaheim...I think next Spring I will try DLP...but the question is this...Whay are the hotels, in general, kind of boring compared to WDW or Tokyo? They cost plenty...but...C'mon, I can't be the only one thinking they look lame??? RIght????


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              Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

              Alain, great update and lovely pictures. Nice to see DLP looking neat and tidy. I will re-visit DLP on Aug 30th... and looking foward to seeing the new additions since last march when I was there. Will you be around on that day??

              Anyways... thanks for the lovely report.


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                Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

                I can't see why DLP is so un-popular. It looks amazing! They have the best 'tomorrowland' of them all. (discoveryland) They have the best space mountain, the best castle, and I love the placement of Thundermountain. It looks like an awsome park.


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                  Re: 7/29: A Disneyland Paris Summer II

                  It is so unfair... I've never had sunshine while at DLRP. It looks totaly different with blue sky.

                  Nice update, thank you.


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