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whats your favorite disney cartoon


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    Originally posted by dsnylndmom
    When I was a kid there wasn't any Disney Cartoon series so to speak
    But I LOVED the Ludwig Von Drake shorts and the ones with the park ranger and the bear were my "shhhhh no one talk while this is on" favorites!! I would sing that **"first you pick it up then you put it in the trash bump bump" song ALL THE TIME

    **I'm sure the wording of that is wrong
    Oh, I remember those!

    Humphrey the Bear, yes?

    ~Pick it, put in the bag, bump, bump...~ Oh yes. I remeber that well. My mom has it on beta...

    Favorite Disney TV series? Hmm...Ducktales before Gizmo-duck. Tail Spin was good as well...I seem to recall thinking the vixen which ran the shipping company was hot.


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      Originally posted by Bornieo Goes Bananas
      Okay, since this is cartoons, I'm going back a few years to some of the original Walt Disney cartoons.

      Hands down, the greatest, the funniest cartoon in Disney history is:

      How To Ski featuring Goofy

      Namely for the yodles when he dives off the cliffs. Once in a while, if you listen real close you'll hear that same cry from any of the "Mountains" and water ride drops at DLR. (Valid only if I'm on the ride)
      Memories! Dang you are tempting me to spend money.


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