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Newest Charles M. Schulz Museum Exhibit in Santa Rosa, California...


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  • Newest Charles M. Schulz Museum Exhibit in Santa Rosa, California...

    This is for all you Peanut Comic fans who live in Santa Rosa California.


    Schulz's Role Over Beethoven Is Subject of Cartoon Exhibit

    By E&P Staff

    Published: August 01, 2008 5:39 PM ET

    NEW YORK An exhibit called "Schulz's Beethoven: Schroeder's Muse" will run from Aug. 16 to Jan. 26 at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif.

    The museum said Schulz chose Beethoven as the Schroeder character's favorite composer because he felt "B" words were funnier -- though another "B" name (Brahms) was the cartoonist's favorite composer. It's possible that Schulz was remembering when, as a teen, he would sit on the porch of his friend Shermy's home and listen to Shermy's mother play Beethoven on her piano.

    "Whatever the impetus," the museum continued, "Schulz painstakingly copied musical scores, note by note, for his now-famous Beethoven strips. The music was transcribed with such accuracy that musicians are able to play the pieces directly from the 'Peanuts' strips."

    In the exhibit, visitors will be able to see Beethoven-themed strips while listening to the music Schulz transcribed into the panels. The show will also feature Schulz's reference books on classical music; personal letters he wrote about his appreciation of the genre; original Beethoven manuscripts, scores, and first editions; paintings and a bust of Beethoven; and a fortepiano of the kind that would've been used in the early 1800s.


    Speaking of the name Shermy, I believe that was one of the names for a character in Schulz's early comic strip titled Lil' Folks. That strip wound up evolving into the Peanuts strip. Shermy also made other brief appearances in the Peanuts strips and shorts, most notably in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    Anyway, do any of you also like Schroeder? Will you visit this exhibit before it comes to an end? Are you also a fan of the Peanuts?

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    Re: Newest Charles M. Schulz Museum Exhibit in Santa Rosa, California...

    This sounds like a great exhibit and if I lived in that area I would go.

    Yes, I've also liked Peanuts. Snoopy, The Great Pumpkin, Linus and his blanket - all good stuff.

    Yes, there was a Shermy who was not around a lot, not one of the main characters.

    Always got a kick out of Lucy leaning on the piano trying to convince Schroeder she would make a good wife.



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      Re: Newest Charles M. Schulz Museum Exhibit in Santa Rosa, California...

      Shermy also played a Shepherd in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

      Another neat exhibit in the museum right now, until the end of the year, is dedicated to politics in the Peanuts strips. I posted about that in my Charlie Brown fan club on MiceChat Gold though.

      But I do wish I lived in Northern California. I got folks over there, that live close to that area. I wish I were them because I really want to see this museum.


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