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Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)


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  • Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

    One of the most anticipated movies of the year is coming out tomorrow.

    Let your fellow MiceChatter's know what you thought of Disney/Pixar's latest movie.
    5 Stars - One of Pixars Best
    4 Stars - A pretty good movie
    3 Stars - It could have been better
    2 Stars - I wanted to like it, but it wasn't great
    1 Star - I think Pixar is losing it's touch
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    Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

    Frickin frackin frickin frack. I already have a ticket to join friends at the El Cap this Saturday night, but I've been surfin' the 'net too much this afternoon. The positive buzz I've read on Wall-E forced me to buy a ticket to watch it solo tonight. Hope my friends forgive me for seein' it before them. (Hmm, maybe I just won't tell 'em...)


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      Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

      I WAS going to see it tonight at midnight but instead I just decided to see it tomorrow, should be great!


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        Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

        I'm dying to see it at midnight tonight. I'm just debating whether or not I would look like a nerd at the theater without being able to drag any friends or family along.

        It's times like this when I NEED my animation friends/nerds. )

        But I'll be seeing it tomorrow night no matter what!


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          Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

          I just got back from the midnight showing and it was wonderful. My favorite PIXAR movies are Ratatouille and Toy Story 1 and 2. Wall-E is right up there with the best of them. It is an intelligent and thought provoking satire on corporate culture and how we treat the environment and ourselves. The two main characters (Wall-E and Eve) have very, very few words at their disposal, but they are some of the most likable and enthralling characters in film history. Stanton largely uses the magic of "Pure Cinema," which refers to films as a purely visual art to get the story across. The dialogue is very minimal and that is one of the reasons I love the film. It makes the film something unique, something you don't see every summer. Wall-E is one of those rare movies that is one of a kind. It has elements of the satire of sci-fi films like Robocop and Blade Runner. The score is also great, it helps increase the sense of wonder at certain points.

          My rating= 5 out of 5. It's really something special, even by PIXAR's high standards.
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            Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

            To rank Pixar's latest with the rest is almost a waste of time in my opinion. The reason being is that WALL-E has to be seen to be understood. You can't just hear a summary or plot outline and think you know it. Because you won't.

            WALL-E is a masterpiece. I really don't know how else to describe it. It's one of the most fascinating films I've seen this year, perhaps even the decade.

            There are a few interesting artistic choices though and I'm still wrapping my head around the reasoning behind some of the live-action that we see. My only guess would be is that the filmmakers are telling us that this isn't just a cartoon. It could happen for real.... and as cool as the Axiom ship looks, it's a future that we really shouldn't be hoping to see.

            WALL-E is a remarkable achievement not just in animation, but film as a whole. My high rating of this doesn't guarantee that you will love it though, it's definitely not a story for everyone.

            4 1/2 stars out of 5. On this poll, I put 5.

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              Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

              Easily "One of Pixar's best"!!! Right from the beginning I was drawn in, by the visuals, by the opening song, and by the mystery of what was being unveiled before me. With each moment that more information was revealed, I grew more informed and more interested, and that never stopped. A lotta laughter, a lotta charm, a lotta obvious environmental and social messages that were acceptable considering the story, and a lotta awesome exterior space scenery. I almost shed a tear just from seeing the beauty of our universe through Wall-E's reaction to it. There are some details I could be nitpicky about, but it's a fantasy and the plusses throughout the 90 or so minutes far outweigh those issues. I'm looking forward to seeing this again on Saturday at the El Cap!


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                Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                I went with a huge group of friends and all of us loved it. From start to finish, the film was flawless. A total masterpiece on Pixar's part.


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                  Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                  Originally posted by k_peek_2000 View Post
                  I WAS going to see it tonight at midnight but instead I just decided to see it tomorrow, should be great!
                  Me too, I am seeing it today.


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                    Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                    Now I will admit, I've enjoyed Disney/Pixar films but never considered any to be my favorites until last year when I saw Ratatouille in the theater. I was blown away by that film and considered it to be Pixar's best...until last night. I was already really excited about Wall-E but really had no idea what to expect. I LOVED this film. I know I'm expecting to watch this more than once in the theater, that's a given. Such a cute storyline and the characters are soooo cool. Wall-E and EVE are very cute. Can't wait to watch it again!


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                      Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                      Saw Wall-E last night. It was incredible! Completely different than all of their other movies but man was it good.
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                        Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                        Wall●E: A Review

                        I had high hopes going into Wall
                        ●E, because it had everything I enjoy about a great SciFi movie (a world commentary, a post apocalyptic future, and it was a Pixar film. So, I arrived at a dimly lit theater, just shy of midnight. Bought my ticket, and a large popcorn – and stepped into the theater. To my surprise, there wasn’t a single child, instead, 80 anxious giddy adults who have been waiting for this film for a year we’re excited to see Wall●E on the screen.

                        As the trailers for generic, “cookie-cutter” 3d films passed us by, I was even more excited. I realized that Pixar has the drive that sets these movies apart, and that the Pixar crew knew how to tell a story, not just hire actors.
                        But first, the new Pixar short “Presto”, the story of a magician’s rabbit just trying to get a carrot. It was great, and while the entire short was just typical slapstick comedy, the overall expression on the rabbit’s face is great, and in typical Disney fashion, it all works out in the end. Highly Recommended

                        Next, the film starts. We see wonderful pictures of our universe, and then it zooms into the earth, a dry, barren, wasteland filled with trash and we are introduced to Wall
                        ●E. Cheers come from the crowd. And this is where my spoilers stop, because the story shouldn’t just be told, it should be experienced. Overall, the film is great, and I loved the opening part, introducing Wall●E, his friend (the cockroach), and his loneliness. The opening is a story that everyone can connect to, only instead of feeling like he’s all alone, he actually is. How this one Wall●E survived, we do not know, but it’s VERY sad seeing him pass others of his kind, all broken. Then, we kick into him meeting Eve and the ‘story’ aspect of the film, which is also well executed. A great story, and look at what happens if you let our population just cruise for 700 years (with no ports of call!).

                        Overall, I loved the film and the characters. There’s so much visual delight, and the overall tone of the film starts out dark, and that’s something Pixar rarely does. However, it’s the characters that really shine. Just as Pixar made me cry for a toy, I now have cried for a robot. It takes work to make someone believe that these characters are real, and everyone in the theater was moved, something I haven’t seen in a long time.

                        Once the film was over, there was thunderous applause from the theater. Everyone loved it. This movie is truly Pixar, and everything the company and storytelling is all about. Once I got back in the car, I was driving home, and at the same time, realized why that dim-dark earth that Wall
                        ●E must fix, is coming to us. As I set my GPS, my tires whipped up the trash in the parking lot, and I passed all the construction of shopping malls on the interstate - I realized that this film also shares an important lesson that life is more than consumerism; it is feelings, love, and compassion for others, and it takes Wall●E and Eve to show us that.
                        -Monorail Man


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                          Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                          I'm gonna see it later today, I'll let you know.


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                            Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                            I just wanted to point out ... current poll results:

                            5 Stars - 12 votes
                            4 Stars - 1 vote
                            3 Stars - 0 votes
                            2 Stars - 0 votes
                            1 Star - 0 votes


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                              Re: Wall-E (MiceChat Reviews)

                              I can't wait to see it and the reviews in this thread have only made me more anxious to see it. My son (2-year old) is a huge Pixar movie fan, but I'm not sure if this will be one he would enjoy. Any thoughts for the toddler set?


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