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Lead Found In Disney Charms


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  • Lead Found In Disney Charms

    Three Disney-licensed charm bracelet sets and four "Charm It!" charms for children were tested and found to contain illegal levels of lead, according to the U.S. advocacy group Centre for Environmental Health.
    The Disney-licensed charm bracelet sets "Disney Fairies," "High School Musical" and "Hannah Montana," which were bought at Barnes & Noble, had between three and eight times the federally permitted levels of lead in the bracelets' coating, according to an independent laboratory commissioned by the group.
    Federal law forbids paint to be used in children's products if it has more than 600 parts per million of lead.
    Barnes & Noble asked its stores to remove the product from shelves until they can be proved safe, said spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating.
    "We have already pulled the product from the web site," said Keating.
    A charm for young children called "Charm It!", which was purchased at a toy store, also had high lead levels, with one testing at more than 150 times the California state standard, said the California-based group.
    The jewellery was made by the privately held High IntenCity of New Jersey, the group said.
    High IntenCity had no immediate comment and messages left for Walt Disney were not immediately returned.

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    Re: Lead Found In Disney Charms

    they are made in china aren't they? I don't trust anything that comes out of that country.


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      Re: Lead Found In Disney Charms

      Way to go SCUBAbe! buy american! lol
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